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Bank of America Boycott
Illegal Immigration Coalition Boycotts Bank of America
February 16, 2007

The National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition, which includes over 100 organizations, is launching a boycott of Bank of America because of the bank’s offer to issue credit cards, mortgages and accounts to illegal aliens in the US.

“People are already canceling cards and accounts with Bank of America over this news,” said William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. “The goal of the boycott is to get tens of thousands of Americans to complain to the Bank, ask Congress for action, and to cancel their accounts, until this bank respects public opinion and federal law.”

Several online polls show over 80% of the American public disapprove of Bank of America’s decision to offer credit cards to illegal aliens, with no Social Security numbers and no credit history.

“It is a slap in the face to every American struggling with credit card debt and rocky credit scores,” says William Gheen. “Bank of America needs to realize that the citizens of America run this nation, not big business and current law states it is a felony to aid and abet illegals inside the US. We want Bank of America charged and the decision makers responsible for this to face fines and jail time. We want the Rule of Law restored in America!”

The Coalition launched a boycott of Miller Brewing and their London based parent company SABMiller six months ago.

The anti-illegal immigration groups launched a website to assist the boycott at where Citizens are encouraged to sign the petition and take action.

The coalition consists of over 100 non-racist organizations such as 9/11 Families for a Secure America, The Conservative Voice, Latino Americans for Immigration Reform, USAPAC,, and many others.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is now one of the largest national organizations fighting against illegal immigration and serves as Director of the National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is a multi-ethnic organization that enjoys the support of many Legal immigrants. Supporters are organized in all 50 states. More information is available at their website:


Dobbs: “We want you to know that we invited the CEO of the Bank of America, Kenneth Lewis….I wanted to tell him the statement saying the bank isn’t marketing to illegal aliens is fundamentally, absolutely and unequivocally a lie, and that perhaps he would like to talk to the people representing the bank who uttered such lies.”

    Lou Dobbs Lays It Down 2-14-07

16 Responses to “Web Site Created To Promote Boycott of Bank Of America :) Sign Petition”

  1. 1 Matthew

    I just got off the phone with a customer service rep for BofA. I called up the 1800 number for California. I let the rep know that i was an illegal alien from another country and that i wanted to get one of those easy to get credit cards. The rep informed me that i needed to go into any BofA branch and apply for that. I asked whether or not i had to pay the credit card off and he stated “If i didn’t, the government would pay BofA back for any unpaid or defaulted loan”.

    I asked this rep where the government where they got the money to pay BofA back and he said “He didn’t know”. Well i informed him that the government gets the money to pay back from American tax payers and then i said “F America and Americans” and he laughed at that. The rep told me that “A new law just passed and that is why BofA is helping out illegal aliens”. The rep also stated that in some instances, only $99 was required to secure a $500 credit card. The $99 was a deposit on the $500 credit card.
    I responded by asking him that “You mean i can make $401 with only A $99 dollar investment”? and the rep said “Yup”.

    Now i ask myself, why wouldn’t BofA pander to illegal aliens when they know tax payers will support the unpaid loans and why wouldn’t our government allow illegal immigrants into or country knowing that it is us the tax payers who support all that they take here in the U.S?

    This disturbing BofA situation is the next level in the fleecing of and destruction of America as we knew it. The only way BofA is going to be stopped is if they take a big enough hit by millions and millions of Americans cancelling their accounts. Anything short of that would guarantee that other banks and institutions will follow suit because Americans would have been proven to be “understanding” and “non confrontational”. Essentially Americans will let anything happen in their country and not do anything about! That’s what this is all about, it’s about how well this goes over with the American people.

    This is very scary stuff guys and girls.

  2. 2 jo


    here we go again, the tail trying to wag the dog. we should be flooding “our” reps, raising hell. the BofA couldn’t give a shit. they have made their deals with “our” gov’t. we need to demand that they can not off these loans when they default. BofA should not be allowed to handle any gov’t loans, mortages, student etc. banks have been giving illegals gov’t mortage loans etc. no payroll or any other gov’t transactions PERIOD! we need to hold “our” reps personally responsible NOW!

  3. 3 marleen

    well, this is not new, it has been going on since 2000, now it is in the news so people are NOW hearing about it….also here in new york we also have BANCO AMERICAN …could there be a connection?

  4. 4 Eddie B.

    There goes lunch Matthew. Pants fit better now though.

    So, maybe a blond haired, blue-eyed Eddie B. Gonzoles should apply for a new credit card. I could use a new Apple iPod.

  5. 5 Vincent Narodnik

    Hi Marleen. Havent seen you in a while. Wheres Darlene also, btw?
    This is a good thing to send out to your entire email address book and with a request that it be sent out to the recipeints whole address book.
    Ive tried this sort of thing many times with other things with only marginal success, but those things,(4437 for ex.) were more explicitly anti invasion and were probably recieved with the same non calance as others.
    Well, this one is different. The primary thing hinges on illegality and unfairness at the tellers desk which I hope resonates with everyone. and anyway, times have changed-so now may be the time for the sleepwalker to see his name on the Marked For Destruction roster, and finally take action.
    Please try flinging this one frequently and far…and since its a three day weekend, maybe even a follow up?
    If sent with a link back to this site, we might even get some more posters aoround here,.
    And someone might know where Darlene is

  6. 6 Matthew


    I am in contact with an attorney. His name is Kevin Barnes, he is an attorney that specializes in “Class action lawsuits”. He is suing Chief auto parts, Huntington hospital in Pasadena Ca. and a few others. I am assuming that this guy is not afraid of big corporations.

    Kevin Barnes is part of a group of attorneys that consist of his father and a few others. The only way we are going to fight the invasion and oppression of American citizens and those who pander to them is by acting on opportunity rather than sit at the computer and bitch about it as it all unfolds day by day. If we can rally on a street corner, we can rally in a courtroom too.

