Group Gets ACLU Training For Minuteman

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Ray Ybarra and half-a-dozen volunteers gathered Monday evening to take part in a legal observer training in wake of the introduction of the Minuteman in South Texas.

The training was given by Ybarra, of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in anticipation of the arrival of the Minuteman citizen border patrol group. The organization trained 150 legal observers in April to watch over the Minuteman operation in Arizona.

Today, they were in Cameron Park, one of Texas? poorest and largest colonias.

?We are non-confrontational, non-violent because we want to send the message that the problem is bigger than individual vigilantes,? Ybarra said, referring to the Minuteman and other such groups.

The Minutemen do not take the law into their own hands. They simply watch and report illegal activity to the Border Patrol and let them take care of the rest. We are border watchers.

The training was held in Cameron Park and consisted of a 30-minute video and an overview of the legal observer guidelines set up by the ACLU.

Elizabeth García, one of the organizers of the White Ribbon Campaign for Prayer and Dialogue against the Minuteman project out of Cameron Park?s San Felipe de Jesús Church, helped organize the legal observer training.

?We need to educate the community about the minutemen,? she said, ?I think it?s important to have a little bit of background because a lot of people don?t understand what they are all about.?

We are successfully drawing attention to the lack of border security and lack of immigration enforcement in the US. That’s it. That’s what we are all about.

The video shown was done by Ybarra, and titled ?Undocumented: The Other Side of the Minuteman Project.?

The video addressed the core issues of the current surge in immigration ? including the North American Free Trade Agreement and the militarization of the border ? and also interviewed Minuteman participants, local politicians, ACLU representatives and residents of Douglas, Ariz, where the Minuteman first operated.

The Minutemen are also against so-called free trade agreements because they take advantage of poor workers in Latin America and enslave them in poverty. It increases illegal immigration because they flee their countries for a better life in the US. Unfortunately we cannot accept everyone. We want their home countries to take better care of their people.

If the border were “militarized” like they claim we wouldn’t have 3 million illegals crossing our border. (see TIME magazine)

The video footage showed immigrants being detained by Minuteman volunteers, donning Confederate flags and guns. The video also has interviews with one of the group?s founders, Chris Simcox.

I don’t believe for one minute that any migrants were ever detained by Chris Simcox’s group of Minutemen. If that occured the ACLU would have sued the pants off of them for false imprisonment or kidnapping. As far as Confederate flags go, I haven’t seen any. In Califonia we fly the Gadsden and American flag.

Legal observers will, ideally, meticulously document the Minuteman group and everything they do with the aim to prevent violence against and violation of civil rights of any immigrants the patrol group may encounter.

?Our presence will keep them from beating on anybody or from doing anything stupid,? Ybarra said.

These “legal observers” stand by and watch with a smile on their faces as protesters push old men to the ground, scream obscenities and spit in thier faces (movie). Can you imagine what the ACLU would do if a Minuteman ever behaved like this to a migrant?

If you want to learn about the ACLU and their agenda you should visit Discover The Network.

2 Responses to “Group Gets ACLU Training For Minuteman”

  1. Cassanova Says:

    I was present for one of these “training” sessions; the video was nothing more than poorly-thought-out propoganda, offering no real education to anyone about the Minutemen, their stated cause or the work of the Minutemen.
    there was no footage of illegal aliens being detained, there was no footage of MM mistreating anyone, there was no evidence at all of MM “misbehaving” or anything else claimed to be portrayed in the video.
    Since roughly a dozen MM were present for this particular training session, Ray & friends were uncharacteristacally subdued in their after-review comments, but rest assured they’ll amp-up the rhetoric when MM are NOT present.
    To a “T”, every one of us present felt the movie was nothing more than an attempt to discredit the MM through the comments of a few individuals (which weren’t even inflamatory, as best I recall); nothing but a half-assed version of raw propaganda.
    Yet another miserable failure and waste of time, money and effort by the ACLU- par for the course, I guess.

  2. Watchdog Says:

    Man, I would love to get my hands on a copy of this.

    Thanks for the info.

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