Megaphone Queen Takes Names In Murrieta, CA

Signs, American flags and the booming voice of Gayle Nyberg shouting through a megaphone were all used Saturday to get drivers on California Oaks Road to pull over and show their support for the establishment of a state border police.

About 30 supporters of the initiative rallied for four hours in the blazing sun in front of Brunswick Cal Oaks Bowl to get people to sign petitions so the police initiative can meet a December deadline of garnering 600,000 signatures of registered California voters, rally attendee Lupe Moreno said.

The initiative would create a state police force to patrol the border and enforce federal immigration laws, including laws against employers who intentionally hire illegal immigrants. It’s sponsored by Assemblyman Ray Haynes, R-Murrieta.

To Nyberg, who jokingly calls herself ‘the megaphone queen,’ the fate of the entire state is at stake.

“It’s so important to save our state,” she said. “We’re losing it. American citizens are losing their rights, their state. Illegals are coming in, taking over. We’re losing ground, but we’re not giving up without a fight.”

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