Allison E. Kuhnhardt, 17, killed by a drunk driving illegal alien.

pic 2
Tessa C. Tranchant, 16, killed by a drunk driving illegal alien.

pic 3
Alfredo Ramos, 22, an illegal alien driving drunk, rear-ended teenagers and best friends Allison Kuhnhardt and Tessa Tranchant, killing them. He was convicted in February on DUI charges from a previous arrest.

Suspect in accident that killed two teens convicted of DUI two months ago
April 1, 2007

Suspect in accident that killed two teens convicted of DUI two months ago

An illegal alien charged in connection with an acdcident that claimed the lives of two teenage girls was convicted of DUI two months ago in Chesapeake.

The accident occurred late Friday night when Alfredo Ramos crashed into the back of a vehicle at a red light. The rear-ending killed teenagers Allison Kuhnhardt and Tessa Tranchant.

10 On Your Side has learned that 22-year-old Alfredo Ramos was convicted in February on DUI charges from November 13, 2006.

The arresting officer commented in his report that Ramos “almost ran him down”.

He was given a 90 day suspended sentence, fined $250, had his drivers’ license suspended, and he ordered to participate in ASAP, an alcohol awareness program.

Court documents also revealed that Ramos didn’ t actually have a valid driver’s license (he was caught with a fake one), had paid a Florida company $200 dollars for a “Mexican ID”, and he blew a .14 BAC - almost twice the legal limit.

Also, 10 On Your Side has learned that law-enforcement officials in Chesapeake never informed Immigration and Customs Enforcement about Ramos’ residence status in the U.S. This contrasts with Virginia Beach, whose authorities notified ICE immediately after Ramos was arrested.

Ramos, who speaks no English, remains in jail with no bond……


Local policy let this illegal immigrant flout the law
The Virginian-Pilot
April 5, 2007

Spare me the moth-eaten maxim about illegal immigrants doing work “Americans won’t do.” I’m not in the mood.

For one thing, it’s not true. There isn’t any work Americans won’t do - if the pay is right.

And even those who subscribe to the Work-Americans-Won’t-Do theory know it doesn’t apply to restaurants. Plenty of Americans are happy to wait tables.

Which brings us to Alfredo Ramos, the 22-year-old waiter accused of killing two teenaged girls in Virginia Beach on Friday night.

Alison Kunhardt, 17, and Tessa Tranchant, 16, were sitting at a traffic light, police say, when a car driven by Ramos smashed into them. According to a story in The Pilot, Ramos’ brother said Ramos had been drinking and didn’t even remember the wreck.

One thing we know about Ramos is that he’s in the country illegally. He admitted to that in court. We also know that Ramos had several brushes with the law in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

Drunk in public. Driving under the influence.

It appears no effort was made to get him out of the country. In the aftermath of last weekend’s wreck, there’s been a sickening display of bureaucratic buck passing as officials try to tell us why Ramos was not sent back to Mexico.

It comes down to this: Local law enforcement can’t do a damn thing about illegal immigrants who commit small-time crimes, and the feds don’t because they’re overwhelmed.

Shoot, Virginia Beach police have been told not to ask suspects in misdemeanors about their immigration status, lest they violate the individual’s civil rights.

Memo to Police Chief Jacocks, Any time your guys need a translator to interview a suspect, feel free to ask whether the person is here legally. That’s not racial profiling; it’s common sense.

But even when local cops pick up illegal immigrants, the feds rarely step in. So Ramos got to live and work and break little laws.

Until Friday night.

Now two girls are gone. And Alfredo Ramos is in hot water.


This week, we learned that a 16-member task force is being formed by the Virginia State Crime Commission to study illegal immigration and crime. It could be more than a year before it issues a report.


Here’s a thought: Study the faces of Alison and Tessa.

Fix the laws, punish businesses that employ illegal immigrants and scrap the platitudes.

25 Responses to “Teen Best Friends Killed By Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Scumbag”

  1. 1 borderraven

    Scumbags like him don’t deserve to go to prison. I’d love to be there when they have a “momentary” slip in security while tranporting him, allowing him to “escape”. I could save the taxpayers a few hundred thousand dollars.


