More Migrants, More Tension

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The emergence in New Orleans of America’s ubiquitous pool of illegal immigrant workers–estimated at up to 12 million nationwide–is straining ethnic tolerance in a city that had counted only 3 percent of its population as Hispanic. That was before Hurricane Katrina hit on Aug. 29.

The swelling numbers of Hispanic migrant laborers, legal or not, have raised political tensions. A Tulane University historian speaks of a possible ‘population swap’ between the city’s evacuated black population and its new Latino workforce, and the backlash was fueled by New Orleans’ African-American mayor, C. Ray Nagin, who recently uttered remarks deemed offensive by some.

‘How do I make sure New Orleans is not overrun with Mexican workers?’ Nagin asked at an October forum with business people as he discussed the city’s future.

That comment prompted rebukes from both African-American organizations typically friendly to rising leaders such as Nagin and from Latino groups, which together called the comment ‘an example of remarks that can divide Americans at a time when we need to be united.’

The problem is that these people ARE NOT AMERICAN’S. They are taking jobs away from AMERICAN’S. How the hell do you unite AMERICAN’S by giving their jobs away to illegal aliens!

3 Responses to “More Migrants, More Tension”

  1. Max Says:

    black people need to wake up…Jesse Jackson is a Black Hitler

  2. Ralph Says:

    The things people say when they’re anonymous

  3. Watchdog Says:

    I’m not sure how Max sees a similarity to Hitler. Very strange comment.

    Ralph, would you rather have black Americans rebuilding New Orleans or the jobs given to illegal aliens?

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