O.C. Plan Tries to Bring English Home

LA Times

In Santa Ana, which has one of the highest concentration of Spanish-speakers in the nation, the Chamber of Commerce is embarking on an ambitious effort to improve the English skills of city residents.

‘If you don’t have English competency, your chances to be self sufficient and live [well] in our society are very difficult,’ said Michael Metzler, president of the business group.

By July, the chamber expects to begin bringing more than 500 instructors into neighborhoods to teach English to at least 50,000 adults over the next five years.

Dubbing the program a ‘Marshall plan for English,’ the chamber likens English Works to the massive U.S. effort to help rebuild Europe after World War II.

English Works is estimated to cost $20 million; the business group has collected $400,000 so far.

They could always use the $400,000 to deport them all.

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