Police have found $206 million in cash tied to drug smugglers who imported chemicals used to make methamphetamines. The money was piled inside a mansion in a wealthy Mexico City neighborhood.

Mexico meth raid yields $205 million in U.S. cash
LA Times
March 17, 2007

Authorities say it’s the largest drug money haul in history and reflects a vast global trade.

MEXICO CITY ? Authorities confiscated more than $200 million in U.S. currency from methamphetamine producers in one of this city’s ritziest neighborhoods, they said Friday, calling it the largest drug cash seizure in history.

The seizure reflected the vast scope of an illegal drug trade linking Asia, Mexico and the United States, officials said. Two of the seven people arrested Thursday at a faux Mediterranean villa in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood were Chinese nationals.

The group was part of a larger drug-trafficking organization that imports ../__8220.css;precursor chemicals” from companies in India and China for processing into methamphetamine in Mexican ../__8220.css;super labs,” authorities said. The methamphetamine is eventually sold in the United States.

The raid resulted from an investigation that began in December, when authorities seized 19 tons of pseudoephedrine, a cold medicine that is a key ingredient in the production of methamphetamine, at a Mexican port on the Pacific Coast.

A legally registered Mexican company, listed by a trade association as the country’s third-largest importer of pseudoephedrine, was implicated, officials said.

Mexican drug-trafficking organizations have become increasingly important in the U.S. methamphetamine trade, because the U.S. has imposed tougher controls on the sale of the chemicals used to produce the highly addictive drug.

President Felipe Calderon hailed the seizure as a major development in his government’s war on drug traffickers, who have ravaged several Mexican cities and towns.

../__8220.css;We are working in a decisive manner to save our country and to keep Mexico safe and clean,” Calderon told an audience in Tijuana. ../__8220.css;I don’t even want to imagine how many young people this gang poisoned with its drugs. But I can assure you, they will do it no longer.”

Mexican officials said the cash seized was mostly in U.S. $100 bills and weighed at least 4,500 pounds.

../__8220.css;Kudos for the Mexicans,” said Donald C. Semesky, financial operations chief for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. ../__8220.css;They’re very serious in this effort, and we commend them.”…..

10 Responses to ../__8220.css;Mexico Meth Raid Yields $205 Million In U.S. Cash”

  1. 1 Ready2Fight

    I wonder if this money will be returned to it’s rightfull owners US? NOT
    This HUGE STACK of cash WILL end up in some MEXICAN account, in some
    warehouse just like all that CASH that was found in IRAQ it will just dissapear!!

  2. 2 Mary

    How could you be so heartless, criticizing Mexican drug cartels? They’re just trying to feed their famileeees. . .

  3. 3 Eddie B.

    I just litened to a report where DEA and the Border Patrol admit that if they catch drug smugglers with 500 lbs. or less of nacrotics they just let them go!

    You you know what five hundred pounds of pot looks like? It is huge!

    Everything is a fake today. Everything is a coin trick. Our Government is a complete fake.

    Everything is fake but the pure insidious greed. It is all about the money.

    I honestly believe we are witnessing the beginnings of the end times. What kind of legacy are we leaving for the next generations…

    Pretty soon we are all going to have to make some real hard choices. I sure do know what I am going to do though. And it ain’t ../__8220.css;with them”.

  4. 4 1Madmomma

    Of course that gets blamed on us too. If the US didn’t have a demand for it, this would stop. Well that street goes two ways. If our gov’t was sincere about stopping the flow of drugs, it would. The supply not there, the price skyrockets, and many addicts would get clean. It is a misconception that you have to hit rock bottom to get off. (FACT)! How is it our fault for all the ills of the world. In many cases it is our gov’ts fault. All of Americans are disliked because of Jorge, and we don’t like what he’s doing either. That song ( A Fool and his Money) just popped into my head, Hum, wonder why?

  5. 5 DfD

    Hey, this means Felipe just found his long lost relatives! Are we sure this is from meth sales or remittances from the US?

  6. 6 Mary

    This money was taken out of our children’s hides. It came from pushing poison down the throats of American children. It is blood money.

  7. 7 GuardDog

    I wonder how much of that money disappeared before that picture was taken. We all know how un-corrupt and innocent the Mexican police are right? With all that cash just piled there ready to be taken. How many millionaires were made before the cameras arrived? Hmmmmm…..

  8. 8 Vincent Narodnik

    If you ask me, I bet what you see in that photo is just a chunk they cut out of low man on the totem poles pile. Standard operating procedure for all of these cartels is to make a deal with Washington-we give them helicopters, guns, training, etc, then they ‘give’ us a trouble maker or new kid on the block who isnt following rules. All it does is cut the competition for the whales.
    Notice the timing of this.
    ../__8220.css;See, neighbor, we really ARE serious about fighting crime”(send more money)
    Dont tell me that the CIA isnt wise to this.
    Oh yeah-right, they were too busy reading our posts and tapping our phone lines.
    This thing just serves like a television comercial; mom and pop America will see the huge pile of cash and in thier innocent way think-”hey! they really caught the big one! I guess we can rest easy now. Amnesty isnt such a bad idea afterall! Its just a few bad apples!”
    I wish Mom and Pop America were not so naif, and so trusting that everyone on the planet were as dutiful and kindly as they.

  9. 9 Eddie B.

    The CIA is overseeing this Vincent.

    And the British MI-6 taught them how to do it starting with the heroin trade in China.

    This has been going on for a long time now.

  10. 10 1Madmomma

    This is all such a set-up. articles about them busting druggies, people sneaking into mexico from their southern border, etc. Segway into the SPP. WATCH!

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