Geraldo Rivera Calls Minutemen ‘Vigilantes’

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Geraldo Rivera, senior correspondent for Fox News, told a group of Hispanic journalists vigilantes had created “hysteria along the borders” and advised his colleagues not to “let your newsroom push you around on the issue of immigration.”

“Bust them on their hypocrisy,” Rivera said at the annual awards gala of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in Washington last week, according to a report by the Robert C. Maynard Institute of Journalism Education.

Rivera, who served as honorary gala chairman of the event, announced from the hotel stage that he was donating $80,000 to NAHJ and $20,000 to Unity: Journalists of Color.

“In vast sections of the country, there would not be a lawn mowed or a dish washed but for illegal immigrants,” said Rivera. “I’m for not being embarrassed about who we are. If we make it, you can’t forget where you come from.”

What an outrageous thing to say! If a white American made that comment it would be considered a racist remark. It is true that illegal aliens have displaced American workers from these jobs in many parts of the country. In Los Angeles where I live those jobs are taken by illegals but that does not mean we need them or the work wouldn’t get done. That’s rediculous.

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