  2. 2 Jimmy

    The macho culture toasts two more Americans.

    Two more girls gone. Two men deprived of sweet wives.

    Thanks Bush, kennedy, pelosi, etc. Your good hearted folk strike again.

    I hate politicians. Only fit for fertilizer.

  3. 3 Jimmy

    I wonder if the 2 bush girls had been killed, if our decider would change his thinking?

    I wonder also how long it will take before the accursed mexican consulate gets into the act
    of defending this piece of crap. Opps, they probably already are on the case.

    F mexico.

  4. 4 Johnny

    all I can say is that this just makes me sick!I am on fire now boiling inside!

  5. 5 Ready2Fight

    Your right, Had these poor girls lived, the mexican consulate would have
    sued them for getting this SCUMBAGS way, and our courts would have found a way to help them win.

    Our Gov. SUX.

    WE need to dump the “BUCKET” and get some ROPE (I have mine)

  6. 6 Neese

    How does the OBL feel about this??

  7. 7 Vincent Narodnik

    Please see the (horrible) article below about population decline among US and how “our only hope is with “immigrants” (such as Alfredo Ramos?)
    See those two victims.
    They would have been fine mothers to some children.
    Now what?
    Remember that AIDS quilt they did a while back?
    It would be great if someone would make a giant photo montage of all the murder, rape, assualt victims of raza and post it in a way we could just send it to congress with a simple message attached, like>>>Look at these faces. Their blood is on your hands

  8. 8 Sandman

    I keep reading stories about how these illegal drunk drivers have prior arrests for DWI, assault etc. I know that if I got a DWI, my licence would be yanked, I may be in jail, and would be paying the price for decades. What am I missing here? Illegals really are above the law and it is not PC to even talk about it!

  9. 9 George(formerly-Ed)

    Those two girls so very young to have their lives taken by this murdering scum.How does Bush & the others sleep at night or look in to their mirrors.As I said just a couple of days ago I have a 17 year old daughter & if any thing like this happens to her there will be one hell of a lot of these invaders that will be sorry.Also why in the hell does Va need a year long study that’s all these politicians know is study the hell out of this or that untill the masses cool down & for get about it.These murders are on the heads of all pro Illegals.especialy Bush & his cabinet.I still think that these politician that are supose to be on our side have more than enough evidence to hang Bush & gang so are they with Bush & just playing good guy bad guy in order to keep us thinking we have a chance to win back our country.Action speaks louder than words. So where’s the ACTION????????

  10. 10 Eddie B.

    “convicted of DUI two months ago”… “Ramos didn?t actually have a valid driver?s license (he was caught with a fake one), had paid a Florida company $200 dollars for a ?Mexican ID?, and he blew a .14 BAC - almost twice the legal limit.”

    Okay… I’ll bite. So what excatly does this POS have to do to get some jail time? I mean really… how bad do these invaders have to get to become a prisoner?

    Just look at this guy… friggin’ dull normal.

  11. 11 Faye

    Eddie B.

    “Just look at this guy? friggin? dull normal.”

    That’s called “drunk.” Also looks like he got popped in the upper lip by something. I sincerely hope it was a policeman’s elbow.

  12. 12 Angel

    O’Reilly interviewed the father and sister of one of the victims last night. What a tragedy! Things do happen for a reason. I don’t want you to wait on this one to figure it out. Get boiling mad!

  13. 13 Angel

    Go to www.grassfire.org

    Check out the leaked out version of the immigration reform bill. Remember when I said to stay alert? Things will be happening very quickly.

  14. 14 Minutewoman

    When I look at those two angelic faces my heart just aches. All the years of love and caring that created those two young lives… The weddings that won’t take place, and beautiful American babies that won’t be born…

    Then I look at the bloated, bloodshot, ignorant face of that drunken Mexican and it makes me sick.

    It’s as though the girls represent America and he represents all the illegal aliens that are here to destroy us. And right now they are winning! Evil is winning! When are we going to stand up on our hind feet and fight for our children and grandchildren–and the ones who are being killed by illegal aliens before they are even born!

