Gone To The Border

I’ll be at the California-Mexican border all week with the Minutemen so I won’t be able to post.

Right now on the California border we have two groups of border watchers, the CA Minutemen and the Minutemen Corps of California. I believe the watchers from the Friends of the Border Patrol are now helping Tim Donnelly of the Minutemen Corps., if not then there could actually be three groups.

I seriously hope the anarchists and communists will show up to protest us. I enjoy their crybaby antics and they always make for entertaining video. I monitor their websites and it looks as though they don’t have anything planned. What’s up with that?

I’ll have lots of photo’s and video clips when I return!

See you soon…

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  1. Watchdog Says:

    Here’s a post from a Minutewoman named AnnieAlone the ALIpac forum.

    “One of our fellow NMMM actually helped save a mother and infant. The minutemen have a strict no contact policy, so he couldn’t touch her or let her in his vehicle, but he contacted border patrol and provided her with water. She thanked him for the help. You don’t hear those stories in the media however. All you hear is the MM described as racist, nazis, etc. I have to say it was the most empowering experience of my life. It made me even stronger in my convictions. And I was honored to stand next to each and every person there.”

    Here is a movie of the CA Minutemen giving aide to a migrant and his baby.

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