Since the MCDC forum has banned all discussion of Simcox and his financial dealings, there is a new website where the fired volunteers tell their story.

SV Herald

Bisbee — A man who mortgaged his home in order to help the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps build border fencing on private land in Cochise County is suing the group and its president, Chris Simcox, for fraud and breach of contract.

In a complaint filed May 22 in Maricopa County Superior Court, Jim Campbell, a retired homebuilder and Air Force veteran from Fountain Hills, accused Simcox and the MCDC of falsely promising to build a multi-layered Israeli-style security barrier on the Palominas ranch of John and Jack Ladd.

Campbell alleges that, after hearing the MCDC publicize the plan in April 2006, he had three telephone conversations with Peter Kunz, project manager for the effort, in which Kunz promised the Israeli-style barrier would be built along 10 miles of the Ladd ranch.

Encouraged by the plan, Campbell says he took out a loan on his home and donated $100,000 to the project on May 22, 2006, with the stipulation that it be used to purchase steel tubing for the Ladds? fence. However, by the May 27, 2006, groundbreaking, the Ladds had rejected the double-layered, 14-foot barrier in favor of a traditional range fence. ?To date, MCDC has not constructed any ?Israeli-style? border fencing on the property where the groundbreaking ceremony took place, in breach of agreement between it and Campbell,? the complaint states.

Campbell says he asked for his donation back, but Simcox told him the money would be used to build an Israeli-style barrier along 9/10 mile of Richard Hodges? border-front ranch in Bisbee Junction.

Instead, Campbell alleges, the money was diverted to other MCDC projects and affiliated groups, while work on Hodges? fence languished.

Campbell is asking for a total of $1,220,845 in damages and reimbursements from Simcox, the MCDC and Kunz. His suit also names Diener Consultants, a Chicago-based fund-raising organization that has played a central role in the fence-building campaign, and the MCDC-affiliated Declaration Alliance, a Virginia-based charity founded by conservative activist Alan Keyes.

14 Responses to “Man Sues MCDC Over Border Fence”

  1. 1 Brad

    This maybe the end for Simcox. This ongoing scam has angered a lot of good and decent patriotic Americans. If you have been following this at all, you know the fence scam first hit the MSM about this time last year. Glenn Spencer of American Patrol had been questioning the money usage/fence building from the very beginning. The Simcox MCDC organization which is separate from the Gilchrist MMP was still soliciting funds for building an Israeli type fence even after the Ladd ranch fiasco. The American Patrol, the Border Guardians and some of the MCDC chapters have been documenting the misuse of funds and lack of fence building for some time.

    When I first posted about this at WHG, there was some anger by a few in the anti illegal movement, that the story should have been repressed or covered up. All supposedly for the good of the movement. As I said then, there are enough crooks in government and business, we don’t need any in our movement. This along with the recent purge of top MCDC leaders may mark the end for the MCDC. I would advise against donating money to this organization.

  2. 2 The Watchdog

    I can’t believe the guy mortgaged his home and gave Simcox 100,000 dollars. Stupid.

  3. 3 petit bourgeois

    These groups are imploding (Gilchrist, Simcox, etc.) because they are run by dictators obsessed with self-interest. The membership has no say in how the organization is run. No group can survive under those conditions.

    I see SOS has started a political correctness campaign and stalinistic purge of some of the veteran members.

    What’s your take on this Watchdog? Which side of the purge are you on? Turner and Chelene, or everyone else?

  4. 4 The Watchdog

    Gilchrist is a good guy as far as I know, but I never viewed him as a leader or anything. He never organized rally’s or protests. He would just show up and talk to reporters.

    I’ve met Simcox a few times but I don’t really know him. He’s a good spokesman, that’s about all I can say.

    I’m trying to stay out of the SOS drama. There have been a lot of things going on over there that I don’t know about and I’d like to keep it that way. You probably know more about it than I do.

    I think Joe, Don and Chelene are all fantastic. I trust Don’s judgement better than my own in most cases but I would ban members that pick fights with others. They let things go on and on. There are a few people that I would get rid of over there.

  5. 5 dolph

    Watchdog said “I can?t believe the guy mortgaged his home and gave Simcox 100,000 dollars. Stupid.” ‘

    True. But who are we supposed to believe??? The Minuteman Project has always held my highest interest. I am now going to lay low and watch things as I arm myself to the highest degree.

    What a plan, eh? You should all do the same.

  6. 6 petit bourgeois

    I read Joe Turner last night and he said “I am the law” in the context of his organization, which shows how much value he places on the individuals who make up his organization.

