Today we reached a turning point at the migrant camps in McGonigle Canyon. Next Saturday’s campout with the migrants is going to be huge! Here’s a little bit of the video I shot today. I’m going to put up more tomorrow and in the next few days.

This first video features Claudia Smith of California Rural Legal Assistance. Claudia Smith is no longer a practicing Attorney. Why not, I’m not exactly sure, but she’s constantly stalking the Minutemen and threatening lawsuits. You would think that she would still be practicing law if there wasn’t some very good reason for it. Claudia Smith was the one who instigated the frivolous lawsuit and restraining order against me. Claudia Smith also has a Private Investigator following some of us around. She gets her funding from taxpayers.

The following report is from Jeff Schwilk of the of the San Diego Minutemen.

About 30 SDMMs and local residents swept through a small part of McGonigle Canyon in Rancho Penasquitos this morning from 9am - 1pm. Claudia Smith and her anarchist friends were there to join us although they refused to take a trash bag and help clean up the tons of trash left by her beloved illegals

SDPD was on hand to make sure no one attacked us.

Media coverage was heavy with all 5 local news stations, 3 Mexican stations, and Ch 4 L.A. on hand to video tape and interview. Christie and Chuck gave fantastic interviews! Plus Union Tribune and NC Times. We were the top story on 7, 8, and 10 at 5pm and recieved GREAT coverage! Claudia Smith looked pathetic telling the media that the MM should not be picking up trash in the filthy canyon.

Rick Roberts covered the story for 2 hours this morning including a live report from me at 9am. Julie Adams helped Rick Roberts during the show plan a big “camping with the illegals” event for this Saturday at 2 pm, at the end of Torrey Sante Fe Rd, just south of Hwy. 56 at Camino del Sur. Rick received over 350 emails from people writing in to say they would be there. Rick himself has promised to be there along with many others.

So, party at McGonigle Canyon on Saturday Nov. 18th!!! Bring cameras (great photo op of a massive third world village), large garbage bags, and marshmellows and hot dogs for roasting. Bring a tent if you want to camp overnight with the migrants.
Best kept secret in SoCal! Why pay $20-30 per night to camp at some state run campground when you can camp for free in this beautiful canyon with ocean views and breezes.

More details in the coming days. This camp will be closing soon. Great victory today!

Jeff Schwilk, Founder
Say NO to La Raza Racism

Click here for more info and video on the migrant encampments.

Rick Roberts announced the “McGonnigle Canyon” campout.
If the illegals can do it, so can we!…s_2hr-11-13.mp3
Scroll to minute 13:40.

Here’s a little dirt on California Rural Legal Assistance.

San Luis Obispo

WASHINGTON - A federally funded California nonprofit that gives legal help to Central Valley farmworkers and others violated federal prohibitions against political behavior, soliciting clients and other activities, an inspector general’s report said Thursday.

The report was requested by Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of Tulare, who’s been critical of California Rural Legal Assistance and also of the federal Legal Services Corporation that funds it.

The report found that California Rural Legal Assistance, which claims to provide free legal help to 20,000 poor rural Californians each year, apparently flouted congressional reforms blocking actions like lobbying and advocacy, getting involved in class-action litigation and representing illegal immigrants.

Those reforms were enacted by congressional Republicans in 1996 after some in the GOP sought to eliminate the Legal Services Corporation entirely.

The Legal Services Corporation’s inspector general, Kirt West, found “substantial evidence the CRLA has violated federal law” by soliciting clients, working a fee-generating case, requesting attorney fees and associating with political activities.

The findings raise “serious concerns about CRLA’s deviation from Congress’ intended purpose in enacting the 1996 reforms, to refocus (Legal Services Corporation) grantees on the provision of basic legal services to indigent persons seeking assistance,” said the report.

The inspector general said he was not able to reach conclusions in some areas because CRLA has refused to provide requested information.

San Diego Migrant Encampments:

    Video: Claudia’s Tortoise
    Video: Fire Hazard!
    Video: Claudia’s Radio
    Video: NBC Report on Migrant Camps
    Video: Migrant Encampments
    Video: Officer Reconquista
    Video: Mobile Health Clinic
    Video: Watchdog Wins In Court

34 Responses to “Operation Litterbug Was A Huge Success!”

  1. 1 Pamela

    Great news!
    Hope the media doesn’t do their normal btucher job on the footage. Any plans to boycott outside of Pardee or Horton construction sites? Home sales are already bad, bad press certainly would not help them. I would be happy to help!

