Mexican Police Murder 20 Year Old American Woman

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Mexican police officers have been charged in the death of a California woman in a Baja jail cell.

An investigation by the Spanish-language sister station of KSND-TV in San Diego also revealed three others will face charges tied to conspiracy to cover up the death of Paulina Baeza, 20, a college student in Irvine, Calif.

Baeza was arrested Aug. 9 by police in Ensenada, Mexico, about 60 miles south of San Diego.

Liza Davis, a representative of the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, told the TV station police received two reports that she had been behaving in an aggressive, disoriented manner in public.

A surveillance video from inside the jail shows Baeza being carried and dragged by officers a short time before she was reported dead, KSND reported.

An officer can be seen grabbing Baeza by her hair in the video. Another one is shown laughing, and one office appears to draw his finger across his throat, then dances as the girl is hauled away, the TV station said.

Davis said an autopsy by Mexican authorities showed Baeza later died of blunt force trauma that caused a brain hemorrhage. Her remains have been repatriated to family members in California.

A security videotape obtained by Mexican authorities shows Baeza was held in the air as authorities tried to subdue her then was dropped and hit her head.

Baeza’s father, Pablo Baeza, calling his daughter’s treatment aggressive and abusive, welcomed news of the charges.

The Orange County Register reported Baeza’s Chevy Blazer had been impounded after the vehicle was ticketed for blocking a driveway.

Baeza, according to Mexican police, was arrested for trespassing when she climbed into a Chevy Blazer that was not hers, reported the paper.

The woman’s mother, Carmen, told the Register her daughter suffered from bipolar disorder and had not been taking medication for nearly 60 days before her trip to Mexico.

She said her daughter had no history of violence but had become verbally abusive when not taking her medication.

8 Responses to “Mexican Police Murder 20 Year Old American Woman”

  1. Zoe Brigley Says:

    First let me say that any crime such as this one is a terrible thing and should be punished accordingly, but how it relates to the context of this web page I don’t understand. Is this post supposed to prove that all of the Mexican race are anti-American or that the US shouldn’t allow Mexicans to cross the border because one policeman, an individual among Mexicans who is completely unrepresentative of the Mexican population, supposedly represents Mexican character or intentions?

  2. Watchdog Says:

    Zoe, it’s just a story and one example of corruption and crime that is common place in Mexico. The Mexican police shake down American visitors all the time. They probably won’t kill you but they will steal your money or your belongings. You have more to fear from the Mexican police than you do of the average Mexican citizen.

    This story obviously doesn’t have anything to do with illegal immigration.

  3. Max Wortington Says:

    The Federales are lika 21st century NAZI’S…

  4. Johanas Zimmerman Says:

    O.k. i agree with the problem with the mexican corruption and the bad police, but what do you have to say about the videos that exist about the USA soldiers that kill irakys civilians just for fun?

    i really think that is worst.

  5. Watchdog Says:

    Johanas, do you mean Iraqi’s?

    I’m not aware of any such video’s and I watch the news rather closely.

  6. Alfred P Najera Says:

    Max Wortington… don’t you think that the adjective “nazi” it’s out of context?

  7. Becca Val Says:

    I think the bottom line is we have good cops and bad cops everywhere, individuals are going to choose to be good or bad. we shouldnt see the color of the individual but look at the terrible crime they have commited.

  8. Watchdog Says:

    Sorry Becca, but the Mexican “police” opperate much differently than they do in the US. They wear police uniforms but that is where the similiarity ends.

    The Mexican police do not get paid well and they make money through illegal activity. They ARE criminals. They work hand in hand with the drug cartels, prostitution rings, and the human smugglers.

    You should spend some time in Mexico and see how things work.

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