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Introduction of the Private Immigration Relief Legislation of 2007
Congressman Bobby Rush
May 3, 2007

Washington D.C. —-

Madame Speaker, today I rise to introduce a private immigration relief bill for several Chicagoans who remain in daily jeopardy because they seek a path to citizenship in the United States.

Over the past few years, I have met with several residents in my community and heard detailed accounts of abuse by the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

I was told stories of children being ripped from the arms of their parents by immigration enforcement officers toting machine guns and aiming their weapons at family members.

I was told stories of mothers who had lived in the United States for years, bore children, paid taxes and owned a homes?but still faced deportation because they hadn?t met all the standards required for citizenship in our country.

There were numerous stories of immigrants who were being sponsored by their sick and ailing family members?mothers, husbands, children and babies; who were thrown off the path towards citizenship because of tragic illnesses resulting in death.

Madame Speaker, we all understand the debate on illegal immigration strikes considerable emotion and debate; however, my legislation today is in support of average people who were trying to do the right thing.

Every name on this private bill: Elvira Arellano, Juan Carlos Arreguin, Martín Guerrero Barrios, Maria I. Benítez, Francisco J. Castro, Jaime Cruz, Martha Dávalos, Herminio Dávalos, Adan Disifredo Delvalle, Angel Espinosa, Verónica Lopez, Francisca Lino, Maria A. Martín, Juan Jose Mesa, Maria Natividad Loza, Blanca E. Nolte, Domenico Papaianni, Romina Perea, Juan Jose Rangel Sr., Dayron S. Rios Arenas, Araceli Zepeda, Doris Oneida Ulloa and Bladimir I. Caballero, Arnulfo Alfaro, Consuelo and Juan Manuel Castellanos, Eliseo Pulido, Gilberto Romero, Maria Liliana Rua-Saenz, Tomas F. Martinez-Garcia, Flor Crisostomo; Fatuma Karuma, Stanislaw Rychtarczyk, Slobodan Radanovich, Agustin Sanchez-Dominguez, are victims of circumstance.

They all want a chance to stay with their families in the United States, make an honest living and pursue the American dream. I call on my colleagues to support this legislation and the immediate consideration of immigrant visas, adjustments of status for permanent residence, and practical paths towards citizenship for the above immigrants.

Thank you Madame Speaker, I yield back the balance of my time.

15 Responses to “Rep. Bobby Rush Seeks "Relief" For Elvira Arellano and 35 More Invaders”

  1. 1 George(formerly-Ed)

    Rep Bonny rush is a traitor to this country & his fellow American/blacks.

    Hey Watchdog what ever happened to those good guys in AZ the ones that told off the city council,you need to keep us informed ,Also carpntersvile,bullhead citie and all of the other cities involved.

  2. 2 George(formerly-Ed)

    Rep bobby Rush

  3. 3 Johnny

    Mr. Rush,

    if we granted amnesty to these illegal scums you are hispandering to , would you be willing to take them into your home, cloth and feed them. Or better yet how about letting the government take a huge chunk of taxes out of your paycheck and give it to these illegals so that they can get free healthcare, free public education, free food and housing etc etc.
    Unless you are willing to give these people a little bit of your money then I suggest you shut the F up and quit pandering to these invaders!

  4. 4 Eddie B.

    Man. I need my bucket….


  5. 5 Matthew

    Amen to that Johnny!

    I called the guys office and left a message for him through his male secretary. I let him know that I am a victim of identity theft and our bank account breached at the hands of an illegal alien and that i wanted an apology from him personally because he ignores the victims of these illegal aliens and excuses their illegal activity. This guy doesn’t even live among the criminals he makes excuses for therefor why not get in on all of the PC for a few more illegal votes. This sorry ass excuse for a human being shall not be considered an American.

  6. 6 1Madmomma

    I’ll play Madam Speaker. NO FRIGGEN WAY! Get your tickets home, purchased by midnight, or we’ll be yanking you away from your beer bottle, and kicking you back home.

  7. 7 jo

    let’s all sent copies of elvira’s lying, thieving, arse to madame speaker peloise. the copies of her crimes are in our archives here on this site. let’s move on this pronto! include a short note expressing your feelings concerning the political interpertation of laws that are going on today. that illegal foreign lawbreakers seem to be excused from respecting and honoring our laws. the exemption of illegals must cease immediately. sugest she immediately send ICE to apprehend and deport the above named criminal ( copy and paste names). let her know you and other concerned amer. citizens have been following closely this case and ask why ICE’s hands have been tied and by whom.

  8. 8 jo

    we all belong to other groups, please pass along!

  9. 9 Brad

    Those guys in AZ are doing OK. Roy Warden one of the guys addressing the Tucson City Council was also the guy arrested for burning a Mexican flag. He is currently suing the City of Tucson. The lawsuit seeks “redress for the negligent and intentional deprivation of the Plaintiff?s constitutional rights ? to speech, press, petition and assembly under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.” I have the article posted here:

  10. 10 BEADALONG

    I guess I’ll have to call, snail mail or contact my own politicians.

    Since I live in CA, the email won’t work for me because I’m not in his “District.”

    This is another thing that makes me mad. When these politicians set forth actions that could affect the entire U.S.; then I feel I should have the perfect right to contact him, etc whether it be email, etc.

    When I emailed Obama and Hillary, I ran into the same thing. Here they are running for Prez, and yet, they seem unavailable (unless I guess I call or snail mail).

  11. 11 Illini Sky

    Is this surprising to anyone who knows Illinois (oops, I mean Chicago) politics? Dick Durbin, Barack Obama, Luis Gutierrez and more all hail from Chicago and are spreading the destruction of Illinois across the nation.

    You should see some of the bills that the current Illinois General Assembly have passed and those they are yet working on! All for the benefit of illegals!!! And where do most of these lawmakers come from that have sponsored these bills? Yep, Chicago!!!

    HB1100 - driver’s certificates for illegals
    SB1455 - student loans for illegals
    SB1446 - learn English initiative
    SB0018 - immigrant services reform
    HB1743 - human rights documents
    HB1744 - workplace privacy

    And heaven only knows how many more are out there that I haven’t found yet!!!

  12. 12 BEADALONG

    Hm, sounds as bad as CA, Illini Sky.

  13. 13 Sovereign

    This story needs to go far and wide.

    Every possible chance to get this out to every American would be of great benefit to the Pro America cause.

    This is a Politicians screw up that most Americans will be very angry about.

  14. 14 Farmingville

    Well I wrote to my Senators and Congress person about this legislation that I’m against helping these criminals inside our country!!!

  15. 15 Mary

    It’s a mystery to me why any white, black or yellow politician would pander to la raza. They think they are buying la raza’s support but la raza will get rid of them for their “own kind” in a heartbeat and will do so the minute they have the power.

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