    Yes, we need to stand on the border. We need hundreds of thousands of Americans standing on the border so they can’t call us just a small bunch of wild-eyed kooks. Join the Minutemen and stand up.

  15. 15 Anna

    You should have seen O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera go at it tonight on this. I thought they were actually going to break out into a rough and tumble fist fight. It will be repeated. A must-watch!

  16. 16 DfD

    More American families……………………………RIPPED APART!!!

    The O’Reilly and Geraldo thing was good! I saw it too! Hey Dog, post that segment of them argueing. Definitely worth sending it out to everybody!

  17. 17 Minutewoman

    Hi Faye: Imagine, you slam head-on into another car and kill two people, smash your face into your steering wheel, and all you get is a fat lip! Sometimes I wonder what God is thinking.

  18. 18 Johnny

    Minutewoman: “Hi Faye: Imagine, you slam head-on into another car and kill two people, smash your face into your steering wheel, and all you get is a fat lip! Sometimes I wonder what God is thinking. ”

    God had nothing to do with this, it was Satan.

  19. 19 GuardDog

    DFD, I watched O’Reilly tonight and he was ON FIRE. I never saw them get so upset at one another. It was thrilling and unsettling at the same time. If I can I will post that segment. I can’t believe Geraldo pulled the race card.

    Minutewoman, I watched an interview with the brother of one of the girls that died. He had to identity the body. He said she looked absolutley normal. The illegal alien hit them from behind so hard, the impact just snapped her neck.

  20. 20 DfD

    I’m making progress on some Extreme Left-wing Democratic blogs. The scourge of the ILLEGAL ALIEN CRISIS is hitting home a little bit. Especially since the filmaker and his son were killed in Malibu by an illegal alien drunk driver. Another American family RIPPED APART through no fault of their own!

  21. 21 Faye

    My thoughts exactly, Johnny.

    MW, yeah, it was probably the steering wheel but it makes me feel better to imagine a policeman’s elbow.

    Geraldo’s argument was that we drew the illegal aliens here and he lumps them in with all drunk drivers and said the Americans have more rapists and murders than the illegal aliens. That is a lame, ignorant, leftist viewpoint and one I find totally exasperating since they will control your life down to no cigarettes, no trans fats, seat belts, but they refuse to reduce the number of American deaths by illegal aliens. They’ll fight cancer, AIDS, heart disease but they want us all to embrace an illegal alien screaming he’s going to kick us out of our country or kill us.

    Mindboggling, as Lou says.

  22. 22 Faye

    Kate already has a flyer made up for them.


  23. 23 Johnny

    Piss on Geraldo! Geraldo is an idiot and will always be an idiot!

    O’Reilly was correct, it is about the illegal immigrant who should have been deported the first time he was arrested for drunken driving.

    Just think of how many more lives would have been spared if all of these illegal immigrants were not here.

    What Geraldo does not understand about a legal citizen who drinks and drives compared to a “illegal immigrant” is that the illegal immigrant is an invador and our enemy. The goverment’s job is to protect us from foreign invasion. If the government, including the mayor of Vigina Beach were doing their jobs and not giving illegal immigrants sanctuary to reside in the United States, the lives of these young girls could have been spared.

    That is why I say Geraldo is an idiot and will always be and idiot!

  24. 24 legal_immigrant

    1. Geraldo claims that the crime rate for ‘illegal immigrants’ (more correctly known as illegal aliens) is lower than that of citizens… well I got some words for ya Geraldo… the crime rate for illegal aliens should be zero (zip, nada) because they should not be in our country to begin with.
    2. And as for illegal aliens paying taxes… horsesh*t… they aren’t paying enough to cover the number of illegal kids I see in my daughters’ schools. Illegal aliens are a net loss on society.
    3. Kick the scum out.

  25. 25 edlind12

    If you would like to see why drunk driving will continue in the United States click on my web site. It is my opinion and it is based on fact. I really have researched this now for over a year. Read everything and everyone is invited. Please leave me your thoughts in comment and do not forget to sign my guest book.
    Thank You

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