I should send them a Goons Gone Wild DVD for training purposes.

New (Communist) Media

Everything was going well at the May 5 “Nonviolence Workshop for Activists” at Oceanside’s San Luis Rey Mission, that is, until after lunch when the “Minutemen” showed up to harass the participants, many of whom were Latino students. The intervention took place along an archway outside the mission’s dining room.

It was all too real: three young white guys and a blonde woman, just the kind of people you might expect at a Minuteman rally. The woman kept waving an American flag at an exit sign, saying: “It’s time to go, illegals. It’s time to go back to Mexico.” One of the white guys was pretty obnoxious, too. His sign read: “America is for Americans, not for Illegals!”

The catch was that these were not real Minutemen “anti-inmigrantes,” but actors recruited to play the part of the super patriots. Only the conferees didn’t know that and were thrown off guard. A Chicana, outraged at the picket sign, stared down the “Minuteman” and said forcefully, “America is not a country, it’s a continent!”

More harsh words were exchanged, and when a male student grabbed the picket sign and tore it in half, the “Minuteman” had his moment of glory. “Look how violent they are,” he said, smugly. “They ought to be thrown in jail for this.”

The incident was later unpacked at the workshop. Feelings ran deep. The anger subsided, and a few tears were brushed away. The actors were introduced and the students assessed their reactions. Under the circumstances, a few had not done very well, especially since they had just viewed the documentary “A Force More Powerful” showing how African American students desegregated lunch counters in Nashville, Tenn in the 1960s.

During those sit-ins, local toughs had initially beaten the students while the cops watched from the sidelines. Nobody fought back physically, but in the end, the sit-ins continued and a boycott of local businesses brought the city to its knees. Segregation was defeated.

“Nonviolence works,” said workshop leader Erik Olson Fernandez, who works for a San Diego school employees union. “But it requires discipline, training, suffering and, above all, lots of organizing.” Olson, who has participated in several community organizing campaigns in San Diego, was trained by the Rev. James Lawson, one of Martin Luther King’s senior aides.

At the Oceanside workshop, Olson Fernandez outlined Dr. King’s principles of nonviolent social change and steps to achieve it. Among them is King’s insistence that nonviolence seeks to defeat evil, not people, and that “nonviolent love does not sink to the level of the hater.”

Several activists wrestled with these concepts, having faced lewd comments, provocations and verbal insults from the Minutemen at day labor sites and rallies in recent months. “Getting down to their level of racism is not the way to handle it,” said Cal State San Marcos student Yolanda Rios. “Listening to the words of Martin Luther King has helped me a great deal. It’s about organizing yourself first, then others.”

After the talks and films at Mission San Luis Rey, the participants broke into small groups to discuss Dr. King’s six principles of nonviolence, reporting their conclusions back to the plenary sessions. “The whole conference was well executed and professionally planned,” said Ellyn Herr, a high school teacher. “The key to nonviolence is organizing. This experience gives me courage and motivation. I really want to take a stand.”

As the conference concluded, a young Jesuit seminary student from Minnesota was seen entering the Mission chapel for a moment of prayer. It was he who portrayed the “Minuteman” at the lunchtime confrontation. Asked how he felt, he responded, “I really feel exhausted. It takes a lot of energy to hate.”

16 Responses to “Brown Supremacists Undergo Nonviolence Training”

  1. 1 Farmingville

    Now if they can teach them not to use there middle fingers, cursing, and dressing like bandits I think they’ll complete there “training”!!!
    Also I like that they have to point out race in all there commie news prints and the Minuteman are of all races, colors, and creeds! Again slapping that race deck on the table and make AMERICANS look like the enemy!!!

  2. 2 Jimmy

    “Nonviolence works,”

    If that were true, why haven’t we the people won against la raza, yet?

    We have been non violent in the extreme to these invaders. We have felt sorry for them.
    We have helped them. We have done everything for them. Yet they hate us, and don’t any
    one tell me they don’t. I know they do.

    We have lost, so far, because of the very nonviolent nature we display.

    They see this as weakness.

    Our “government” has not helped at all, or very minimally, in protecting us from this alien
    and clashing civilization which is engulfing us. No help from the professional politicians.