    Similarly, Chelene told me “I am SOS” a few weeks ago. We used to be pals until her ego got the better of her. I don’t see these people as being very educated, mature or rational. Seems like childish emotions run very high over there.

    Don Silva banned me last year (for no apparent reason), but he seems to be a decent guy–only after I showed up to help them shut down a DLC. Too bad he is leaving.

    Frankly, I’ve come to view that sort of behavior as problematic for the immigration reform movement. Simcox is a proven fraud, and Gilchrist tried to run his organization akin to something democratic, only to be screwed by the people he trusted. Now SOS is banning people over stupid shit when we need all the warm bodies we can get. There were only six of us at machado last week, and the LAPD was firmly in the pockets of the mexicans preventing us from entering public property. No support from Mr. Turner there–they were too busy flag waving in Hollyweird while the mexicans are taking territory with the help of the LAPD.

    I’m just wondering why these people squander the goodwill of the American public and implode from infighting. All of it distracts from the cause. I’m not much of a follower and I have nothing invested in any of these organizations, because I have been at this for 9 years now. I’m old school. But some real leadership would be a breath a fresh air to harness the popular outrage at the coup d’etat our electeds are trying to pull.

    The LAPD is more like a military junta being controlled by the mexican government, and Joe Turner is calling his senator about a bill that will never make it through the house. It’s a complete waste of time when you understand that our elected house members will suffer dearly at the hands of voters if such an amnesty goes through–which it never will. Not only is congress wasting its time and energy, so are the people opposing it.

    I want to see the amnesty go through, so we can burn down the houses of government and replace them with a new one; instead of our electeds replacing their constituency with a new one. I want to see more tyranny and the inevitable revolution that will follow. The worse it gets, the more the populace will be inclined to start lynching these treasonous government officials. We never seem to learn from history like the founding fathers understood all too well.

    Peace, comrades.

  7. 7 The Watchdog

    DOLPH - What is stupid to me is that the guy gave money that he didn’t even have. He mortgaged his home for the money. You should never give money you don’t even have to strangers.

    PETIT - That immigration reform bill is the destruction of the United States. It is designed to be the final nail in our coffin. 103 million people plus the 30 million invaders already here in just 20 years. There is no stopping the NAU at that point.

    You want a revolution but you won’t even know who to fight. It’ll be anarchy until they impose martial law and big brother watches over us with an iron fist. If you want that so bad, you can travel abroad and find it.

    Chelene doesn’t have that kind of ego. She’s an emotional person but she wants the best for this country and she doesn’t take herself that seriously. I think you misunderstood her but you have a right to your opinion. I wasn’t there. Anyway, I want to stay out of these internal struggles.

    I think very highly of Joe, Don, Heather and Chelene.

  8. 8 Digger

    From what I know of Joe and Chelene they seem decent to me. Joe in particular seems caught in the middle of some egos or something and I believe is doing his best.

    Revolution sounds cool… until it happens.

  9. 9 Brad

    My last post got lost in cyberspace. The server went bunko when I posted this morn.

    i just caught this:

