The “Legal Observer” At The KFI AM640 Protest

Cute. The kind of girl you’d bring home to mother?

She’s a law student and a member of The National Lawyers Guild. Those of us in the Anti-Illegal Immigration Movement see these “Legal Observers” everywhere we go. She told me she was there to make sure no one’s 1st Amendment rights were violated. As soon as I told her I was familiar with the National Lawyers Guild her face dropped and she turned away from me. She wouldn’t answer any more of my questions.

During the cold war the NLG was considered a communist front group. Today they object to any form of security measure meant to deter terrorism on US soil in the wake of 9/11. The 2003 NLG convention featured guild member Lynne Stewart who was indicted for aiding the terrorist that bombed the World Trade Center in1993. Lynne Stewart toasted her heroes Lenin, Ho, and Mao in her keynote speech.

These legal observers defend the so-called rights of non-citizens and seek to destroy America. Encouraging illegal immigration and mass legal immigration of third world citizens that refuse to assimilate is another way for them to fracture the US.

Click here for photo’s, video clips, and a summary of the illegal alien protest at KFI AM60.

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  1. Max Wortington Says:

    I have video footage of the National Lawyers Guild marching with a anti minutemen in the baldwin park 2 incident…(trying to supress our constitutional ammendment to freely assemble) The NLG were literally under a huge street banner that said…get this…FIGHT CAPITALISIM. Buy a gun have a nice day.

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