“She was crying in the cell; we couldn’t stop her,” he said. “She thought we were going to turn her over to immigration. … We’ve tried that in the past; it hasn’t been very successful.” She was not reported to federal immigration authorities.”

DePaula is due in Yonkers City Court on May 30.

Think she will show up? GuardDog

Undocumented Yonkers woman charged with DWI on Saw Mill
New York News
May 14, 2007

YONKERS - A 45-year-old undocumented cleaning woman from Brazil was arrested overnight on drunken driving charges, police said.

Odete DePaula of 136 Webster Ave., Yonkers, was spotted driving erratically on the northbound Saw Mill River Parkway near Yonkers Avenue at 1 a.m. today, police said. She is charged with two counts of driving while intoxicated - one misdemeanor, one felony due to a 2006 conviction for the same charge - as well as driving on a suspended or revoked license, a misdemeanor, and making an unsafe lane change, a violation.

After her car was stopped by Officer Kenneth Mignone, DePaula failed a field sobriety test and later blew a .15 - almost twice the legal blood alcohol level limit - on the breathalyzer, said Lt. Michael Palumbo.

“She pulled the car over and was stuffing crackers in her mouth apparently,” he said. “She said she had had a couple of beers at a friend’s home in Mount Vernon.”

DePaula was distraught while waiting in the police station for her friends to pick her up, Palumbo said.

“She was crying in the cell; we couldn’t stop her,” he said. “She thought we were going to turn her over to immigration. … We’ve tried that in the past; it hasn’t been very successful.” She was not reported to federal immigration authorities.

DePaula is due in Yonkers City Court on May 30.

12 Responses to “Illegal Alien Charged With DUI, Then Let Go.”

  1. 1 mississippian

    I guess if you’re ever in police custody, the trick is to cry and complain about ICE, and they let you go! Ridiculous. Will this madness ever stop?

  2. 2 Durango24k

    Good thing the cop didnt ask her to whistle dixie backwards with all those crackers in her mouth for the drunk test!

  3. 3 Eddie B.

    No speakee English. Que? No… si no cervasas. Buhhwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Choke, sob.


  4. 4 Johnny

    How much do you want to bet that this illegal human castaway will end up getting drunk behind the wheel again and this time kill someone?

  5. 5 Farmingville

    This is a daily occurrence where I live!!! But its never in the news (News12 or Newsday) when they kill our family and friends, but if its a positive news story about these illegals its front page news!!!

  6. 6 Blondee

    Its disgusting the way Illegals have such priviledge. Paris followers wanted to make sure she was not getting celebrity favoritisim and had to pay the price like everyone else (JOKE), what about illegal favoritism where are these gaurdian enforcers of law and society. It makes me sick the way the Media keeps turning the other cheek on this whole issue there mission everyday is to supress any and all info about illegals to the public!

  7. 7 George(formerly-Ed)

    Hey Blondee. your post rings so true you should send it to bill O’Riely & Lou Dobbs.mAYBE THEY WILL READ IT ON AIR.

  8. 8 George(formerly-Ed)

    Paris Hilton must pay the price but illegal aliens dont have to.Hey her address is posted some good patriots should go over and slit all of her tires so she cant kill any one.

  9. 9 jo

    this parkway is one of the worse in the country. a friend of mine was caught in a road check and something was wrong with her registration and/or insurance. she was not drinking and was dresed very elegantly in her silk and pearls. they pushed her against the car and made her spread, then handcuffed her hands behind her and put her in the police car off to jail and impounded her car. she called me crying late at night to come and bail her out. i went immediately, the jail ( highway patrol)being a real distance, and bailed her out. on the way back, i hit a deer and jacked up my car. this road is BAD.
    that illegal, probably got her car out of impound the next day and she sure as hell won’t be reporting in. probably her papers are false, so a new set will be no problem. job, probably got a new one the same week. hell yeah, she will be driving drunk again. i am sure she is really pissed about the “inconvience”

  10. 10 jo

    my friend was in the wrong but this middleaged woman should not have been treated so roughly. she did not try to resist or disrespect the police.

  11. 11 George(formerly-Ed)

    There should be a law that every illegal latino be required to have armstrangle tires on there cars.

    Armstrangle tires grip the road they stop on a dime
    saving the American but throwing the driver through
    the front window and splattered on the road.

  12. 12 George(formerly-Ed)

    Juanita Killamerican
    Pronounced (wananeedta)

    Beer the brew that joe’s bar has on tap with golden brass & snowy cap the foamy stuff they drink all day until their mind & memory melts away.Poems are made of fools I fear but only illegal Latinos can make it kill.

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