27 Year Old Illegal Forges Documents, Enrolls In High School

Josue Ramirez-Mejia broke the law three years ago by entering the United States illegally. Once here, he found a day job, running a tiling business with his older brother. Then, a month ago, the Guatemalan embarked on a crime spree, forging his birth certificate, faking a high school transcript, even getting his sister to pose as his mother. He did all this to enroll as a student at Mitchell High School in Pasco County, Florida — a plan that worked surprisingly well until last week, when the contents of his lost wallet showed Ramirez-Mejia was in truth almost 30 years old.

If Ramirez-Mejia were suspected of being a predator, this story would be a chilling object lesson about children’s safety.

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One Response to “27 Year Old Illegal Forges Documents, Enrolls In High School”

  1. Max Says:

    Illegal aliens are like the ten most wanted criminals in America…they use fake names, fake SS#, fake birth certificate…or forged documents….Imagine 4 million ppl a year taking up this activity…thats whats happening…25 million are now doing it in America…when they can find one voice you will have to hide in a cave cause they are gonna come after you because you made them live like criminals with your laws…they will steal,rape and pillage and enjoy doing it. 30 million Hitlers.

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