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Skip wrote:


I am in Knoxville, TN. I have information where about 30 possible illegal immigrant congregate at a specific time and location each week, and their number grows each week. I have called my local city government and police(they hung up on me), the county government and sheriff’s office, the governor’s office, the US representative’s office, both US senators’ offices, and the federal and local numbers of the USCIS. I have been on the phone for well over an hour total to no avail. I haven’t been able to report anything about the suspected illegals because everyone I’ve called keeps passing me to somewhere else or tell me that it isn’t their jurisdiction. Please help me with this issue, thank you.

Skip, what you are describing is happening all over America. Our federal government is refusing to enforce immigration laws and it goes all the way down to the local level. Non citizens can commit crimes and completely disregard our laws with few repercussions. We are becoming a lawless society.

You are doing all the right things. I suggest you become a participating member of the following organizations.

Numbers USA

Also, feel free to photograph and videotape locations where day laborers congregate and send them to me. It’s even better to videotape and photograph the individuals and companies that hire them. Follow them if you have to. Immigration Watchdog will be “outing” these individuals on the internet and mainstream media. We’ll have the ball rolling in a week or two. Unfortunately we cannot get our government to enforce workplace laws. All we can do is embarass and humiliate all of those who participate in illegal worplace activity. If we draw enough attention to the problem, maybe something will happen.

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  1. Ralph Says:

    “30 possible illegal immigrants”

    Again, we know why this chump suspects they’re illegal.

  2. mbdavies Says:

    Everyone please see Report any suspected illegal immigrants, fraud, and the employers on this site.

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