We handed out a few DVD’s of this video to the local press.

A park in San Bernardino about one and a half miles from city hall was the starting point for the ?immigrant rights? march. This march and rally was organized by the brown supremacist Professor at U.C. Riverside, Armando Navarro.

The pre-rally for the march was to begin at 11:30 and the actual march was to commence at noon. I arrived at 11:10am and there were only about 60 people in the park. Some of them were kids just skateboarding and others were playing checkers. They had nothing to do with the march. Armando was scratching his beard and pacing around. Things weren?t looking good. Then three van loads of day laborers arrived from Pomona. Maybe 20 of them total. They bus them around to all the protests so I was expecting them. Shortly there after two large school buses arrived from Coachella which is about 78 miles away. There were maybe 125 people on the buses.

Since some of these Reconquistas would recognize me, I sat in my car until they started giving little speeches at the gazebo. Armando?s other half; some loud mouth woman who absolutely hates me was leading the whole thing. She wanted to see the hands of those who could speak English and then Spanish. Spanish won in a landslide so most of the speeches were done entirely in Spanish. I was being recognized in the crowd by some of Armando Navarro?s henchmen. Ms. Loud Mouth was talking frantically to a few other brown supremacists about me but in the end no one messed with me.

I shot some video of them once they started marching and then hopped in my car and headed over to city hall. I was going to march with them all the way to city hall but it was too damn hot and why bother when I can drive.

I drove near city hall and parked in the Bank of America parking lot. I was messing with my video stuff and accidentally locked my friggen keys in the car! My keys were sitting on the driver?s seat. I?d have to deal with that later. I walked to the corner where there were about 150 Americans with flags waving in the breeze. I said hello to all the people I know. Many I hadn?t seen since the Ramos and Compean rally in Hollywood last month.

Some Latino gang banger in a Raiders cap pulled up to the side of the street and started blaring his horn endlessly. He hung out his window and yelled profanities at us. He finally left after the female he was with finished her business at the ATM machine.

The Patriots were kept across the street from city hall. I wanted to be with the reconquistas during their rally so I snuck across the street. Naui, the pretend Indian, and his female friend Fugli Pocahontas ratted on me to the police so I had to leave. I ended up on the American side for the whole rally.

Then Armando Navarro and his illegal aliens marched up the street. That was probably the most fun of the rally. The confrontation! The police lined up between us and cops on horseback walked back and forth. Armando Navarro had about 400 people in his group but this newspaper article claims only 300.

At the same time in Hollywood, there was an anti-war march that had about 5,000 people. Why Armando Navarro picked this date for his march is beyond me. The Reconquistas really depend on the ANSWER Communists and anarchists to fill out their ranks. This was bad planning on his part. Weeks after they announced their rally date, they realized their error and suddenly changed their theme to an anti-war/immigrant rights march.

I was surprised at how many of their speakers actually talked about the war. Congressman Joe Baca spoke in English about the war and nothing else. Immigration reform wasn?t mentioned at all which is interesting since seventy five percent of his audience were most likely illegal aliens and couldn?t understand a word he said. I?m sure they would have loved to hear him in Spanish talk about how hard he was working to give them amnesty, but he didn?t do it. He didn?t say a single word.

Most of their speakers spoke in Spanish but they had a black rapper do a really weird rap with them. He would say ?I see a snake in the Bush sh sh sh and want them all to join in on the sh sh sh part. He did this over and over again and it was really lame. He wouldn?t have made it past the first audition of American Idol.

Some of our Patriots brought a Mexican flag to stomp on in front of them. This drove a few of the Reconquistas nuts. One guy was begging the police to arrest the stompers but they ignored him. Then Armando tried to rush across the street to rescue the flag. I didn?t get that on video because I was some distance away.

One Patriot was unhappy about the stomping because he felt it was offensive to the Hispanic Americans among us. Desecrating the Mexican flag is off limits in Minuteman organizations but this was a Save Our State rally. We?ve had long discussions about this subject on the Save Our State forum. Some are for it and some are against it but I?ve talked to many of our Hispanic Patriots and they, more than anyone, want to set fire to that buzzard rag!

Frank Jorge was excellent as usual on the Bullhorn. He never runs out of intelligent things to say. We had several bullhorns going and numerous air horns wrecking havoc on their rally. They?ve done it to us many times so it was kind of fun to do it to them. I think this was the very first time that Save Our State conducted a counter protest. One other thing I remember were these weirdo anti-war protestors on their knees praying for us. That is one of those golden goon moments on video that you have to see.

After the rally was over, ?Fair Bear? from Save Our State called AAA auto. They arrived in no time and opened my car door for me. Many thanks!

I’ll post some video tomorrow.

14 Responses to “Save Our State Counter Protests Armando Navarro in San Bernardino”

  1. 1 Faye

    “How come they’re coming to my home, invading my privacy, interfering with my freedom of speech…”

    Couldn’t be because he’s publishing La Voz and listing his location (LA) as Aztlan, or because he’s preaching anarchy, or because he’s involved with planned assassinations of our elected officials, could it?

    This is another example of THESE PEOPLE (I think that term is used as a vent of OUTRAGE rather than being a racial slur.)using our own laws against us. They take the law / right and push it over the limits and then wonder why we scream. Right to privacy was never intended to promote a safe haven to plan assassination. Freedom of speech was never intended to promote anarchy and sedition.

    Why isn’t his butt in jail?

  2. 2 Eddie B.

    Jeeeeezzzzzusss….. man, this guy is really dangerous.

    And this guy is not classified, picked up and tried for DOMESTIC TERRORISM?

