Possessions slashed; police investigating
San Diego Union Tribune
January 30, 2007

RANCHO PENASQUITOS ? Dozens of migrant workers returned to their canyon encampments Saturday afternoon to find their belongings slashed to pieces, police said yesterday.

Several small encampments throughout Rancho Peñasquitos were targeted in a string of attacks, said attorney Claudia Smith of the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.

?It was truly stunning to see and pick your way through maybe 100 items, and every one of them is slashed. Jackets right down the middle,? said Smith, who notified police after reports of the attacks began to pour in Saturday. ?This was so vicious and so deliberate.?

San Diego police Capt. Boyd Long said the incidents were under investigation.

Officers interviewed victims yesterday and toured the encampments, including one near Rancho Peñasquitos Boulevard and state Route 56.

It was unclear if there were witnesses or how many people were responsible for the vandalism.

The destruction appeared methodical, Smith said; for example, all the pants were slashed from the crotch down the side of the leg.

Pencils, cell phone chargers and a child’s belt were not spared, she said.

?One old man kept saying to me ‘mis zapatos (my shoes),’ making a slashing movement in the air,? Smith said. ?The workers were just stunned.?

Authorities say some of the encampments emerged in the area after migrants were ordered to clear out of nearby McGonigle Canyon in November.

The workers, many of whom are undocumented, had squatted on private land in McGonigle Canyon off and on for the past 20 years.

Landowners and police were working on a long-term plan to close the encampments last year, but the effort was hastened in November when residents, joined by supporters of the Minuteman Project, loudly protested the camps.

Developer D.R. Horton, one of the landowners, since has posted No Trespassing signs in McGonigle Canyon and torn down the large shantytown.

Many of the evicted migrants are believed to have relocated to Rancho Peñasquitos on land that is part of an open-space preserve and part privately owned, police said. Caltrans also owns some of the land along the freeway.

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21 Responses to “Illegal Immigrant Shantytown Vandalized While Squatters Away”

  1. 1 Vincent Narodnik
  2. 2 D-7

    I wasn’t expecting that, I did in fact Laugh Out Loud!!!

  3. 3 1Madmomma

    If we were to do this kind of crap (squat ), we’d get cited. Don’t trash our State! When the law gets called in, they need to deport them (illegal aliens ). Enforce our laws, and this won’t happen. This can be directly put off on law unenforcement. I’d bet we ain’t seen s**t yet. Americans are getting more angry by the day. If the shoe were on the other foot, they’d be killing folks. If Americans were taking their jobs in Mexico, and or told, you must speak english to work in Mexico. They wouldn’t deal with that for 1 second. Why in the hell should we. PUSSY GOVERNMENT! SPINELESS SO CALLED PUBLIC SERVANTS! CURRUPT B’s!

  4. 4 1Madmomma

    Instead of giving our National Guerd medals, these Americans should get them for doing the job law enforcement won’t, and without the pay. ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH ALREADY!

  5. 5 1Madmomma

    Why did my first post disappear? What the hell did I say that wasn’t the truth. All I can imagine is it was to truthful.

  6. 6 Eddie B.

    OMG trash slashers… Quick… call the National Guard!

  7. 7 Matthew

    I would guess that fed up Americans have had enough, our leaders have not heard our plea’s for help in ridding our society of the scum that has infiltrated it. I commend those who have taken the matter into their own hands. The illegal aliens down in that canyon are up in arms over their second hand (Donated) rags being slashed? How arrogant and indignant of them and claudia smith!

    What about them ripping to shreds our laws, Constitution, society and culture? PC gets our country no where other than deeper into the cesspool of third world culture (mexico’s). Those who are harboring, aiding and abetting the local illegal immigration movement down there in San Diego county are the ones who should be held responsible for the back lash that ended up in property being destroyed, they are the ones that condone the squatting, illegal activity and federal fugitives that take refuge in that area.

    “The home owners in Rancho Penasquitos are only trying to live out the American dream by protecting their investments and way of life, so they are doing everything they can to survive and make a better life for them and their family’s, even if it means taking drastic illegal measures and stepping on those who are preventing that from happening”! This little excuse i just gave, sounds a lot like the excuses made for illegal aliens doesn’t it?

    Break the law, kill, steal and destroy and thumb your nose at our fed up civilized society and it will get your belonging’s slashed up every time.

  8. 8 Faye

    Priceless, Vincent! I was surprised and laughed out loud, too!

    Well, the backlash begins.

  9. 9 Minutewoman

    Back to the wild-wild-West. Well, if there’s no Sheriff in town, or if the Sheriff himself is a criminal, the townsfolk are going to have to stand up and fight. It’s High Noon!

  10. 10 Sippy69

    Anyone else going to lose sleep over this? GOOD! Me either! I’m really sick of these bleeding heart stories.

  11. 11 Brad

    Boo Hoo. Since when do police investigate the theft or vandalism of homeless people’s property?

    I can just see the police departments in every major metro area taking police reports from vagrants. “Yes officer, the shopping cart had Vons on it.” “The cart had all my possessions in it, 3 pieces of cardboard and a water bottle.” Unbelievable.

  12. 12 jim f

    boo f**king hoo! wait, let me get my violin out. what’s the matter, don’t like it when someone “invades” your space?

  13. 13 George(formerly-Ed)

    I was thinking about that happening along time ago GOOD It FINELY HAPPENED.Last year when I discovered WD I told every one about the sheet rock layers in orange county getting their tires slashed every day By mexican illigals forceing the americans to quit their jobs—Pay back time.

  14. 14


    I didn’t hear that story. Would you tell it again?

  15. 15 Sherri

    Vincent, very appropriate! :)

    Call this one: AMERICANS STRIKE BACK! I can’t help but smile over this story. Seems people are finally getting fed up enough to do something, even if it means taking things into your own hands. And who can blame them?
    Who looks out for Americans who have to put up with these illegal invaders creating a shanty town where they live? Does anyone care about that? 1Madmomma has it correct: If Americans did something like this, there would be no hesitation to remove them and cite them. So why should it be any different for these illegals?
    What would have made this story even better is if it contained a bulldozer razing the entire thing, and then everything being set on fire.
    Claudia Smith needs to shut up and return back under the rock from whence she came. No one feels sorry for these people, Claudia. No one cares anymore. People are tired of your illegal alien hordes invading their country and bringing it down. This is the message they’ve sent with this action. Listen…

  16. 16 The Watchdog

    The people who live in this area are sick to death of these invaders living in their bushes. I’ve spent a lot of time in this area and smell of urine and feces in McGonigle canyon is awful. These invaders leave piles of garbage and beer cans everywhere. Claudia Smith needs to get a life.

  17. 17 Contessa

    WD: “Claudia Smith needs to get a life”…. yup and a real job.

  18. 18 Brad

    I believe you are going to see more and more of this kind of thing. It will escalate, till someone gets seriously hurt or killed. I am surprised that the entire canyon hasn’t burned. It’s only a matter of time before people get to the point of no return. People get pushed and backed into a corner, they will strike back.

    I suspect there will come a time when we read of day labor site drive-bys or that some rancher along the border has been shooting trespassers. Americans are getting fed up.

  19. 19 Cribster

    OMG, There must have been $1.97 worth of damage!

    Where is the outrage over American citizens being slashed by illegal immigrants everyday!

  20. 20 Zorro

    I LOVE it! If I lived near there I would have definitely helped them do this.
    I guess the next thing we know the illegal aliens will have police protetion courtesy of Claudia and the other pro-illegals.

  21. 21 Georgia

    I absolutely love this! I love to see Americans fight back! About time.

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