Border Patrol agents in East County seize hundreds of pounds of marijuana valued at almost three-quarters of a million dollars from a truck that was driven over the border on metal ramps.

Marijuana seized after agents catch smugglers using ramps to drive over border fence
San Diego Union
June 21, 2007

SAN DIEGO ? Border Patrol agents in East County seized hundreds of pounds of marijuana valued at almost three-quarters of a million dollars Wednesday from a truck that was driven over the border on metal ramps.

An agent was patrolling the area about two miles east of Campo at 7:30 a.m. when he noticed a suspicious-looking 2006 Nissan Frontera heading westbound on state Route 94, said Supervisory Border Patrol agent Richard E. Smith.

The agent began to follow the truck but it made a U-turn and began to drive erratically, Smith said. The truck left the paved road and headed southbound on a dirt road toward Mexico.

The agent followed the truck to the border where he found about 20 people on the U.S. side erecting the ramps so the truck could get back into Mexico. Smith said the smugglers probably alerted their accomplices that they had been spotted.

The two occupants of the truck bailed out and the whole group ran back into Mexico. One of them turned and pointed a gun at the agent but did not fire, Smith said.

Agents confiscated the ramps and the pickup in which they found 60 packages of marijuana valued at $735,000.

Smith said it is not uncommon for smugglers to use metal ramps to cross the border in areas that are blocked by steel vehicle barriers. The barriers, a horizontal bar anchored to posts in the ground with large boulders beneath, are designed to stop vehicles from driving across. They are much lower than the standard border fence. Agents found a similar ramp setup last week.

The ramps may be hidden nearby or driven to a spot and assembled, Smith said.

The Border Patrol said that Mexican authorities were called after the incident but did not respond.

12 Responses to “Drug Smugglers Build Ramps To Drive Over Border Fence”

  1. 1 illinoisgringo

    This is why the border needs to be patrolled with armed guards with shoot to kill orders. You can’t just build a wall, say “OK, we’re done here”, and walk away.

  2. 2 JB

    “The Border Patrol said that Mexican authorities were called after the incident but did not respond.”

    Oh yeah, and President Calderon says he wants “help from the USA to stop the drug and gun smuggling across that border.” What a lying piece of jalapeno turd he is. We call them and they don’t respond, so much for the “help” and cooperation from both sides to resolve this issue.

    I really think Calderon just wants the USA to take over policing the border, so the drug cartels will go after Americans instead of Mexican cops, border agents and politicians.

    Bill Richardson probably funds the “ramp building” programs in Mexico just so he can say, “I told you so.” His remark about building a 50 foot tall fence and Mexicans will build a 60 foot tall ladder was probably a cryptic message to any drug cartels members that were listening.

    The “NEWLY” resurrected immigration bill in the Senate needs some REAL teeth in it. They should use this opportunity to make illegal immigration a felony and if you are here illegally and a gang member, you should automatically be put to death. If you are here illegally and are involved in an accident or crime where an American citizen is hurt or killed, the punishment should be death. This way we’ll know for certain, these repeat offenders won’t be back to do the crime again.

  3. 3 AmericanWorker

    I’m not to sure about this one. I seen this story on the news thats right MSM aired this story. I think they are showing stories like this all of of sudden to make the people that are still sleeping (and we all know there are a lot still asleep)that pushing this BILL through is the answer to problems such as these. Anyone agree?

  4. 4 1Madmomma

    American Worker: Who the hell knows what they are thinking. We do know they try to manipulate us in to thinking what will best suit them. That fence was not very tall. A rickeddy ramp like that wouldn’t get over a 20ft fence very easily. We know just a wall, or fence, is not the only answer. We also need to have the border guards armed with orders of, shot to kill. Calderon and Bush have to be butt buddies, or something. This is completely out of control, and the American gov’t doesn’t have the will to enforce laws already on the books. It idiotic to think they all of a sudden are going to enforce whatever new laws they make. This is a piss poor joke. These politicians are insulting our intellegence by even going thru all these motions. It is a sham!

  5. 5 jo


    you are 1000% correct. it is just window dressing, although whorehay and gang don’t really give a sh*t what the people think. he is like the rapist that saids afterwards, she wanted it,she liked it, when everybody knows it’s a lie.

  6. 6 jo


    “I really think Calderon just wants the USA to take over policing the border, so the drug cartels will go after Americans instead of Mexican cops, border agents and politicians.”

    you’re right on!

