Who Is Deshawn Sanders?

If you know him, have him email me. After reading a few of this guys posts on the San Diego IndyMedia website he has become my new American hero.

Who’s the racist facist?
by Deshawn Sanders
Thursday, Sep. 22, 2005 at 1:33 AM

Who uses mob intimidation, threats of violence, verbal assault and abuse, stalking, and outright violation of the civil rights of anyone that holds or expresses opposing views? Who supports and advocates the willful violation of laws when it serves a specific group’s racial and cultural separation, and privileged treatment under the law (i.e., they believe that some laws do not apply to their ethnic group)? Who advocates their own racial and cultural separation and supremacy, as well as the subjagation of all others not belonging to their ethnic group? Who shows up to demonstrations wearing hoods and masks, and advocates physical intimidation and physical injury through the use of thrown projectiles? Who believes that their ethnic group is above the law, and the promotion and enforcement of their beliefs is not subject to democratic principals, i.e., they won’t build politiical support for democratic change and acceptance of their views, they will either ignore existing law or impose their will upon others through intimidation and violence?

The KKK? Absolutely. Ayrian Nation? Sure.

Add to that La Raza and the rest of the pro-immigration, open-borders crowd … cut from the same cloth … they do and believe many of the same basic tenents. They believe in the wonton violation of law and the aggressive violation of anyone’s civil rights if it supports their ethnically motivated agenda. Ethnically motivated and forcefully imposing their beliefs upon others … makes the La Raza crowd just another group of racist facists.

What, don’t believe me? Ever tried being a black man and walking through East LA by yourself? I can walk through Santa Monica, Westwood, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and most whites wouldn’t even notice me, let alone confront me. East LA? Riverside? I’d probably get shot. That’s racism to me. Forcing me to have my tax dollars used to support social programs for people who violate our laws, and wanting to force me against my will to pay my tax dollars to support even more people by ‘opening’ the border? That’s facism to me.

Similar philosophies
by Deshawn Sanders
20.09.2005 15:21

The open-border “no immigrant is illegal” crowd believes that the “end justifies the means”.

They believe blatant mob intimidation, threats of violence, verbal assault and abuse, threats of stalking, outright violation of the civil rights of anyone that holds or expresses opposing views, and the willful violation of laws whenever it suits their purposes. All of this in the pursuit of maintaining a ‘privileged’ treatment for a select group outside our federal and state laws … they feel wholely justified in suspressing the civil rights of others, violently if necessary, in order to maintain their self-perceived right to privileged treatment under the law.

So what other organized group in US history used similar tactics to hold on to their privileged status even when it violated the civil rights of others? The KKK.

Like the majority of US Citizens, I want all immigrants coming into this country from ANY country to ALL have to obey the same legal entry processes. I have no problem with my hard earned tax dollars going to help support LEGAL immigrants. I have a problem with people that feel they can use force, violence, and suppression of my rights to FORCE my tax dollars to be used to support your personal agenda. If the pro-immigration crowd wants our laws changed to permit in effect “open borders” … more power to you … there’s a democratic process whereby you can sign petitions to get ballot measures in place, you can vote for pro-immigration local, state, and federal candidates … you can affect change through our democratic process. You can gain support for your cause and either fail or succeed based upon your ability to PROVE its righteousness.

What, you believe in open-border immigration, but you don’t believe in making it happen through our democratic processes? I get it … you feel that you can IMPOSE your desired way of life onto others unwillfully through ANY measure, even violent or illegal measures. Hide behind your liberal rhetoric, but in reality you become no different that any facist that only believes in supporting freedoms and civil rights as they pertain to maintaining privileges for a select group … anyone not in that group is open to victimization in your pursuit of your “true cause”. The ends justifies the means, right?

You people make me sick. You call anyone and everyone that simply wants our immigration laws already on the books to simply be enforced a ‘racist’. Well, take a good look in the mirror … and at your demonstration videos, and the only people I see wearing hoods, masks, and using fear and intimidation to violate the rights anyone who dares oppose them are the pro-immigration facists … the new KKK.

2 Responses to “Who Is Deshawn Sanders?”

  1. Rockero420 Says:

    I think he is an SOS member (most of them are keyboard activists) posing as an African American. Just look at the content of his rant and compare it to some of the postings on the SOS forum. If I had more time, I might be able to figure out who he is, but I don’t think it matters all that much. What matters is that there is no Deshawn Sanders–he is an impostor.

  2. Watchdog Says:

    I think what matters is the what he is saying. He speaks the truth about the open border radicals.

    I’m familiar with the SOS forum and I have a feeling he is not a member of that group.

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