Farmers Branch, Texas Victory Speeches - May 12, 2007

68% vs. 32%. Eat that Open Borders Lunatics.

11 Responses to “Video: Farmers Branch Victory”

  1. 1 mississippian

    A great day for America, indeed. I hope the reconquistas keep showing their true colors by trying to play the race card.

  2. 2 Sandman

    The local news yesterday covered this story but, as we normally expect, the views on this victory came mostly from the invaders. One female invader compared these local laws to pre-civil rights laws in the past, saying that we are going back to the days when Blacks had to ride in the back of the bus. The news report did not show any opinions from the other side of the story.
    If more cities in America would act like Hazelton or Farmers Branch, the ACLU and their co-conspirators would be overwhelmed with cases and could not tackle the movement, unless of course the Ford Foundation and Raza opens up their wallets to the tune of millions of $$$. This story is far from over, stay tuned.

  3. 3 Matthew

    We are talking about “ILLEGAL” issues here not race. The mexican groups are offended because their people are the ones who are being brought into the lime light as the vast majority of the free loading “illegals” who are the subject of the issue. They all have egg on their faces and by filing frivolous law suites they are trying to save face and avoid the real issue which is the illegality of them being here.

    Why have we never ever heard of one of these mexican invader groups come out and admit that indeed they are the majority of the criminal illegals here in the U.S and that they in fact steal social services, steal Americans identity’s, don’t pay taxes even equal to what they steal in welfare, that yes they do not assimilate….?

    By even suggesting that illegal immigration enforcement “is only the federal governments responsibility” is completely assinine! That is like saying that drug dealers are only the D.E.A’ responsibility and that drug dealers have rights against search, seizure and prosecution from local law enforcement.

    The thing to do now is for all the other towns across America to implement the same exact laws that FB did and then lets just see how far we can stretch laraza’s ability and bank in the hundreds or thousands of law suites they could NEVER pursue because of the sheer numbers of towns who would just overwhelm them and break their piggy bank.

  4. 4 George(formerly-Ed)

    Matthew: No I think that if all of the would have to be a little bit deferent than the others because if they were the same if they won one of them they would cover all of them.

  5. 5 1Madmomma

    It is amazing how they manipulate our laws. In California, its legal to use medical marijuna, but because it is not legal federally,all law seems to bust people on federal charges. I personally would rather deal with a high American, then a drunk illegal mexican.


    Yay Hazleton! And to the illegal alien lover who said “it wasn’t Hazelton’s job, it was “federal”, well boo hoo, (if Federal ain’t doing it, then somebody has to) and if she doesn’t like it, too bad.

    Hey, even better, she can put the illegals up in her own house and pay all their bills, medical, schooling, etc.

  7. 7 Jimmy

    Hurray for Farmers Branch. I guess they don’t want to become another Grand Prarie TX.

    Going to Grand Prarie this weekend for mothers day on my wifes side was hideous, to say
    the least. I had to go get ice in a formerly American grocery store, now mexican.

    I felt like I was in mexico. Got plenty of looks, translated as : why are you here gringo?

    Didn’t get any service, and what I got was surely.

    Finally left and got the ice at a automated machine I found in the parking lot.
    The signs were mostly in spanish, which I know enough to get semi-by.

    Felt like I was in an alien country.

    Told my in-laws, I didn’t know how they could live here. They are old and poor, and have
    been there for a long time. (no mexicans when they 1st came)

    They said it is getting worse and worse.

    Farmers Branch used to be a nice town, back in the 70’s. Then the south of the border
    crowd, started to show up. Mostly it is a shadow of what it was. Also, most of it’s industry
    is gone now. Due to less than kind treatment of business by the Farmers Branch government
    fools, way back then. And China, I am sure caused a lot of business to die.

    But mainly, government in all it’s foolish guises, was the root cause of the decline of FB.

    Maybe some new blood, with brains, has finally figured out: that you can’t deal with these
    colonists. It’s either going to be Joe America or Pedro the mexican.

    Grand Prarie is gone. I pray Farmers Branch will keep on fighting and WIN against these
    professional cow-birds. It’s either win or die for FB. And FB is just a microcosm of all the
    rest of what used to be a fine country, until Teddy got elected by the fools in Mass.

    So I feel, kind of glad, but yet kind of sad. Seeing old Grand Prarie was just about a total

    Thanks potentates of dc. I just wish you bastards were the ones who had to live with them.
    You are the ones who really deserve it.

    If any judge, reverses this vote, he should be……… well you know.

    Judges do not even comprehend the real world, of what they have done to us.
    Judges gave us abortion. Abortion killed our young. Mexicans replaced us.

    I don’t give a damn if any one calls me racist anymore. I have had it. I want them GONE.
    And I want the politicians and lawyers GONE, who gave them, this power over us.