    I believe that all it would take to eject all the unwanted foreigners of all strips from our
    blessed land, would be honest, good, American leadership and know-how.

    It’s time for a change, and I don’t mean a democrat.

    The ‘real’ people, who are forced to pay the bills are slowly waking up.

    It’s about damn time.


    I could rave on, but you get the point.

    Begone. This is an English country. Spanish clashes and will never assimilate
    It’s either us or them, and I vote for us.

    And I don’t give a crap if that’s racist or not.
    PC is no longer welcome in our America.

    Rant over.


    Agreed Farmingville and Jimmy.

    Also, if anyone wants pictures from the San Jose, CA area,

    there’s 2 sites:
    1. SiliconValleydebug.com (that showed pictures of the Mexican Flags raised high and the U.S. flags upside down) …and our own Vice Mayor, Dave Cortese was with them on MAY DAY.
    2. www.el-observador.com. This serves Northern CA.

  4. 4 Minutewoman

    In all my time demonstrating and marching with the Minutemen, I have never, ever heard a Minuteman or SOS member, or anyone else on our side for that matter, say or do anything “lewd.” I have certainly seen it coming from the razas though, and in front of their own children to boot!

    What really bothers me about this report is that the “training” was held at the Mission San Luis Rey, which is not a museum, but a working Catholic church with thousands of members. It’s time for that church to lose its tax-exempt status. And the San Diego teacher’s union? Does the San Diego school district require its teachers to join, and if so, do they receive any taxpayer funds? If so, they should be sued. And that stupid teacher who is so “inspired” to go back and teach her students to hate America–I would like a chance to be a guest speaker, with videos of my own, in her classroom.

    We’re not racist; we’re just mad as hell!!

  5. 5 Jimmy

    “We’re not racist; we’re just mad as hell!!”

    Damn straight.

  6. 6 Minutewoman

    Oh, and another thing. Anti-illegal immigration activists like the Minutemen and SOS have been completely non-violent from the very start, with NO SPECIAL TRAINING AT ALL!! In Baldwin Park a couple of weeks ago, I was standing with two high-level Minutemen representatives and we were chanting and singing and holding up our signs while the goons across the street were spewing their venom. At one point, a female goon got so worked up from yelling and flipping the bird that she lost her balance and fell off the curb into the gutter. One must admit that it does sound kind of funny, and some people on our side did start to laugh and deride her. Immediately, the Minutemen rep broke ranks, and faced us and yelled, “No!! It’s not funny when someone gets hurt! We don’t operate that way!” That is the closest I have seen anyone in our group come to being “hateful”. On the other hand, some speakers on our side are not afraid to speak the truth to the other sides’ lies, and the goons can’t stand that, so they call it “hate” speech.

  7. 7 Farmingville

    Well said Minutewoman!!! The Catholic church…or any church that aids and abets these illegal criminals should lose all there tax-exempt status! As for the San Diego school district I saw the youtube video of the children chanting Mexico!!! Thats disgusting is this America???
    Whats with these rallies where they not only fly our flag upside down but under a Mexican flag!?!?!?!??!?!?!

    And since when is it racist to be Patriotic for America and its laws???

    “We’re not racist; we’re just mad as hell!!”

    And yes DAMN RIGHT!!!

  8. 8 Son of the founding fathers

    In my neck of the woods, the monterey penninsula, there are mexican flags right underneath old glory EVERYWHERE!!!! No california bear flag, just old glory and the Mexican flag. This is especially seen at the taco joints of which there are many. People just don’t seem to give a damn. In the fields where crews are picking the crops….mexican flags. On the anntenne of cars….mexican flags. It sickens me. I have come to a point where I don’t care if I’m called a racist. When I speak out against our government for not upholding the law….I’m a racist. When I speak out that our local hospitals are overflowing 24/7 and I can’t even get health care that my tax dollars pay for….I’m a racist. When I say to the Taqueria owner that I would like it if he takes the Mexican flag down…..I’m a racist. When I say that ILLEGAL immigrants need to be deported NOW to the farthest southern reaches of Mexico…..I’m a racist. When I ask the person at the Burger King drive through window to speak more slowly and clearly…….I’m a racist. I’m sick of this crap!! so….I guess I’m a racist……Pleased to meet you!