    Also, about 6 weeks ago a group of illegal immigrant supporters protesting for higher wages for illegals who work the LA Hotels blocked Century Blvd, making it impossible for people to get to the airport or from the airport to their hotels. This was a demonstration that had been orchestrated with the LAPD with the City COubils APPROVAL months in advance. Arrests were made, but demonstators had given their info to LAPD in advance so as to speed up the booking process.
    Well today it was leaked that this week, the LA City Council is going to vote to place a mandatory fair living wage requirement on the Hotels in this area. They want the wage to be $10.15 an hour! (remember, minimum wage for Americans just went up to $7.15 an hour). Most of the toilet scrubbers at these Hotels are illegals.
    How can a City Council impose a fair living wage requirement on PRIVATE businesses? Talk about Socialism at it’s finest. And to think Citizens lost their jobs to these illegals because the illegals would work for less. Now it looks like they will be earning far more!
    This is an outrage!

  2. 2 Pamela

    It is great that this camp will be closing soon! Is ICE going to deport these illegals or are they (the illegals) just going to scurry under some other rock in someone else’s backyard?

    Anyway “we” can put pressure on to have these illegals deported?

  3. 3 Contessa

    Where is ICE?

  4. 4 Mary

    Remember Geno from Geno’s Cheesesteaks? He’s donated 10 grand to the Hazleton defense fund.

    Way to go Geno!

  5. 5 Mary

    Another American slaughtered by an illegal scumbag who HAD ALREADY BEEN DEPORTED ONCE BEFORE:

  6. 6 Pamela

    Gotta love that guy!

    About 6 weeks ago in LA there was a demonstration by pro-illegal whackos to increase wages for the toilet scrubbers at the Hotels by LAX. They actually laid on Century Blvd and stoppes traffic for hours. Commuters could not get to or from the airport. The whole event was approved by the City beforehand and LAPD had info on the protestors beforehand so that bookings would go faster.
    News out of LA today is that the City COuncil will vote this week on placing a MANDATORY cost of living salary on hotel owners in this area. SO, toilet scrubbers could now get $10.15 an hour. (Remember the minimum wage for Americans just went up to 7.15). Isn’t this the same illegals who underbid jobs that Americans had, displacing them from work? And now they are getting more money? And since when can a City Council vote for an ordinance that affects PRIVATE businesses in a given area? This is Socialism at it’s finest!
    This is an outrage! If this passes, more of this crap will follow.

  7. 7 Mary

    Illegals have little problems securing home loans:

  8. 8 Matthew

    Frick’n Awesome Jeff! This is what we all need to do all around the U.S. An “Eye for an Eye”, “Tit for Tat”, it seems that playing “Their game” seems to work. If they can sue then we can sue. Totally brilliant as far as i am concerned. If the leaders and law enforcement aren’t going to do anything about McGonigle Cyn, then let’s see just how out of hand we can make it until they do something about it.

    What a total “Burn” for Claudia smith and her laraza buddies. I say about a thousand of us go and hang out at day labor site in front of home depot and just kinda loiter around and make a nuisance of ourselves and then sue the F-*k out of home depot if they ask us to leave in spite of all the mexican illegals they allow there, kinda like reverse discrimination.

    The only way were going to win this war on the invasion is dealing directly with the ones aiding and abetting them and using the court system flagrantly just like they do. The mobile clinic that refused the older American man treatment, should also be targeted for a discrimination law suit because they were down in the canyon giving medical treatment to the invaders.

    The mexican illegals are hiring lawyers left and right and are suing everyone they can just to get what they want, we should all do the same. Jeff Schwilk is a hero and is not afraid to use what ever means necessary to win the battle.

  9. 9 Pamela

    Thanks for the links.

    The Mayor mentioned in the second story is the same man who is trying to enact ordinances against illegal immigrants. He is meeting some resistance in his town. I have contacted him before and he was kind enough to reply personally.
    He says that they need all the support and positive input on this issue that they can get.
    Please help him out by sending an email to him (Mayor Steve Womack) at
    He will share emails with Council members!

  10. 10 Pamela

    In response to Mary’s link re home loans for illegals. Sure they can plop down $100,000 for a down payment. Think how much they are saving by not having to pay for medical care, the delivery of their kids, food, education at private schools etc. Additionally, many get $500 a month per child from US taxpayers (that’s $6,000 per year, per child). Of course they can save money we are supporting them! How many Americans can save that much cash?
    Get these people out of here!
    What is wromg with these GD bankers? “We think it is the right thng to do” “It is profitable”
    Anybody else have a massive headache? OMG!