    Minuteman meltdown, Simcox under fire

    By Linda Bentley
    Sonoran News

    SCOTTSDALE ? With Congress on the brink of passing the biggest amnesty bill ever along with HR 1999, which would allocate $5 million in 2008 and $10 million per year thereafter to the National Council of La Raza to help promote their racist agenda, could things get any worse? They can if you?re Chris Simcox, president and founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC).
    MCDC state directors and national leaders tried to meet with Simcox to address issues and concerns they claimed remained unresolved.
    In a letter to Simcox, dated May 8, Bob Wright, New Mexico State Director, and directors from across the country, cited financial accountability as a major concern, as well as Simcox?s sole and complete control over the organization?s finances, operations, new chapter development, leadership placement, media and public relations.
    They requested an update on the status of MCDC?s 501 (c) (3) application, and wanted to know what MCDC?s relationship was with Denier, Declaration Alliance, Alan Keyes, MCDC PAC, MCDC Fence, and any other organization with which MCDC has agreements.
    Wright concluded, ?We firmly believe in the organization we have all built and do not want to see it become fractured. This is our effort to keep MCDC whole and make it possible for future growth. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our ideas.? Simcox notified the directors the meeting was unauthorized, and under no circumstances was it sanctioned or approved by the MCDC, Inc,? and said the Board of Directors of MCDC had never authorized a ?State Leadership Committee,? stating, ?[T]his shadowy entity and any business or actions proposed by it violate the organizational chain of command ?? Although he said they have the right to freely assemble, Simcox said his letter served as notice to those on the cc list of Wright?s letter that Wright, Bob Thompson, Stacey O?Connell and Bill Irwin were ?terminated for cause as volunteers and volunteer leaders ?? adding, if others decided to attend the unsanctioned meeting, they too would be terminated.
    Simcox told Sonoran News there were members who egregiously violated procedures and the organization?s bylaws, but said some of those who were terminated had been reinstated.
    Wright then sent a resolution, passed by 13 national/state directors, to Simcox on May 21, stating their call for a meeting was offered in good faith with the goal of resolving important issues, while ?minimizing turmoil within the organization.? They said Simcox?s response threatened ?the very existence of the organization at a time in our nation?s history when it is vital for all citizens to work to secure our borders and prevent amnesty.? Citing lost confidence his ability to lead MCDC, they moved that Simcox ?reinstate the unjustly terminated Minutemen, immediately?? They gave him until May 24 to schedule a meeting to discuss and resolve the stated issues and said if Simcox failed to respond by May 25, 2007 it would result in the ?entire matter being turned over to the national media for their investigation.? On May 25, Thompson sent out an E-mail to Oklahoma volunteers that said, ?In a recent meeting ? 65 percent of the national leaders and state directors voted they have lost confidence in Chris Simcox?s ability to lead MCDC.? He asked volunteers to carefully read all the documents so they would understand and know the truth, pointing out, ?There was never any attempt to take over MCDC or discredit any of its members.? Two days later, an E-mail from Pat Dietrick and her husband was distributed to volunteers in Arizona.
    Dietrick wrote, ?[W]e are dumfounded as to what is going on. As we entered church last night, we were left speechless by a church member asking us, ?What?s going on with the Minutemen and stealing money??? saying they heard it on the Barry Young Show.
    Dietrick said that was no surprise as Young has been saying that for years. Although invited to appear on the show, Dietrick doesn?t believe Simcox has ever appeared to prove him wrong.
    ?We also feel like fools,? said Dietrick, ?Both of us worked in the office two days a week, eight hours a day ? until last October ? We taught all the new volunteers and ran the office when the manager was gone.
    ?When we returned from vacation, we were told we were only responsible for shredding.? That meant no more E-mailing, no more data entry of new members, no more vetting, etc.
    Dietrick said they were told ?the New Jersey representative had stolen away members or did something grievous to MCDC.? Having been active participants in all the border operations, the Dietricks wondered why they were suddenly being treated that way.
    They were told ?NOBODY was trusted any more.? ?We left after a few months of shredding,? said Dietrick, adding, ?Now I wonder what all we were shredding!? O?Connell, who is running for Phoenix City Council, District 3, was stunned by what was going on and said, ?That?s no way to treat volunteers.? Simcox said, ?There?s always someone not satisfied because we?re not buying them batteries for their flashlight,? and stated things like that are not unusual in an organization of such magnitude.
    A year ago, Jim Campbell, a retired builder and war veteran, mortgaged his home to donate $100,000 toward the Minuteman Fence Project.
    Campbell believes the money is going to other expenses and organizations, other than the fence and doesn?t believe the fence, as sold to the public, was being built.
    On May 22, Campbell filed a complaint in Maricopa County Superior Court against Simcox, Diener Consulting and others alleging fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract and rescission of contract.
    Simcox hadn?t yet seen the complaint but said, as does Campbell?s complaint, ?Campbell purchased some of the materials on his own, which are down at the border.? Simcox also said those materials caused them to have to change the design somewhat.
    Then on Sunday, while attempting to register the domain name,, for her new film, Mercedes Maharis, who produced last year?s riveting documentary, ?Cries from the Border,? found the domain name was already taken. It was registered to Diener Consultants, Inc., Simcox?s consultants, as is the domain name
    Maharis said, ?This newest discovery ? is off-the-charts astonishing to me.? Last year, MCDC sold, and gave away with a minimum donation, ?Cries from the Border.? Maharis says she?s never received any money from MCDC or Diener, and has no idea how long her film was being used to obtain donations for MCDC.
    Simcox says he knows nothing about the domain name registration but stated, ?We purchased the DVDs directly from her distributor.? When Sonoran News asked about MCDC?s taxes, Simcox said, ?Our Form 990 is posted right there on our Web site.? However, the 990 posted was for 2005, not 2006.
    According to Simcox, MCDC has received its preliminary letter of determination from the IRS, although they recently responded to a few more questions.
    ?We?re fighting the government,? Simcox pointed out, ?So, they?re not going to make this easy for us,? and expressed gratitude to Alan Keyes and the Declaration Alliance, which he said saved MCDC and allowed it to continue operating while dealing with the bureaucracy.

  10. 10 dolph

    “DOLPH - What is stupid to me is that the guy gave money that he didn?t even have. He mortgaged his home for the money. You should never give money you don?t even have to strangers.”

