Hispanic Racism Rears its Ugly Head in US Congress

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After reading a newspaper column headlined: Survey reviews Hispanic hiring, Rep. Joe Baca Sr. [D-Rialto, CA] leads task force to ensure corporate America reflects its [Hispanic and Latino] communities, several thoughts came to mind. Information in the article reveals that U.S. House of Representative’s Baca has launched a quest to gain ‘proportional equivalence’ for Hispanics and Latinos in corporate America’s hierarchy and board rooms.

According to Mr. Baca . . . Part of our responsibility is to make sure that [when] we look at corporate America, that its face looks like the way America looks like, . . . As we see the diversity and the changes throughout our country, you see more Latinos and Latinas in our community [many of whom are here illegally]. And we’d like to see corporate America be reflective of that community.(1)

As for the Hispanic Caucus’ corporate survey, it was particularly disturbing to read about its intended evaluation goals and targeted issues, as follows: “The survey is expected to evaluate Hispanic representation on corporate boards and among management; review employment and promotion practices; measure procurement between corporations and Hispanic-owned businesses; and look at whether these corporations are giving to Hispanic-related philanthropic efforts.”(1)

You will notice, that all of the discovery and evaluation emphasis is based upon the belief and expectation that if or because you are Hispanic or Latino you are some how entitled to be elevated to the upper echelons of corporate America, become recipients of their philanthropy and/or entitled to special considerations. Such a quest is based upon a false and egregious premise. It is especially obnoxious for Hispanics to expect to leverage their ‘numbers’ to apply some sort of ‘clout’ in light of the fact that the available pool of Hispanic and Latino employees includes 18 - 20 million Hispanics who are illegal aliens, very poorly educated and speak only Spanish here in an English speaking nation.

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  1. dianeloeffler Says:

    Unfortunately and tragically, corporate America does not need Mr. Baca to shove his precious Mexicans up the corporate ladder. It has already happened.

    Our once sovereign nation is falling all over itself in the rush to capture the hearts and pocketbooks of these cultureless creatures. Domino’s Pizza, for one, is owned by Mexicans and every major corporation is courting them.

    Bush has done his share….two Mexicans in top cabinet positions.

    We are witnessing the final gasp of American sovereignty. A country that is bilingual cannot survive as a viable nation. Just look around you….everywhere you go…..the banks. the supermarkets, the retail stores, the restaurats, MacDonald’s…..they all are printing their signs in Spanish (usually at the top) and in English (usually at the bottom.

    The Mexican mayor in Los Angeles conducts his press conferences in English and Spanish.

    As a native Californian, I am appalled, saddened, angry, and I just want to stomp on these jumping beans.

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