Senate Selling American Jobs to Close Federal Budget Deficit

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In a twist of logic so bizarre that it could only be hatched in Washington, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a plan to increase revenues by selling over 368,000 American jobs to foreign workers and their families who will enter the United States and stay permanently. The proposal authored by Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA.) will be added to a larger deficit reduction bill the Senate will consider as early as next week. Under the plan, the fees employers pay for high tech, executive, and other employment-based permanent visas for foreign workers will rise, generating an estimated $120 million per year. The federal budget shortfall for the current fiscal year is projected to be in the neighborhood of $400 billion.

    Senator Specter feeds the Cookie Monster!
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  1. Max Says:

    Senators are people who consider themselves your leaders. As if a real American needs a leader…being an American means you are your own leader. Politicians are self absorbed undermining, glorified secratarys.

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