Hispanic Children Read English Poorly.

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California has been unable to raise students’ reading scores from near the bottom nationally despite a decade of trying, including overhauling the way children are taught to read.

The 2005 results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, released Wednesday, show that California’s fourth-graders scored an average of 207 out of 500 points on a reading test last spring — tying for next-to-last place with students in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico and falling well below the national average of 217. Only fourth-graders in Mississippi and Washington, D.C., scored lower.

California has the nation’s highest proportion of English learners, which can bring reading scores down. About one in every four California students is an English learner. The highest scorers in the country — Vermont and New Hampshire among the fourth-graders, and Massachusetts among eighth-graders — have relatively few students learning the language.

3 Responses to “Hispanic Children Read English Poorly.”

  1. Ralph Says:

    I understand that they also read Mandarin even worse than they read English. Duh

  2. Watchdog Says:

    Learning English is important if the children of ILLEGAL ALIENS are ever to rise up from poverty. Unfortunately, Hispanic children drop out of High School at a much higher rate than AMERICAN blacks, whites, and asians. Hispanic teenage girls become pregant at a rate that is twice the national average.

    Do you see a proble here, Ralph?

  3. Max Says:

    Eventually being American will be illegal.

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