These migrant encampments are located in Northern San Diego county. I’ve made several videos on these camps.

The local authorities refuse to enforce the law. The migrants are exploited by Leslie farms, Rancho Santa Fe farms, and big construction companies in the area. They steal cars, break into homes, defecate and urinate in public, and they leave piles of garbage all over the hillside.

Prostitutes are brought in to service the workers every Wednesday and Saturday night. Many of them are very young and smuggled across the border.

All of this has been going on for twenty years and the police lie and pretend to know nothing about any of it!

The following report aired on Thursday night (11/9).

Download Video for Windows Media Player Here.

Next is the Friday 6pm report.

They did two interviews with me and they must have shot close to an hour and a half. In the end, they choose a few sound bites and a storyline that made me look like an evil Minuteman. Not cool!

It wasn’t as bad as the interview I had with Telemundo though. I’ll never speak to them again unless I’m armed with my own camera so I can show how they conduct themselves during an interview.

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Contact the San Diego Northeastern Division and tell them you’ve seen the videos at Immigration and you are outraged!
Telephone: (858) 538-8000 ask to speak with Captain Jim Collins

Contact City Councilman Scott Peters.
Telephone: (619) 236-6611

Contact District Supervisor Pam Slater-Price
Telephone: (619) 531-5533

Contact Congressman Brian Bilbray. (He’s a good guy)
Telephone: (760) 737-8438

Contact the Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders
Telephone: (619) 236-6330


ANCHOR: In an exclusive hidden camera investigation, Ana Garcia uncovers what residents of one upscale community call their dirty little secret. It’s an illegal village of squatters made up of hundreds of migrants. Ana followed the undocumented workers, and more than likely you have the fruits of their labor in your house right now.

Where are we? In the backyard of these million-dollar homes in Northern San Diego county.

JULIE ADAMS (HOMEOWNER): It’s our dirty little secret.

ANA GARCIA: Julie Adams has lived here 15 years.

JULIE ADAMS: This is a shantytown on the edge of my community and its being allowed.

ANA GARCIA: This encampment of mostly undocumented Mexican workers is filled with hundreds of squatters, spread over acres, along jogging and bike trails.

But to understand what’s really going on in this illegal encampment you have to go in it and live there. And that’s exactly what we did.

We sent in two undercover photographers with hidden cameras wired in their shirts to live in the camp. Once deep in the canyon, our cameras captured close-up just how many people live here and how filthy it is. We also saw the trappings of an established community with areas for parking and food vendors. Lots of beer drinking and the drunkenness that goes with it, as well as drug dealing and prostitution.

The women are driven into the village in groups. The brothel set up in the bushes. Like with so many other communities, the vices are tempered with a little religion.

On Sundays, a local church ministers in the camp.

Homeless migrant workers have been illegally camping in McGonigle Canyon for more than 20 years, but the buffer zone between the homeless and home owners has been shrinking because of development, bringing the two worlds too close for some.

DUSTIN YOHNER (HOMEOWNER): You feel a threat to your safety as their concentration grows.

ANA GARCIA: Watch how men pop out of the bushes through people’s yards at 5 and 6 in the morning, as the migrants go looking for work. As the sun rises, the men keep coming out, and in a little while the school children will wait on the same corner for the school bus.

JULIE ADAMS: It’s a safety issue, a fire issue, a quality of life issue to have a 300-man shantytown on the edge of our community.

ANA GARCIA: Police confirm a woman was assaulted on one of the jogging paths three months ago.

CAPT. BOYD LONG: I am not at this point able to link this in anyway with the migrant camp out there.

ANA GARCIA: And what about the prostitution we caught on tape?

CAPT. BOYD LONG: I don’t know that prostitutes are going in there. I’d like to see any evidence or video footage you have.

JULIE ADAMS: There’s no real push to get them out.


JULIE ADAMS: There are big companies that are employing theses guys and they’re cheap labor.

ANA GARCIA: It’s against the law to employ undocumented workers, so we wanted to find out who was hiring them. As part of our undercover investigation we followed them to work. For several mornings, I followed the same carload of workers to this farm, 20 minutes away: Be Wise Organic Heirloom Tomatoes.

