Illegal Clown Houses In Milford, MA

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Milford officials have been given new powers to curb overcrowding in rental housing, a problem they say threatens to ruin neighborhoods. The crackdown is occurring as the town of about 27,000 is attempting to deal with an influx of immigrants, largely from Latin America.

‘’We’re at a crossroads in the town of Milford, and if we don’t do something soon, I think the opportunity will be lost. It’s very important,” Dino DeBartolomeis, chairman of the selectmen, told Town Meeting voters Monday before they approved stricter regulations affecting rental housing.

Town officials say they have been grappling with a flood of complaints about apartments packed with up to 20 people apiece. Residents have made nearly 200 e-mail and phone complaints about excessive noise, trash, cars parked on lawns, and even residents keeping livestock.

The overcrowding issue gained momentum recently when Paul Mazuchelli, the town’s public health director, reported a spike in the number of cases of tuberculosis, a bacterial disease that can be spread in the air from one person to another, especially among people living in close quarters.

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