Republicans Do Not Want McCain As Presidential Nominee

I hope McCain takes such a beating for his amnesty “guest worker” bill this fall that any chances he has for a Presidential run are destroyed forever.

The presidential election is still more than three years away, but the campaign season started early for East Valley residents who attended Sen. John McCain’s town-hall style meeting in Mesa on Thursday night.

McCain shared his views on broad topics such as the need to win the war in Iraq and the government’s lack of fiscal responsibility, but it was his controversial opinion on immigration reform that drew the strongest reaction from several hundred people at Mesa Community College.

McCain has introduced a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States if they pay a fine and participate in a guest-worker program.

Though McCain opposes amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants in the country, his proposal didn’t appeal to many of the Republicans at the meeting. The bill would allow foreign workers to take jobs Americans don’t want, McCain said.

“He’s not a conservative platform Republican,” said Paradise Valley resident Rob Haney, 63.

Haney is the leader of a group that wants to have another GOP nominee emerge in the 2008 presidential election.

“We need to energize the grass roots,” he said. “We don’t want it decided three years beforehand that McCain is our candidate.”

Others in the audience agreed, repeatedly pressing McCain on the immigration issue. The senator stood firm in his belief that the guest-worker program gave America the best chance to control immigration.

“Then we could go after the employers that employ people illegally,” he said.


Sorry John, but the best way to control illegal immigration is to secure the border with Border Patrol Agents and enforce our existing immigration laws. During the last amnesty there was talk about going after the employers but it never happened did it? You are a disgusting liar and a con man.

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