This worker says he’s been an employee for two years and has been living in the camp the whole time. He admits he gave the employer a false address in Vista. As for his statusâ?¦ he’s here illegally, he says.

ANA GARCIA (ASKING QUESTION): Can you call the person in charge? We are from Channel 4.

Owner Bill Brammer gets on the two-way.

BILL BRAMMER: It’s not my responsibility where they live. They give me an address when they sign up and that’s all I know.

ANA GARCIA: A few minutes later the owner arrives and asks us to leave.

BILL BRAMMER: I don’t want to be filmed.

ANA GARCIA: Our surveillance of the migrants leads to another farm, a much larger operation: Rancho Santa Fe Farms. Our undercover photographers follow the homeless migrants to work on this morning, and the foreman agrees to hire our people. When I show up, I ask who lives in the camp and works here. This teen says he does.

Rancho Santa Fe Farms has a class action lawsuit against it claiming unfair wage practices.

ANA GARCIA (ASKING QUESTION): We want to talk to someone about your hiring practices and if you’re hiring undocumented workers here?

ANA GARCIA: If the problems we’ve uncovered in this village seem far away from your life, you may be more connected than you realize. The tomatoes picked by these migrants living like this are sold at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Gelson’s and Mayfair markets.

JULIE ADAMS: They need to put sanctions on employers that are hiring these guys.

ANA GARCIA: Gelson’s and Mayfair had no response. Whole Foods, which markets itself as a socially conscious company, says they don’t comment on allegations. Trader Joe’s CEO sent a letter. He expects “suppliers to abide by the law,” but the living conditions we uncovered are “outside the scope of our influence.”

ANA GARCIA: The homeless migrants don’t just work on farms. Our cameras captured them working as gardeners and day laborers throughout this suburban community.

JULIE ADAMS: I’ve complained to the police department, I’ve complained to the mayor.

DUSTIN YOHNER: The political powers don’t have a backbone to do what the people want.

ANA GARCIA (TO CAPT. BOYD LONG): It’s almost as if the city is looking the other way?

CAPT. BOYD LONG: No, I don’t want to say we are looking the other way.

ANA GARCIA: San Diego Police Capt. Boyd Long says there’s little he can do because they are squatting on private property. And, he admits he wants to keep the migrants contained.

CAPT. BOYD LONG: I’m not looking to rush into that canyon and move those people onto the surface streets of San Diego. We’re going to create a larger homeless population than we already have.

ANA GARCIA: And so, before the sun even rises tomorrow on McGonigle Canyon, the migrants will be popping out from behind the bushes of these suburban homes, ready to start a new day working in the Southern California economy.

ANCHOR: The police say the migrants are squatting on land owned by two large developers, Pardee Homes and DR Horton. Pardee says they “regularly patrol their property and lawfully remove trespassers.” DR Horton didn’t respond at all. Both declined to be interviewed on camera.

On Friday, we’ll show you how the Minutemen have teamed up with a local documentary filmmaker to expose what’s going on by putting pictures of the illegal camp on the Web. Are their tactics forcing authorities to take action?

Tune in Friday at 6 p.m.

27 Responses to “NBC Report On San Diego Migrant Encampments”
  1. Contessa says:

    WD: I know you uncovered this long ago and good work! This must get out everywhere, send a copy of this to every single member of Congress, their staffers.

    I hope Howard Foster or other RICO lawyers sue these companies (the two employers featured) for hiring these illegals. Arnold needs to see this. If I lived near that area, I would sue owners of the property that allow the camps for creating putting my community in danger, for harboring/housing illegal aliens, for nuisance, for loss of property values and quiet enjoyment. The police official’s logic is so twisted, he says he will continue to allow the prostitution, the trespassing, the garbage, the drug-dealing, the littering, the squatting, in order to prevent these criminals from going to San Diego and filling up homeless shelters. So, he’s putting the interests of illegal aliens, their prostitutes and the profiteers of illegal immigration above the safety, health and welfare of the law-abiding citizens and neighbors of the squatters camps.