    If you are really concerned about what happens to our country and our future then i suggest we ALL contact this attorney and let him know we are serious, the illegal aliens, laraza and BofA are serious, but are we going to allow them to continue while we all sit idly by and do nothing? These third world invaders are changing our politics, landscape, laws and culture by means of intimidation and PC. Where are all of the patriots that we speak of each and every day here on WatchDog? They are all right here reading this post!

    Pick up the phone and call this Kevin Barnes NOW. His Telephone number is (323) 549-9100. Let him know that BofA will be held accountable for “Reverse discrimination”, “Racism” and violations of “equal opportunity” loans. BofA is publicly targeting a specific race and ethnicity and affording their select customers while denying others based on legal status, ability and nationality. BofA cannot go forward with this atrocity against our country because if so, what or who is next.

    “Pizza Patron” is already accepting pesos, wells Fargo gives home loans to illegals and now we have BofA securing credit cards with our tax money! F that, pick up the phone and call this attorney. I will keep you all posted as i know more.

  7. 7 Don

    the key word is “tax card I.D. —- you still need one to open an account and do transactions…————- if they pay taxes then let them have credit as well.

    so much hate. it looks bad. if coming illigaly isn’t harsh enough, what with all the corrupt officers and mobs taking advantage of them, you dont need to make it worse.

    besides if you wanna build a wall on the american-mexican borders due to “security” and “terrorism” then build a wall on the canadian-american border.

    fair enough.

  8. 8 jo

    i appreciate your effort. there is nothing illegal about targeting a particular demigraphic to do business with. it is done all the time. in order to prove discrimination one must have documentation that people of another group have been denied with prejudice. where are you located. i am in so. california. if you are also, perhaps we could work together to get people to apply and be denied. with documentation one has a case of discrimination, however, the real issue is the gov’t violating the law by aidding and abetting these finanical companies in circumverting said laws.

  9. 9 Matthew


    I live in SoCal also. In the Temecula area. I will e-mail Brooke and let him know to give you my e-mail address. If you want in, you got it. I will tell you the latest and when, how, what and where. This attorney is more than happy to handle this case so any one else that wants in let me or Brooke know.

  10. 10 Concerned Citizen

    Here is the website for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR):

    Click on NCLR Affiliates and Corporate Partners to see what other U.S. corporations, other than Bank of America sponsor or support NCLR.

    Note that Ford Motor Company received the NCLR Affiliate of the Year award!

  11. 11 D-7

    Don, if they do pay taxes, that is the price they pay for their job — which if they are here illegally, they should not have. That does not excuse them from being here illegally. And I drive up to the Canadian border all the time. Lynden & Sumas, nice rolling farmland, and no Canadians are trying to cross illegally. (I thought it ironic once to see the border patrol cruising, when there is no one there.) There is no need for a border fence there because Canadians are not trying to invade our country. But I wouldn’t be averse to a border fence up here too, just for fairness’ sake for all the bleeding heart liberals.

  12. 12 marleen

    hi Vincent, thanx for the shoutout. im here . i read the watchdog site everyday. i haven”t said much here as of late because i am dumbfounded by all the issues and there does not seem to be any trend of evidence as to what the future of America will be. i keep looking for solid signs of posive change in our favor. all i see are ideas and notions to be considered, i do not see concrete evidence that we will survive all these changes. i dont think we are being heard. i read everything and i see that for one step forward, we fall two steps backward. does anyone know WHEN the decision on immigration will be?

  13. 13 Mary

    The sales tax argument is so stooopid. Millions of overseas tourists pay sales tax when they come to the US on restaurant meals, motel bills, souvenirs etc. Does that make them “entitled” to our welfare services?

  14. 14 1234ssr

    The military is issued BofA expense cards or credit cards for travel. The DoD or Govt already supports BofA. Maybe they should cancel their account and consider switching.

  15. 15 Vincent Narodnik

    Note that Ford Motor Company received the NCLR Affiliate of the Year award!

    Ford lost 12.7 Billion dollars last year. Now I am no longer upset about that.
    Can someone go check the door? a troll seems to have wandered in. I would like to submit a piece of his…verbiage as evidence of the main reason that the millions of duped normal people adopt Open Borders programming.
    “it looks bad”
    There you have it folks. It looks bad. It shows us in an unflattering light. It sends a bad message.
    ???Looks bad to who????Are we really in a beauty contest among nations? Who is our competition? Might we concider for a moment how desperate Mexico is to be known as Worlds Most Nicest Nationcicle? Not desperate at all, in fact.
    Mexico flogs and kills its invaders from the south. or at least they did until they realized that they could extort money from their men and sex from their women in exchange for passage.
    Any nation whose existence consists primarily in gazing into a mirror and asking itself “whose the fairest of them all?” is fit only for the fire.
    If it were not Saturday night I would write a quick summary of the (Calvinist) doctrine of Total Depravity and its relation to the underpinnings of our constitutional order (particularly the second ammendment) but Saturdays being what Saturdays are, I will soon be stepping out and witnessing Total Depravity with mine own eyes.

  16. 16 Sherri

    Don, sales tax is not paying taxes! If you’re illegal and working under the table, you don’t pay taxes. Furthermore, if American citizens can’t get loans or credit without practically being strip searched, why the hell should an illegal alien who has no business being here? You don’t reward people for breaking our laws! It’s attitudes like yours that make this problem what it is because you don’t seem to mind your country being stolen out from under you.

    Glad to see you back Marleen! Been awhile!

    Bank of America deserves to tank for this. It’s an outrage. But what do you expect? They are just another greedy corporation who’s only concern is money, and they don’t care how they make it. Whores!

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