Senator Cornyn Is A Fraud

Calling narcotics-related violence along the Texas-Mexico border “a matter of great concern,” Sen. John Cornyn on Friday called on the U.S. Justice Department to bolster law-enforcement efforts in the Laredo area.

“Border-area police officials report that trained paramilitary escorts accompany drug shipments into the United States,” the Republican senator from Texas said in the letter. “And high-powered ammunition and weapons have been smuggled into Mexico.”

Cornyn asked Gonzales to “reallocate law enforcement resources to the Laredo area until this untenable situation is resolved.”


He’s asking for temporary resources until drug smuggling is resolved? How in the hell is that going to be resolved?

The Cornyn/Kyle “guest worker” bill has a lot of tough talk about border security but it’s a scam to open the border and legalize the illegals. Like Tom Tancredo says “There’s more lipstick on this pig, but it’s the same old pig.”

2 Responses to “Senator Cornyn Is A Fraud”

  1. Carl Carter Says:

    The politicians that are playing with the security of Americans for political gain are criminals just like the criminal aliens they are helping. All incumbent politicians must be voted out of office and start over with people that will work for the American people. When a dirty bomb crosses one of our borders because these politicians are refusing to build a structure to secure them, then from the President to the lowest on the ladder that could have secured the border should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and if found guilty receive the ultimate penalty.

  2. Carl Carter Says:

    I have watched the Senator on T.V. trying to sell his legislation and it is just like the ones put forth by the Mc Cain- Kennedy bill that does nothing but give amnesty to a large number of criminals. Any and all of the politicians that refuse to first secure the border with our military as they then build a structure are doing nothing but stall and posture poltitically while they try to get re-elected and then they will thumb their noses at the border once again.

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