  2. Mary says:

    This blogger, an American who lives in Oaxaca, is reporting daily on the chaos and violence there. Scary reading — and it could come here too!

  3. Mary says:

    Illegal Immigration community “forum”: panel stacked with pro-illegals, personal attacks made on pro-law-enforcement group:


  4. Pamela says:

    Aren’t we ALREADY doing this here?
    There seems to be 2 sets of laws for illegals and always an exception. We all know
    that they.

    Drive without a license
    Drive without insurance
    Drive drunk on a regular basis to be macho
    Don’t get deported when here or even if they get caught for a felony
    Abuse our food stamp program
    Abuse our ER’s
    Camp on and destroy public and private lands

    Was in LA yesterday and went through what used to be nice areas. The decline was disgusting. Trash, graffitti, hordes of people standing around doing nothing, broken down cars, houses with trash piled in front.

    It was a sad sight and it made me think. I saw mostly Hispanics in most areas. Who knows how many were legal. But I believe LA is now around 50% Hispanic. But my thought was this-if these people are refused what they want from our government and start to riot (remember the last LA riots?) Who the hell is going to stop them? Remember the gatherings about HR44 and the number of people that turned out? Can you imagine if that had turned violent? The numbers of illegals and their supporters is daunting and from what we have seen they are capable of anything.
    Sometimes I wonder if our gov panders to them to avoid confrontation. Maybe the truth is the gov has let the problem get too large to handle.

  5. Pamela says:

    PS As alwyas, thanks for the great eye opening links!

  6. Pamela says:

    Watchdog, Are any of these encampments in the canyons by the Rancho Encinitas Golf Course?

    Over the past 3 years or so, I see more and more Hispanic men trek up into the canyons North of Leucadia Blvd and East of El Camino Real. One day there was smoke cominfg from that area, I called 911- they said they would check it out but it was probably just a cooking fire….. I was floored! They did not seem too concerned.

    As you know, there are always tons of men at the Home Depot there on El Camino and Leucadia. I heard Brian Bilbray say that he has even called the authorities about these guys and the response to him was ” Yeah, we know they are there. 75% of them are legal” He said his question back was “What about the other 25%?’.

    Hmmm. there has been a private security guard on the Home Depot parking lot or several months and the numbers of day laborers has dropped-maybe that is why. However, I think they have just relocated to the corner of Rancho Santa Fe Road and Encinitas Blvd. These guys are brazen. They sit at the bus stop all day and drink beer there in the evening…………

  7. GuardDog says:

    Hey Mary, good to see you back. Or maybe I just missed your posts. I get nervous when our regulars don’t show up for awhile. I want to thank you for always finding interesting and pertinent articles and posting the links here. I do use some of them when I post main articles on the web site here. Thanks again. :)

  8. CPoston says:

    MM has a great piece today. It is time America for us to truly unite and stand up!

    Unless Americans of all political stripes band together to stop the coming amnesty, Washington will adopt another disastrous policy that values the “cheap labor” of illegal alien murder suspect Diego Pillco over the life of a beautiful wife and mother whose only crime was to stand up to a lawless thug.

    The bloody consequences of open borders

    By Michelle Malkin · November 10, 2006 12:12 PM

    On election day, I was in New York City. You know what a lot of New Yorkers were buzzing about that day?

    Not the election.

    They were buzzing about a tragic story that has disappeared under the national MSM radar screen–even though folks who live in the city (including journalists) are still talking about it around the water cooler and the local tabloids have covered it wall-to-wall.

    Last week, a veteran indie-film actress was found dead:

  9. jo says:

    going to check various supplied links, thanks guys. these law enforcement officers are acting under orders. this is not unknown by the politicans , just ignored. i believe it is a big waste of time telling them what is going on. the only way is for the people(john q. citizen)to be made aware that their lives and that of their loved ones are in real jepardy. like the politicans we too must use the child factor.the children’s safety, future etc, otherwise the old saying will be true.”THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED” and so it goes.

  10. Pamela says:

    We talked about this article earlier in the week, this is great additional information.

