Jorge Bush’s Plans To End US Sovereignty

This is from Bush’s speech to the UN.

…. We must tear down the walls that separate the developed and developing worlds (Those would be called borders and immigration laws). We need to give the citizens of the poorest nations the same ability to access the world economy that the people of wealthy nations have, so they can offer their goods and talents on the world market alongside everyone else (The only way that can happen is they are all free to come to the United States). We need to ensure that they have the same opportunities to pursue their dreams, provide for their families, and live lives of dignity and self-reliance.

And the greatest obstacles to achieving these goals are the tariffs and subsidies and barriers that isolate people of developing nations from the great opportunities of the 21st century (barriers being borders and immigration enforcement and the will of the American public). Today, I reiterate the challenge I have made before: We must work together in the Doha negotiations to eliminate agricultural subsidies that distort trade and stunt development, and to eliminate tariffs and other barriers to open markets for farmers around the world. Today I broaden the challenge by making this pledge: The United States is ready to eliminate all tariffs, subsidies and other barriers (borders and immigration laws and American public) to free flow of goods and services (and people) as other nations do the same. This is key to overcoming poverty in the world’s poorest nations. It’s essential we promote prosperity and opportunity for all nations.

9/14/05 White House Press Release

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One Response to “Jorge Bush’s Plans To End US Sovereignty”

  1. chuck atkinson Says:

    What a bunch of hooeee ! America can see the problems with eliminating tariffs … Look at NAFTA and what it has done to the USA. The “Giant Sucking Sound” from Ross Perot’s mouth was very true.

    Now China is classified as a ‘developing country’ and has most favored trade status with the USA. So, the govt over there subsidizes it’s local companies who end up paying their slave labor force peanuts and export the resulting cheap goods to the USA. Over 80% of the goods on Wal-Mart’s shelves are from China. Meanwhile the US textile market is gone. And most of the mfg sector as well.

    Free trade ain’t free if the other guy is not playing fair.

    Luckily Dubya is just a big bag of hot air … (see New Orleans) so nothing will ever come of it.

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