  7. 7 jo

    they claim they have spend 900million dollars this year on border fence and 700 million last year.

    so this is what those expensive fences look like.



  8. 8 George(formerly-Ed)

    OH no Jo you are wrong the really good fence you cant see it is that virtual fence that really makes the deference,but it is virtual so you cant see it.But trust Bush it’s working.Yeah right.

  9. 9 marleen

    to be honest , im a bit confused… on one hand we are being told that we need to secure our borders, on the otherhand many of us are aware of the SPP agreement…so where does all this make much sense? on one hand we will be merged with canada and mexico, on the other we will close our borders….i am starting to think all this focus on the border is being used as a distraction away from some bigger immigration issue. i am noticing many,many people from poland,russia,india,bosnia flooding into new york…little or no english at all..who will do ANYTHING to get and keep employment…they are mostly between 18 and 25 years old. they are going straight into the service industries . how did they get into our country? maybe they are coming in via canada while the media has us focused on the mexican border.

  10. 10 BEADALONG

    Marleen, I think they’re keeping us deliberately confused.

    I think they want the NAU badly & they also want to kill the Middle Class badly (between outsourcing, the increased call for all these H1B-etc visas, the MASSIVE Deficits, the costly never ending wars on “Terror” & the unbridled flow of illegal/legal immigration), how can any nation possibly withstand this? It will fall at this rate-it’s only a matter of time.

    It’s also incredible to me how many people don’t see this. To me, it seems even a blind person must see this.

  11. 11 jo


    you may be just noticing , but this has been going on for decades. you must don’t get to brooklyn very much. brooklyn has been the stronghold for the russians and polish. back in the 60-70’s, we brought every russian jew that would come here ( some had never had indoor plumbing). this was influenced by the hold that jewish organizations had on our gov’t. we allowed warehousing of appartments( against the law) for them, in some of the nicest buildings. we put in place programs to aid their transition. many had jobs waiting for them, but they were still entitled to ss, welfare, foodstamps and believe it or not, they were exempt from paying income tax for seven years.
    what you are seeing “now”(over a decade), is a influx of young people from these places like “the new russia”, that is totally corrupt and dog eat dog. they are not sneaking in over the canadian border. they are flying in to jfk on visas. student and regular. they have no intention of leaving here ,they are here to ripoff the country like all the others. many of them go to school on scholarships and grants. most of them work off the books or run businesses that they don’t report what they make and pay no income tax. they too, use false ids. alot of these young people have thug mentalities, especially the russians and the poles. the russians are the worst. the russian mafia, headquartered in brooklyn are one of the most vicious mafia groups in existence. compared to these other mafia people, the italian mafia are “gentlemen”.
    our collective mentalities don’t register that “europeans” could be illegal and they have enjoyed, for the most part, a non-threatening existence.

    this country is filled with illegals of every color and ethnic background, that we support because they do not pay income taxes. they have nothing but comtempt for us and our laws. they are just as arrogant as the mexicians, but have the good sense to keep a low profile.

    all of these people are coming from places where corruption is ingrained and they bring that mentality with them. by allowing them to continue to stay and violate our laws, we enforce their beliefs and behavior. our children don’t stand a chance agaist these odds because we have raised them on a diet of “fair play” and if you do the right thing you will reap rewards. yeah, we have some homegrown snakes, but they are mere worms when they are compared to the imported kind. they will team up against you in a work environment and if you don’t call them on their crap they will grind you into the ground. they too are very clannish and want your job for their people, make no mistake.they are no different that the mexicans, just a different shade.
    this is why i get pissed when people bring up that ethnic angle. these invading european are not dealing with the ethnic thing, it is simple and completely about ripping of america which means ripping off americans, regardless of ethnicity. it is us against them period, and if we can’t get over the bs we lose. PERIOD!

  12. 12 litew8

    Yea, GB needs to be impeached yesterday. For real.

    What I don’t understand. In one of his Amnesty speeches, he said we should not fear diversity. What The Hell is this guy talking about? Does he live in the U.S.? Does he have any idea of what he’s talking about? To think that the U.S. isn’t diversified is dumb.

    And if , ’should not fear diversity’ means, we should not fear importing 10% percent of Mexico’s population ILLEGALLY - this guy is freaking nuts. And to top it off, he’s refusing to enforce the laws unless they sign his treasonous bill.
    - - - - - - -
    That’s not U.S. immigration, that’s colonization.
    That’s not U.S. immigration, that’s discrimination.
    That’s not democracy, that’s dictatorship.

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