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Border watchers doing an outstanding job

The North County Times continues to belittle the efforts of the patriotic Americans and concerned citizens who volunteer their days and weeks to help guard California’s borders (Re: ”Measuring border watch group’s success,“ Oct. 9).

I have witnessed firsthand that these border-watching groups have helped the Border Patrol shut down entire two- to four-mile stretches of dangerous border to illegal drug and alien traffic for days at a time.

Minutemen have had no physical contact with anyone from Mexico, except for assisting a sick baby at the border in Jacumba on Sept. 12. (watch movie) Border Patrol agents and supervisors, as well as most of the residents of the border towns, now welcome the Minuteman presence as they know it greatly reduces the rampant illegal activity in those areas. The Minutemen are proving that America can have secure borders if our government develops the will to put more Border Patrol agents on the border with better equipment.

Accusing the Minutemen of merely seeking media attention amounts to tabloid journalism at best. They are there under hostile conditions to assist the severely undermanned U.S. Border Patrol first and foremost.



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  1. Ralph Says:

    Actually, the main objective of the Minutemen IS to bring the issue of our unsecured border into public light (i.e. media attention).

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