Mexican Consulate Tries To Outgun Sheriff

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When you think of small town sheriffs you have to feel sort of comfortable with the notion that in each and every small town that dots the landscape of America there is a law enforcement officer is standing between you and the law breakers. You should feel a sense of security that these officers of the law are patrolling your city and country streets looking out for any and all law breakers, but…that may be changing if the Mexican Consulate in Detroit has its way. You see, the official in the Mexican Consulate believes that Sheriff Beck should look the other way when it comes to identifying and arresting illegal aliens that happen to be passing through his town.

What the official is pushing Sheriff Beck to do is ignore the fact that when anyone is pulled over by a law enforcement officer, he or she must produce identification. If someone is here illegally, the document he produces will identify him as such. Our law enforcement officials have been increasingly put at risk as well with the adoption of Sanctuary City status in cities across America whereby law enforcement officials cannot stop and detain illegal immigrant suspects whom they strongly believe may be illegal alien criminal suspects in these so-called Sanctuary cities.

The fact that this official from the Mexican Consulate sees fit to interfere in local, state, or federal law enforcement actions clearly demonstrates that the Mexican arm of government believes it has the legal right to step in and openly interfere with our legal system of justice.

The Mexican Consulate letter warned him about profiling Mexican immigrants and insinuating that he is targeting Mexican nationals because his officers stretch the legal boundaries in openly requesting Mexicans for their immigration documents as they wait to be picked up by their prospective employers. The letter said Sheriff Beck’s officers’ actions are borderline racially motivated — probably because he has had some degree to success in apprehending illegal aliens who are sometimes called “undocumented workers.” Please. Same thing! If it’s illegal to be in this country without proper permission, which is obtained through proper documentation, then crossing the border and living anywhere in the United States without proper documentation is illegal.

Illegal is something that Sheriff Dan Beck of Lima, Ohio doesn’t cotton to.

So it appears that the consulate officials did not quite understand the type of law enforcement official Sheriff Beck truly is. In speaking with Sheriff Beck, He reminded me that this type of irreverent disregard for the sanctity of our nation’s laws and law enforcement officials just rubbed him the wrong way. Sheriff Beck is being asked to look the other way but he felt that perhaps there was a great deal more to this than met the eye.

“I decided to make this not only a higher priority, but to also make certain that my officers understood that the oath we have taken was to protect and serve the residents who are under our protection,” declared Sheriff Beck.

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