Bush Covered Up Report On Worker Abuse in CAFTA Region.

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If an ideologically incorrect study is done inside the Bush regime, does it make a noise?

Not if the White House can squelch it, which is exactly what they’ve tried to do to a report about labor abuses in Central America. For more than a year, the Department of Labor has fought ferociously to block the release of a study showing that working conditions in six Latin American nations are abysmal and that government officials in the region do little to enforce labor protections. These findings do not fit with the president’s ideological insistence that workers worldwide can trust global corporatization to improve their lives.

CAFTA — the Central American Free Trade Agreement — was this summer’s number one legislative priority for Mr. Bush’s global corporate backers, and the last thing they wanted was documentation that their corporate ilk are already exploiting, injuring and otherwise abusing workers in the CAFTA region.

Finally, after Rep. Sandy Levin filed a freedom-of-information action to force the release of the tax-paid study, the Labor Department relented — but not before trying to taint its own report, blasting it as “rife with unsubstantiated and unverifiable claims.”

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  1. Frank Dare Says:

    Is it any wonder that half a dozen federal government agencies and many large corporations donate to La Raza? The list sickens me. I think that the House and Senate need to have a full investigation into why our federal dollars are being used to support such a radically racist organization.

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