  11. 11 Mary


    Up yours La Raza!

  12. 12 CPoston

    Up yours La Raza!

    I second that!

    Today we reached a turning point at the migrant camps in McGonigle Canyon.

    Great news! We will do this one town, one step, one illegal at a time if we have to.

  13. 13 Ed

    This is off the subject but I watched a vidio on fox news dan Rather said that mot of the news papers & msm tv are owned by the largest richest companies in the U.S. that’s why the msm never report honestly about the illigals. Just like hitler,Karl Marks they took ccontrol of the news papers & at that time radio ststions to control what the people heard. which was only what they wanted the people to know.big suprise next will be our guns that’s the key to any over through. as for the incampment it’s great to to hear about even a small victory.

  14. 14 GuardDog

    Claudia’s got those reconquista cops in her back pocket. This is disgusting! I am glad you have this all on video. This sleaze illegal camp has to go. The hypocrisy of the cops has to be exposed. This kind of behavior of turning your back on the problem until a citizen steps in to expose the truth is truly an insult to our rule of law. Thank you so much Watchdog for being such a patriot.

  15. 15 The Watchdog

    You’re right Ed. I believe there are really like 6 companies that control much of the media around the world. Rupert Murdoch who owns FOX is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations.

  16. 16 Sherri

    You know, Claudia Smith is correct: The Minutemen shouldn’t be picking up all of that trash—the illegals should! It’s their mess!
    It really sickens me that the media doesn’t do more in-depth stories on this issue and show things like this camp. Instead, we get more b.s. about how these poor illegals are just coming here for a better life, etc.
    I’ve been sending any articles I find about illegal alien crime and sending them to some friends—many of them bleeding-hearts—and then encouraging them to pass it on to others. These people need to be informed about what we are dealing with.

  17. 17 Contessa

    They need to expose Claudia for who she really is… funny she keeps her mouth closed. She’s barred from practicing law… and officers Reconquisatas should lose their jobs. They have no business being in law enforcment, just who they really “serve and protect” was made quite crystal clear.

  18. 18 Matthew

    Hey Claudia Smiths State bar information is public record. It will show why she no longer is in practice whether it be malpractice, misconduct, probation etc. It will show information like disbarment and the like. It will not show any personal information though.

    I will look her up as far as complaints go or any State bar action on her license, i will get back to you all on Tuesday sometime in the afternoon unless someone beats me to it.

  19. 19 Pamela

    Maybe with enough public exposure, Claudia Smith will scurry under a rack and stay there. No, she obviously has no consciuos. Well, maybe she will scurry down to Mexico and take her fight up down there.

    Great points everyone!

  20. 20 Brad

    Excellent. Claudia didn’t look to pleased. It’s great seeing the roaches cringing when the light of day is shown on them.

  21. 21 Cribster

    Another great video Watchdog, thanks!

    I can’t believe they wouldn’t let you pick up that pile of wires that used to be a radio. It really shows what kind of lunatics the pro-illegals have on their side.

    I am totally non-violent but I would love to punch Claudia right in the face!

    You need to work on your skills with women Watchdog. Claudia hates you and you were boring that other one to death. :)

  22. 22 Brad

    You know the whole situation of the illegals in the canyon could be solved on the local level if the city or county were willing. Doesn’t matter if the illegals are on private property, there are zoning and health issues. Private property has to comply with local zoning laws and health laws. The health dept and zoning dept could go after the property owners. The owners under pressure would be forced to have the police to arrest the illegals for trespassing.

    A lawsuit could also be instituted on behalf of the home owners whose property has been adversely impacted by the city/county’s lack of enforcement of zoning and health laws.

    I am not sure of how the campout will work. Has anyone contacted the property owner and interviewed him? If it was my property I surely would not want the liability of the illegals living on my property. If a fire was to start and it was proven that the illegals started it and I knowingly allowed them to camp there. What a can of worms the liability issues would be. The same would go if one of these men were to assault a child or women.

    This canyon need to be cleaned out pronto.

  23. 23 Eddie B.

    Up yours La Raza!!! Three times. No more invaders. And have them pick up their trash on the way out. Save the deserts.