    I agree with you in that respect! Dumb. No, stupid. You’re right.

  11. 11 Mary

    Does anybody think it’s a-w-f-u-l-l-y convenient that all this stuff is coming out about Gilchrist and Simcox at this particular juncture in time? A-w-f-u-l-l-y convenient. I’m just sayin’.

  12. 12 Brad

    What stuff about Gilchrist? Are you referring to the attempted MMP take over? That has been almost totally resolved. I posted an interesting interview of Gilchrist today. Jim Gichrist was asked about the MMP dispute?

    David Storobin: You?ve had a recent dispute with the MMP board

    Jim Gilchrist: They were never a governing board. These disgruntled sociopaths. They were invited as advisors to give recommendations without any voting rights, and I had the veto power over them, which I?ve used in the past.

    What they did while I was out of town is that they took over the MMP bank account and drained all funds from it. And how they did it is by filing fraudulent documents with the Secretary of Corporations in Delaware, claiming they were the MMP Board of Directors, and stating that I was removed. Nobody checked it and the bank allowed them to have authority over the bank account, taking off my name and placing their names on it. They withdrew the money on the spot and it?s all on video from the bank.

    They then used the same documents to take over the web site.

    We took them to court, and the judge granted us an injunction against them. Marvin Stewart declared himself president of MMP. He?s really mentally ill. When he declared himself leader, everyone went crazy. He tried to forward MMP mail to himself, but a postal worker caught on to his trick.

    I?ve filed 3 criminal complaints against him and Debra Courtney.

    David Storobin: Is this dispute resolved?

    Jim Gilchrist: Yes, I?m the President and always was. I got the corporation back. I have the right to the web site, the bank account, everything. We are back in the same position as we were prior to the hijacking.

    The problems with the MCDC started at the very inception of the organization. There is a nice accounting of the problems over at the Border Guardians website. Many leaders in the anti illegal alien movement chose to or were talked into keeping their concerns over to the MCDC quiet. There was a feeling that a scandal would hurt the entire movement. At first only Glenn Spencer voiced any public concern for the lack of fence progress or the solicitation of money.Then a little over a year ago, ABC did a news piece(Broken Borders: Broken Promises) exposing the many questions surrounding the fence and MCDC solicitation of money. Other questions started coming in from the MCDC grassroots. Some of those questions concerned Diener Consulting, the relationship with Alan Keyes and MCDC funds.

    I believe this latest round of scandal has been growing for sometime. The thousands of people who worked and donated to make the MCDC a success want an accounting. It appears to me that they have been more then patient. It is unfortunate that it is finally coming to a head now.

    The whole fence idea was handled wrong from the beginning. If money was solicited to build an Israeli type of fence, then that is the fence that should have been built. Americans didn’t contribute money so a rancher could get his stock fences replaced. I also suspect that had the fence been contracted out, it could have been built for less then the per/ft cost the MCDC was reporting.

    As a side note, I have not read anything about the million dollars of high tech electronic South Korean fencing that was donated to the MCDC.

  13. 13 petit bourgeois

    Mary, this stuff with Simcox has been going on for years. One of my sources there was booted by Simcox as early as March, 2004. Gilchrists’ nightmare has been going on for months as well.

    Watchdog, the bill isn’t going anywhere. As a political scientist possessed with the ability to predict things political, I would wager on it with you right now. Calling Boxer and Feinstein isn’t going to do you a bit of good. These people only understand votes, and that’s only once every seven years.

    This bill may emerge from the Senate in a slightly different state, but it is not going anywhere from there. It will never see the light of day.

    As far as the “North American Community” (as Robt. Pastor calls it), there is some need for concern, only because the MSM and Congress have failed to act. That’s not saying they won’t when the popular outrage can no longer be ignored.

    I hate the government more than the devil himself, but I also believe that there are some truly wise and prudent men who will not allow our sovranty to be violated so wilfully without the consent of the people.

    And I am not so sure about your visions of totalitarianism. Europe is still relatively a free society even though the EU is the most undemocratic governing body in the modern world. It’s rates of taxation and oppressive social policy are bad, for certain, but it’s not like living in China.

    Lastly, I gave you direct quotes, not an opinion. I understand your need to stay away from the drama, but when the PC movement undermines the grass roots and political mobility in order to replace a street activist with a suit, you have a duty to speak up. There are enough DC non-profits fighting for the cause. Why should an organization disregard the hard work of its members so it can get its hands in the kitty? That’s just greed, pure and simple.

  14. 14 jimbaugh

    Diener Consultants, a Chicago-based fund-raising organization. Does anyone have any information on this company. I know that they did work for

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