City Adopts Resolution To Keep Minutemen Out

Stepping into the border fray over the Minutemen, the El Paso City Council adopted a resolution inviting them to stay out of town.

East-Central city Rep. José Alexandro Lozano cast the sole vote against the measure, saying he has spent time with them in Arizona.

“If the law allows them to do their thing, let it be,” Lozano said. “We should totally find a way of closing our borders, not only for the sake of illegal immigration, but also for the sake of lives.”

The resolution, drafted by city Reps. Steve Ortega and Beto O’Rourke, was strongly supported by seven city representatives.

It asserted that the El Paso area’s economic future depends on “a spirit of cooperation and good will,” and that El Paso officials support law enforcement officers in enforcing the rule of law and “reject civilian attempts to enforce immigration law.”

Someone needs to inform these assbags that they cannot enforce a resolution that infringes on the freedom of speech or the right to assemble peacefully in this country. It’s called the First Amendment.

Later, Texas’ Minutemen director Shannon McCauley said the city’s resolution “doesn’t mean anything to me or any American who wants secure borders.”

“We’re going to come down there and secure the border and cost the drug cartel and the human smuggler organizations as much as we can in the month of October.”

The Minutemen will continue to be there until the federal government enforces our immigration laws. Minutemen watch and report illegal activity to Border Patrol Agents. That’s all they do.

Sitting in a lawn chair with binoculars is not a crime.

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