Minutemen Readying New York Patrol Along State’s Border With Canada

Civilian border patrols, like those that have generated fierce debate in the Southwest, are planned to start along New York’s border with Canada on October 1.

The leader of the Minuteman Civilian Defense Corps, Chris Simcox, will be keynote speaker at a four-hour meeting planned for Saturday in Babylon, on Long Island. The meeting is intended to organize and train volunteers to patrol the Canadian border in New England and New York. Mr. Simcox’s group started patrols in Arizona in April and plans to launch a nationwide effort in October, according to a spokeswoman for the Minutemen, Connie Hair.

The weekend meeting will focus on recruitment and training for the October patrols, Ms. Hair said. It is being held on Long Island instead of in a border town because the New York metropolitan area is a population center, because there has been ‘lots of interest’ in the group from the region, and because the group hopes to highlight the relationship between the area’s gang-related crime problems and what they view as lax border enforcement.

The patrols in New York will have the support of at least one Empire State politician. A Republican candidate for Senate, John Spencer, issued a press release yesterday announcing his intention to attend the meeting Saturday.

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