    Is that too much to ask? I want America back, I am tired of mexico.


  8. 8 Jimmy

    Oh, by the way. When I was in that aweful store, it struck me strange 2 things.

    1. the check out girl, fat middle aged mexican girl, did not “know” what a bag of ice was.
    Why is she here, then? I think she knew, any fool would know that basic thing.
    ” A bag of ice please?” And she claimed she didn’t know.

    2. An armed guard (mexican of course) was closely eyeballing everyone. I guess the
    mexican owners of the store, do not overly trust their countrymen. So much for the
    faked “family values” of the dc fools, el presidente included.

    I wish you could have been there. It sure wasn’t “Kansas” anymore.

    They looked at me, in the most strange manner. mexicans are the real racists in this country now. Family values is a myth, told to keep us quiet about this LETHAL invasion and take-over.

    Yep, we are loosing our country one mexican at a time.

    Eisenhower, we need you. Come back. The insane have taken control of our “government”.

    Step 1. Overturn abortion.
    Step 2. Deport now.

    Step 3. If the above are not done, be ready the revolution will come. It’s in their hearts.
    They mean business, and it’s just a matter of time.

    For the “race” everything, outside of the “race” nothing.

    Man, are they honest, or what?

    End of rants for today.

    I wish I lived in America again.

  9. 9 Zorro

    I’m SO sick and tired of hearing that illegal immigration is NOT the responsibility of the local governments. It is their RIGHT to enforce ALL laws including Federal laws. We are not going to let the INACTION and WILLFUL disregard of illegal immigration laws by our lousy Federal Government to stop us from doing something in ALL of our cities and states - well except Florida and California - rest in peace…

    They want to push the “responsibility” off on the Federal government but guess what - this country was founded on STATE SOVEREIGNTY and it’s ABOUT DAMN TIME we start taking BACK a lot of our governing FROM the Federal government and placed it back with the STATES.

    From : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P.....ted_States

    The primary political unit of the United States after the federal union is the state. Technically and legally, states are not “divisions” created from the United States, but units that compose the US, because the United States and the several states that constitute it operate with a system of parallel sovereignty.

    According to numerous decisions of the United States Supreme Court, the several states and the United States (that is, the federal state which is coextensive with the 50 several states and the District of Columbia) are sovereign jurisdictions. The sovereignty of the United States is strictly limited to the terms of the United States Constitution, whereas the sovereignty of each individual state is unlimited, except in two respects: 1.

    The sovereignty and powers that each state has transferred to the United States via the United States Constitution, and 2. The provisions of its own constitution, which usually (but not always) sets certain parameters for the exercise of the state’s sovereignty.


    The relationship between the state and national governments is rather complex, because of the country’s federal system. Under United States law, states are considered sovereign entities, meaning that the power of the states is considered to come directly from the people within the states rather than from the federal government. The federal government of the United States was created when sovereign states delegated some of their sovereignty to one central government. The sovereignty they delegated, however, was not complete. The logical extension of this delegation is that the federal government enjoys limited sovereignty, and the states retain whatever sovereignty they never delegated to the federal government. Federal law overrides state law in the areas in which the federal government is empowered to act, but the powers of the federal government are subject to the limited sovereignty delegated by the Constitution of the United States. (The Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution declares that the powers not delegated to the federal government are retained by the states, but this arguably is mere truism.)

    And now this!

    From http://www.theconservativevoic.....16389.html

    Proponents of sanctuary policies claim illegal immigration is a federal problem, and that local law enforcement agencies do not have the authority or resources to enforce immigration laws. However, as Judicial Watch recently learned from newly released government documents, both of these claims are patently false.

    According to records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the 1996 Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) ?authorized the Secretary of Homeland Security to enter into a written agreement to delegate the authority of enforcing federal immigration laws to a state or political sub-division of a state.? (Emphasis added.) Moreover, through Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), local law enforcement officers can receive immigration enforcement training ? called 287(g) cross designation training. The cost for the five-week program is a very reasonable $520 per officer.

  10. 10 illinoisgringo

    Hello, first post here. That woman is full of it. Of course she would say that only the Federal govt. has the authority to do something about it. Because she knows the feds won’t do a friggin’ thing about it, and her ‘people’ can keep doing what they’re doing! They’re just PO’d that whites are actually standing up for themselves.

    And Guarddog; obviosuly I’m from Illinois, and it’s pretty bad here too. The Carpentersville fiasco for one thing. Lots of Mexican strongholds here like Elgin, Cicero, Stone Park, etc. Keep an eye on Aurora and Berwyn. They are areas that are half white, half Latino, and Aurora just passed a law banning flag waving from automobiles!

  11. 11 GuardDog

    Welcome illinoisgringo. Glad to have you on board.

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