    What’s this guy gotta do before he incites a full blown race riot. I guess we have forgotten what the US looked like after the Martin Luther King riots.

    For the younger folks who weren’t around I can tell you it wasn’t pretty. We are headed down the exact, same path.

  3. 3 mikeusmcsanchez

    Just shows how much dumb is comming over that border.Anyone can clearly see these communist are telling lies.Time for some kinda divine intervention where these types just dissapear.They bring harm to both opositions by a goal of conflict.And I believe their voice could be shut down simply by offering these people who have fled Mexico to arm them with some ordinance.And armed also march and die by their side all the way to Montezuma and give them that freedom.Thus we retain whats left of our freedom and silence those shouts of “racist”.It also serves as a cup(huevo) check.They shout they “want freedom”, well boys thats earned not given.Lets see them call an American that will die by their side for a free Mexico a racist.This is how we can turn this debate.

  4. 4 DfD

    On the Democratic Blogs, I love posting this statement:
    Armando Navarro For President!
    What’s the response? Deafening silence! The EXTREME LEFTISTS are hiding from this issue. The only ones advocating amnesty are OPEN BORDERS ZEALOTS like Ted Kennedy, Jorge Booooosh, Sam Brownback, Chuck Hagel, Lucille Roybal-Allard, and you know the rest! We are winning! Keep throwing punches!

  5. 5 Mary

    Notice the flags: little tiny token American flags, great big honking over-sized Mexican flags. They are so transparent — whom do they think they are fooling? Hey Armando, no one is fooled by your illegal alien buddies waving those little tiny token American flags. We know where your loyalty lies. Now go back to Mexico and get photographed pleding allegiance to your beloved flag with Fabian Nunez.

  6. 6 Zorro

    I’m so proud of the Save Our State people who turned out to counter protest. We need to keep this level of counter protesting up and increase the numbers because to not do so is to let them win.

    Screw these racist politicians. The “Baca Family” should be exported back to Mexico. They are Reconquistas and should never have been elected. I can only guess how many illegal aliens cast votes for these creeps.

    Time to turn the “hate speech” focus on THEM for a change. They are the ones preaching invasion and hate of white America not the Minutemen.

    Our country was FOUNDED by Minutemen and we will kick the asses of the invaders again and again and get our country back.


  7. 7 DfD

    Mexican Racist Fabien Nunez, wants to repeal TERM LIMITS in California! Time’s a runnin’ out on Fabien. Bye Bye.

  8. 8 Mary

    No problem DfD, when Anchor Baby Faby’s number is up, he can go down to Meheeco and run for President of the country he’s really loyal too. That will give him plenty of opportunities to salute the Mexican flag with tears in his eyes.

  9. 9 The Watchdog

    I think Fabian is planning a run for Governor. He may actually try it in 2010 when Villaraigosa runs. There could be a war between the Reconquistas.

  10. 10 Mary

    I suspect that Traitoraigosa is too dirty even for the California governorship. His MECHA connections WILL be examined. His gang ties WILL come out. His numerous traitorous statements about being loyal to Mexico over the US WILL come out. The way he treated his long-suffering wife (ditching her when she had cancer) and his affair with the bimbo in his office WILL come out. The fact that his father is a convicted child molester WILL come out.

    If Toilet Boy runs, I’ll contact every single “reporter” we have in this state and harass them every single day until they start reporting about Toilet Boy’s many embarassing “issues”.

  11. 11 Davey in Seattle


    These people really amaze me, they are still using the Americans are stupid trick! We see were their loyalty is by the little flags they carry. They are American until their rights are violated. They actually think they have rights and are that arrogant that they will get what they want.

    I was at a fast food place here in Seattle when this Illegal cut in front of the line. This Black man was in line and he said” What the f— is that all about” ? I just said it is in their culture to be arrogant and disrepectful because they are selfish! This started some conversation on what is happening this country. Terry Anderson’s name really gets to Blacks and makes them open up the the problems we face.

    I was at a Home Depot passing out flyers and I told this dumb-ass that the Illegals standing out on the sidewalk are taking American jobs. He said they aren’t taking are jobs. I just said, wait ten years. Well, there happened to be a few Black Americans out on the curb looking for work. I got these Black guys wearing stickers I printed on their hats. Uncle Sam says speak English or go home!

    I am still handing out flyers, and trying to educate people and I have been making good results. I was assaulted once but, it was really nothing. Some people are still pro-Bush and can’t except the fact he is a crook and a traitor!

    Watchdog, carry an extra key in your wallet it will save you some money on the locksmith! I carry an entry key becasue the key for the ignition is to big for my wallet! I learned that trick from an ex-car thief-repossessor!

    His name was Don Bledose and he lived in Sun Valley, CA

  12. 12 Davey in Seattle

    Is that word on the sign say Committee? Jes it does to Me!

    Wow another great scholar from Mexico! Lets waste some more money on the poor little Mexican kids who say their class rooms are crowded.

    Oprah keeps making excuses for the kids in school. If the rabbits were spayed and neutered there wouldn’t be over crowding.

  13. 13 Sandman

    Eddie, bloggers on this website are more likely to be put on a terroist watchlist than these racist pigs that openly promote revolution and race wars. Even more scarry is the fact that our Republican President is one of the biggest promoters of this insanity of all. Koolaid drinking Bush supporters, WAKE UP!

  14. 14 Vincent Narodnik

    Why isn?t his butt in jail?
    I am in no way joking or exaggerating when I say these people are The Chosen Race. Who picked them, I dont know. How can it be denied that these people are ABOVE THE LAW?
    They have also been made above criticism.
    They need to be brought crashingly down.

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