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There is an article on illegal immigration in the October ‘05 issue of Hispanic Magazine. It’s poorly written crap. The article titled “Border Justice” ends with a quote from Enrique Morones saying how he videotaped the CA Minutemen and he saw Confederate flags and swastikas. What a fucking liar. Let’s see the videotape Enrique. Prove it.

I do like this picture of Jim Chase yelling at a protester. I’ve never read a story yet that pointed out how these protesters are anarchists and communists. They call us racists and they print it in every story but they never mention who these protesters are. They are such a fringe element. They want a world without borders, without laws, without government. Who in the hell relates to that? They label EVERYTHING as racism and fascism.

“Big Bird” on the fence.

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  1. Ralph Says:

    I think Sofia should have stayed with her old hair style.

  2. Watchdog Says:

    I’ve only seen her in that movie “Chasing Papi” and I thought she was very funny as well as friggin HOT! I was searching all over the internet for pictures of her after that. She was maybe 10 lbs heavier in that movie and it went to all the right places, if you know what I mean.

    She should be a huge star.

  3. Ralph Says:

    She already is a huge star. She’s been a huge star for over a decade.

  4. Watchdog Says:

    She hasn’t been in a big movie yet though. She’s not A-list.


  5. Ralph Says:

    FYI: There’s a new invention. It’s called televison.

  6. Watchdog Says:

    Yeah, I’m not really hip to what’s on the tube.

    Ironically, I work in broadcasting so I have monitors blaring 25 different programs at me all day. It’s in my face but I don’t really get to watch it. The last thing I do is come home and turn on the TV.

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