Minutemen To Arrive In Elgin, Ill

Suburban Chicago News

Elgin — A grass-roots group that wants to stop immigrants from illegally entering the country will meet here next week.

The group’s leaders plan on using the ‘moral outrage’ of residents over the recent Larkin High School Mexican anthem incident to lure people to join the organization.

‘Illegal aliens are breaking the law. They’re here illegally and we give them all these benefits,’ said Rosanna Pulido, co-founder of the Illinois Minuteman Project. ‘I would come here too if I was an illegal alien.’

Pulido, an American citizen, is of Mexican descent.

Spanish is her parent’s first language, and although she grew up in Chicago, she was raised immersed in the Mexican culture, she said.

This is not unusual for Chicago, which has the second largest Mexican population after Los Angeles, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies.

But accompanying those immigrants who have obtained U.S. citizenship are those who live here illegally. Pulido described them as criminals creating a sense of lawlessness.

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