  24. 24 Pamela

    Everytime I watch this video, I get angrier (is that possible?)
    The attitude of these cops explains without words why so many illegals in this area, my neck of the woods, get away with so much. Driving in unregistered cars, driving in vehicles that are clearly not safe, driving with kids not in safety seats, “laborers” sitting in public areas drinking beer. Clearly some of these “law enforcment” officials are working the wrong side of the border.
    And Claudia Smith…. can’t even come up with any words to describe her.

    So who do you think is getting paid by who?

    We have laborers presumably working for Pardee and Horton Homebuilders. Admiittedly working for Rancho Santa Fe Farms and Heirloom Tomatoes all living on land owned by Pardee and Horton. We have cops who won’t enforce laws to protect residents, check out vehicles that may be stolen, but listen to Claudia Smith and are willing to cite a resident for picking up what is clearly a piece of junk (the illegals probably stole it at one time).

    This whole scenario seems surreal…..

    The denial and blame game that is going to follow all of this will certainly be entertaining as they all try to play dodge the accusations and keep your job.

    Jeff and the SDMM have done an outstanding job exposing this!

    To everyone,
    PLEASE contact the people Guard Dog provided the links for with his original post on this. I can tell you that this is not the only “camp” in this area. We need help getting these laborers out of here!

  25. 25 Pamela


    The property owners are reportedly Pardee Homebuilders and DRHorton Homebuilders.

    A spokesman for them said that they check the property regularly for tresspassers. Since these encampments are a little hard to miss, one would assume that the landowners know these peolple are there and they have permission to be there.

    I heard (not verified) that some of these illegals work for these homebuilders at area projects.

    If you want to contact.

    DR Horton
    5927 Priestly Drive Suite 200
    Carlsbad, CA 92006
    FAX (760) 931-0237
    Office (760) 931-1980
    or go to find Contact US link and then go to General Info Request link for access to email.

    Pardee Homes
    no separate email listed. Go to Contact Us link for email access.

    This is funny! They have a link for “environmental committment” and “restoring endangered habitat” LOL!

  26. 26 jo

    great job all!!!!!

  27. 27 Ron

    Watchdog and SDMM - That was some of the best camera footage I have ever seen, good for you patriotic Amricans. Claudia and her police pawns looked helpless, frustrated, and in need of a headache reliever.Great idea and video and a standing ovation to all involved, beautiful just beautiful.

  28. 28 Matthew

    I absolutely love the video and the fact that the SDMM have revealed on video all of the protection that the illegals are getting down there in the canyon, not to mention all of the ordinances that are being violated.

    I would be willing to be “Bait” for the SDMM in that area. I would be more than happy to remove the registration sticker from my car and drive around the police station all day in order to get pulled over. If i get a ticket or my car impounded i would sue the city for discrimination of an American citizen, Racism and harassment. My attorney’s would make reference to the fact that the local police profile Americans and punish them rather than mexican illegals.

    I guess this is what it must come to. Ordinary American Patriots uncovering the injustice and corruption of our local leaders and law enforcement. It isn’t the illegals our laws were formed to protect, it was us they were formed to protect and our leaders and police are looking the other way.

    I guess there’s more than one way to get what we want and i guess shoving it right back in their faces is the only way left to do it. Expose all of them now and make it public. Great job SDMM!!

  29. 29 Brad

    Thanks for the info Pamela. I am sure there are more than a few attorneys that live in this affluent area. I would think a class action lawsuit would be more than enough to convince Pardee Homes to clean the area up. If I lived in that area I would put together a homeowners/citizens action committee to investigate the legal actions that were possible to rid my neighborhood of this pestilence. I would love to see some sort of protest action in front of every Pardee home development project. WD have you thought of interviewing the corporate owners of the canyon?

    I just tried the link to Pardee Homes and their page is unavailable. Hmmm! :-)

  30. 30 Pamela


    Please try again. That was my lousy typng. Sorry!

    Matthew-exactly. This is what these people understand best. This is what most of them have lived. Americans for the most part are not used to having to be aggressive to get what they want.
    When they shove, we need to shove back, harder! We can do it legally, we just need to keep blasting them with correspondence and methods such as the Minutemen use. Watchfulness and vigilence and getting exposure in the media.

    One town at a time. One encampment at a time. Strength in numbers. We cannot back down.

  31. 31 Pamela

    P.S. These reconquista cops seem to have spent too much time hanging out at the local taco shop!

  32. 32 DfD

    Culture of Corruption alive and well after the election!

  33. 33 Contessa

    Special invitations should be sent to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Martinez, etc.

  34. 34 beadalong

    Great job Watchdog and Crew! Thank you!

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