  9. 9 Son of the founding fathers

    It’s the Aztec blood I’m telling you!!! The more I read about the Aztec history, the more I’m sure of it. No amount of non-violence training will subdue them. Ever hear the saying “hot blooded latino”? I beleive their history and their “Ancestors” that they are so proud of preceeds them. I posted links on another blog spot in this site about the latino/aztec history. Opened my eyes to a coupl a different angles on the people as a whole. Check it out…..I’ll see If I can find my post……

  10. 10 Eddie B.

    “actors recruited to play the part of the super patriots”

    Whoa, I thought they were talking about the White House and Congress for a second…


  11. 11 Minutewoman

    One of the “actors” was some mealy-mouthed seminarian, probably from that congregation. He had to go pray because he felt he had sullied his pure little soul, and being “hateful” was so exhausting. Can you say “self-righteous” kiddies? What a little pr*ck. Now I could use the bucket, Eddie.

  12. 12 George(formerly-Ed)

    all of the racist calling by them is right out of the communist manifesto.
    another one is promise them any thing give them nothing.those teachers should be fired.where are the people on our side to sue these hate mongers.if they can use the law so can we.

  13. 13 BEADALONG

    SonofFoundingFathers: If you’re in the Monterey Peninsula, do you have this free paper that’s on the streets that’s called: El Observador? They’re all over the place in San Jose.

    It’s a free paper.

    Also, in San Jose, we have this UGLY (looks like a dog dropping) QUEZTLCOATL statue at Plaza de Cesar Chavez park off 1st Street.

    There’s also a Mexican-American center and it does include the Aztecs.

    A Mexican Flag is also flying in the downtown S’Jose area.

    There is also this web site called: Silicon Valley Debug.org. (Debug might sound odd-but that’s the lingo when checking for computer problems or viruses).

    On this website: They showed San Jose Vice Mayor (Dave Cortese) in a picture with this guy, but this was at a MAY DAY March-starting at the King/Story Road area which is now a big area for illegal aliens as well as Alum Rock/White Road.

    There were also pictures of Mexican Flags & the U.S. flags turned upside down.

  14. 14 BEADALONG

    Oh yes, the churches must lose their tax-exempt status along with some foundations & non profits & any charter school should lose its taxes as well that promote this stuff.

  15. 15 Son of the founding fathers

    I have seen the papers. There are many such papers in my area, esspecially in my home town of Salinas….or Silly-ness as we call it. It’s a mess down here…..most of the city council, law enforcement, labor force….etc. are hispanic. It is fast becoming a 2 class system here. The growers and shippers of produce….and everybody else most of which are hispanic.

    We have many illegals….and of course the daily 20-30 “poor hardworking folks just looking for a day’s work” at the home depot.

  16. 16 BEADALONG

    Yes, SonoftheFoundingFathers, I bet Salinas is a mess as is San Jose.

    Oh those papers, I starting looking at them when walking by Denny’s after the 2006 marches, that’s when I started trying to learn Spanish (I’m not great at it, but I’m learning).

    I can definitely see San Jose changing too (actually it has been for a while). I have nothing against Hispanics (I married one), but when we have this relentless take-over by illegal aliens and the pandering to Mexico, that’s my objection….And when we have 2 sets of rules, 1 for us and the other for them, no way.

    I think Balkanization is already on its way also. Now the Vietnamese want a Vietnam Town in San Jose. So, let’s see, we have the Mexican section, we have the Vietnamese section, who knows what else?

    I thought the U.S. goal was supposed to be a melting pot, but it looks like Balkinazation is on its way and we’re being split up again and (yea initially if you’re unfamiliar with the land, language and people, there are the enclaves), but then as people learn the language, etc, then they start fitting in better.

    This doesn’t seem to be the case now.

    HOME DEPOT: That place just makes me angry. (So does OSH on King Road).

    What gauls me is this: At airports, they make passengers go all through all these hoops (take off your shoes, inspect everything, some places have virtual strip search machines)—yet nobody seems to give a damn who these people are. (Particularly ICE/Chertoff-Homeland Stupidity).

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