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SAN DIEGO —- Walking down a dirt path leading into the remains of migrant camps near Rancho Penasquitos, Jorge Bustamante, 69, said Monday morning he had seen the same conditions more than 20 years ago.

“I’ve seen this before,” said Bustamante, a human rights monitor with the United Nations. “These are precarious living conditions for any human being and it shows how vulnerable migrants are.”

Bustamante, a sociologist who has studied migration for decades, is a special rapporteur, or investigator, with the U.N. office of the High Commission on Human Rights. His job is to monitor human rights conditions all around the world.

With the U.S. government’s permission, Bustamante began a fact-finding tour Monday of migrant rights along the border with Mexico. He began in San Diego.

When the investigation is complete, Bustamante said he will write a report outlining his findings and present it to the general assembly in Geneva.

During his three-week investigation, Bustamante is scheduled to visit the border at California, Arizona and Texas.

In Rancho Penasquitos, Bustamante visited the site of migrant camps that were removed earlier this year by the City of San Diego city officials. The city acted after neighbors and anti-illegal immigrant activists, including the San Diego Minutemen, criticized the camps.

Bustamante said he first visited the camps in the 1980s with Roberto Martinez, who was then San Diego director of the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker human rights organization. The area he visited Monday had only debris as evidence of the makeshift shacks that once sheltered workers.

Immigrant and civil rights groups, such as the American Friends Service Committee and the American Civil Liberties Union, met with Bustamante to coordinate his visit, including the trip to the migrant camps. He said he will not meet with anti-illegal immigration groups, but he will meet with government agencies in charge of immigration enforcement.

During his visit to the former campsites, Bustamante said he was especially concerned by recent immigrant raids carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at work sites and at homes.

A small group of representatives from organizations that protect migrant rights guided the walking tour. Jose Gonzalez, a North County advocate for Oaxacan immigrants, said razing the shanties had only driven homeless workers deeper into hiding.

A longtime critic of Mexican and United States policy towards migrant workers, Bustamante served as president of El Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana, a Mexican border research center. He is now a professor of sociology at the University of Notre Dame.

In 2006, the Mexican Congress nominated Bustamante for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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5 Responses to “U.N Tours McGonigle Canyon Migrant Encampment Site”

  1. 1 1Madmomma

    WTF! We already know if he’s with the people this article states, we know what will be said. The tears are rolling down my face already. The UN is nothing but a joke. Bustamante needs to go visit Mr. Calderon, and ask why he is not doing for his own people instead of encouraging them to move North. SHAMEFUL!

  2. 2 Eddie B.

    The UN is the most coorupt entity on the planet. These are the greedy puppets of the Globalists who have engineered this entire fiasco.

    These are the pigs who setting up “bio-protection zones” so we don’t “hurt the planet” and get it set aside through a treaty. Ten years later after everybody forgets they sell the land to Cinza to build the NAFTA super freeway. UNbelievable.

    Soemthing horrible will come out of this. Nothing fits their scheme for total control better than this. You can take that to the bank… whoops… sorry. They already have.


  3. 3 Zorro

    “A small group of representatives from organizations that protect migrant rights guided the walking tour. Jose Gonzalez, a North County advocate for Oaxacan immigrants, said razing the shanties had only driven homeless workers deeper into hiding.”

    MIGRANT RIGHTS??? What kind of BULL SHIT is that? They are illegal alien invaders and they DON’T HAVE RIGHTS. Tell them to take their sob story to the government of Mexico who WILLINGLY EXPORTS THEIR OWN PEOPLE RATHER THAN TAKE CARE OF THEM!

    How about driving the “migrants” back home - comprende? Mexico is a real good hiding place from US INS.

  4. 4 The Watchdog

    There are no migrants in the camp. There is nothing to look at. The camp is gone thanks to me and the San Diego Minutemen. Is the U.N. unhappy to see that there are no migrants living in squalor?

    Actually, there are a handful of migrants there. I was touring the area myself last week. I’m going to see to it that those tomatoes rot in the fields this year.

    Leslie Farms will have to hire legal workers and provide housing for them. They are not going to hire them illegally and treat them like dogs.

    After their work is done in the fields. They will be sent home.

  5. 5 TexasPatriot

    Mr U.N., Bustamante was just here in Austin touring a detention center for ILLEGAL immigrants that I.C.E. spent alot of money on to clean and buy nice toys and computers and beds and curtains, etc. to house the ILLEGAL families together until they can be deported! They are getting 3 good meals a day, free medical care, free education and all of the doors on the inside are not locked just the doors to the outside, but nooooo they are complaining they are being so mistreated! Oh, boo hoo hoo! Its a million times better than any stinking, filthy Mexican jail! I’m sure this Bustamante guy will have a real unbiased opinion about it, right?!?


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