Tancredo For President In 2008

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Tancredo’s candidacy could become an unpredictable force in the 2008 campaign and divide the Republican Party as it seeks to retain control of the White House, political analysts and consultants said.

`Thrilled to Death’

“He will give a voice to the immigration reform movement, and millions and millions of Americans on both sides of the party will be thrilled to death to find someone speaking out,'’ said Angela “Bay'’ Buchanan, who managed all three of her brother Pat’s presidential campaigns.

Bush has put immigration at the center of his second-term agenda, calling on Congress to create a new visa program that lets immigrants work in the U.S. The administration is encouraging House and Senate leaders to act on the legislation this year.

Tancredo, who heads the 90-member House Immigration Reform Caucus, demands a halt to any guest worker program until the borders are secure and opposes any such program that wouldn’t require undocumented immigrants to return to their own country before applying to work in the U.S.

If Tancredo were to run for president, “it would make a lot of Republicans uncomfortable,'’ said Stuart Rothenberg, editor of the Rothenberg Political Report a nonpartisan newsletter in Washington. “His presence in a campaign might elevate an issue that would otherwise get less attention.'’

Tancredo would also push an agenda of tax cuts and limited government spending. He has criticized the growth of the federal budget deficit and was one of only 11 Republicans to vote against a $52 billion spending package for Hurricane Katrina.

He has proposed eliminating corporate farm subsidies and selling 10 percent of federal land to pay for Katrina recovery costs.

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  1. rick Says:

    Lets hope he runs. No one else is taking up the issue like him. There are some sites supporting him. http://tancredo4prez.blogspot.com

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