50 Per Cent American

How can we cultivate in immigrants an emotional attachment to America? How does the spread of dual citizenship complicate the process of strengthening American national identity?

At a time when Congress and the administration are considering proposals to amnesty million of illegal aliens, launch huge new “temporary” worker programs, and increase legal immigration, these questions are more important than ever.

A new book addresses just these issues: The 50% American: Immigration and National Identity in an Age of Terror, by Stanley Renshon, a political psychologist at the City University of New York. Renshon describes the topic of his book (from Georgetown University Press) this way:

Trying to reconcile two different nationalities, cultures, and psychologies is no easy matter. Yet that is precisely what tens of millions of Americans must now attempt to do. The subject of this book is whether that reconciliation is possible and, if it is, how we may assist immigrants while keeping the needs of the American national community in view.

The Center for Immigration Studies has a paper adapted from the book on their website.

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