    So this kid was illegal and his Hipanic boss knew it.
    Additionally he lived in a sancuary city condoned by Giulianni (so) and a faw other “top dogs”".
    Well there is who should be sued by this girls family for wrongful death and who the Prosecutor should go after for “aiding and abetting a criminal” (original crime was coming here illegally)

    Hope New Yorkers go crazy over this and doesn’t let it slip away.
    These enablers need to be made an example of.

    “He was a good kid”. Really? Compared to the majority of illegals, or who?
    Hernandez-we need to check your legal status to. What the jhell, let’s deport him just because he is stupid!

  11. Ed says:

    Hey Mary that blog spot site the one where I got the idea to blog every employer.I read an artical about how effective blogs can bei posted it last is ine example this guy wauted for hours for comcast cable guy to con outto his house then hours latewr he found the guy asleep on his couch.comast recieved over one million negitive emails.the artical gave several examples & each one of them got millions of blogers to send complaints to those companies with great results.we need to utilize all types of things like this to fight these illigals & this bloging thing looks promising.thanks for posting it.

  12. Ed says:

    Pamela: yeah that could be one reason they are ignoring the issue,the same way the same reason that thy handled gangs the gangs got so large they dont know how to handle that issu any more.but wirh the illigals it’s more of Bushes will & the owo.

  13. Ed says:

    also I still think that Trancredo made a big mistake in not pushing inforceing the laws first rather than the border fence law.A big mistale.

  14. jo says:

    you’re absolutely right. it should be both but the most important is the laws, which will made the problem more managable. sort of thin the field.

  15. jo says:


    saw you today (fri) 6 oclock “news”

    how did you keep from weeping for the poor homeless “migrant” workers. migrant mean moving from place to place, yet they talk about building low cost housing for them. habitat for humanity build a bunch of family homes for them some while back here in ca. while american citizens go homeless. these migrants, migrate to other jobs, like mechanics and landscape jobs and construction. and are replaced by a new group. we are suppose to keep building them family homes. this is BU** Sh*t. let these businesses that hire them provide the housing that has been the way it worked for decades.
    we are supposed to feel guilty about these lawbrakers. these newscasters are getting paid for their services and i really want to smack them. newscasters are suppose to be neutral on what they report ,but these whores really earn their their keep.

  16. jo says:

    you had a problem again today on your site.
    why is my comment awaiting moderation?
    what i was saying about the newscasters is that they are surly and confrontational on this issue and totally non- professional.

  17. The Watchdog says:

    Yeah, that was pretty bad wasn’t it Jo. They made me the bad guy that wants to take everything away from them. The truth is that I want Leslie farms to hire them legally with H-2A visas and provide affordable housing for them. They didn’t include anything of what I was hoping they would. Total hachet job.

    I like Ana Garcia and her crew though. I guess they decided to go with the high concept idea of a “showdown” between the Minutemen and ??? I’m not sure who. I guess a viewer would assume that it would be between the evil Minutemen and the poor homeless illegal aliens.

    Ana Garcia was telling me that she had recieved tons of hate mail from Thursday nights piece. I’m sure it was the usual race traitor crap from the open border crowd.

    Anyway, I hate the local news in Los Angeles with a passion. I can’t bare to watch it.

  18. The Watchdog says:

    Yeah, there was a problem with the web server my site is hosted on. It’s a shared server and someone was running a script that bogged the whole system down. The web hosting service Administrator had to block them. It wasn’t a hack or anything. Just someone using up all the system resources.

    To run a site on my own server would cost me at least $100 per month. To run this site on a shared server it costs me about $8.

  19. Pamela says:

    If anyone would like to contact some of those in addition to hose the Dog listed, I was able to find these so far.

    Pardee Homes
    Find the “contact” link and there is an email form. No separate email, FAX or corporate address was found. Was amusing, they had a link for “environmental committment”.LOL Another link was ‘Restoring endangered habitat”. What can I say?

    DR Horton (homebuilders)
    5927 Priestly Drive Suite 200
    Carlsbad, CA 92006
    FAX (760)931-0237
    Office (760) 931-1980
    OR go to link “general info request” and they have an email form.

    Gelson’s Market

    Corporate Offices
    PO Box 1802 Encino, CA 91426-1802

    Office (818) 906-5700
    FAX (818) 788-4018

    Trader Joes
    go to “contact us” link then “general feedback”. There will be an email form.

    Horton and Pardee (the landowners) claim they check and clear off tresspassers on a regular basis. LOL!Who are they trying to kid? Let’s call their bluff! Call, write FAX, email!

    DOG, you were awesome!

  20. Pamela says:

    Gelsons Market website is

  21. Sherri says:

    I don’t blame the homeowners for being disgusted and concerned about these illegals living near their homes. And if there’s trash all over the place, prostitutes, and these people are going to the bathroom anywhere, who can blame these homeowners?
    What will the police and officials say when someone is raped or murdered by one of these people? Apparently nothing, since one woman was already raped. I’ll bet they wouldn’t waste any time if a group of neighborhood people got together and ran these squatters off. They’d waste no time at all. After all, these illegals have “rights”—not the people that live nearby!
    As usual, here is an example of several companies hiring illegals, and where are the Feds? Where is ICE? Where is Arnold? Oh, yeah…kissing ass in Mexico!
    Yeah—these illegals really have a lot to offer this country…crime, trash everywhere, spreading of diseases…such a contribution! Disgusting!

  22. Contessa says:

    Ana Garcia is hard to figure out from the videos. The first one is great, but the second one really takes the opposite view and portrays the illegal alien squatters as the “victims”. She was almost begging for some state or private charity to come and build housing for the squatters. Here’s a suggestion, Ana, first these are illegal alien squatters, they are committing numerous crimes and you have exposed that (drugs, prostitution,etc, ) and yet the public is supposed to feel sympathy for them?

    How about ask the tough questions Ana? Show up at the offices of Gelson’s, Trader Joe’s , and better yet D.R.HOrton. How about interview the Attorney General of CA and ask him/her about this issue? Why not contact ICE, Ana?

  23. The Watchdog says:

    I know what you mean Contessa.

    The news business is a very fast paced environment so these pieces are thrown together very quickly. Often times they air in different forms and when they first air they are more true to the original vision of the Producer and Editor.

    Then they get comments from the suits and have to alter things to their vision for repeated airings. They usually go with a very high concept storyline without much substance.

    They went with the Minuteman “showdown” concept on this one. You really don’t learn anything and the whole thing is extremely shallow.

  24. Mary says:

    Hi GuardDog, thank you for the kind compliments. I continue to read the site every day but I find it a pain to log-in and remember passwords etc. with the new system.

    Hey jo, don’t take it personally about the moderation notice. If you have a variable IP rather than a stationery IP, it automatically triggers a moderation notice whenever your IP changes.

  25. Arlen Sphincter (pretend Republican name) says:

    CAPT. BOYD LONG:” Iâ??m not looking to rush into that canyon and move those people onto the surface streets of San Diego.”

    HEY Capt. Long, I’ve got an idea. Lets rush into the canyon and put these people onto busses and send their butts back to mexico.

    Viva la Migra!!!

  26. beadalong says:

    Wow, I finally got to watch all this and read in depth. This is pretty incredible Watchdog! I’m going to be emailing more people this and I’m definitely going to write these idiots.

    I also can’t believe that Claudia Smith. Who does she think she is?

    And Boyd Long….he ought to be fired. And those 2 police just standing around ignoring you and then acting up later. Where do we get these people?

    And since so many other people look the other way…
    I think I’ll be writing Trader Joe and Whole Foods as well.

    Oh, in CA, I don’t know if the recent proposition IC passed or not. It was about Emergency Housing. This housing also included that of “Farmworkers” ie probably illegal.

    The exact words: OTHER HOUSING PROGRAMS $285 Million: These funds would be used to provide loans and grants to the developers of homeless shelters and HOUSING FOR FARMWORKERS. (I thought farmers were already supposed to provide this themselves unless I heard or read wrong).

    This is on pg 25 on the far upper right column if anybody kept the Official Voter Information Guide.

  27. AmericanPatriot77 says:

    Hey Brooke. Good job as usual, my friend. Keep it up.

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