Does this sound familiar folks? But there is a twist. So India takes millions of our jobs threw outsourcing and H 1-B visa programs and they encounter little resistance building a 2050 mile double wide fence to keep out illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The best of both worlds for India. GuardDog

India has become enamored with fences in recent years.

First it started closing off much of its border with Pakistan, trying to stop incursions by Muslim extremists. Then it turned to its other Muslim neighbor, Bangladesh, and has been building the fence intermittently ever since.

India taking on huge task of building a fence on Bangladesh border
The Albuquerque Tribune
June 29, 2007

SUJATPUR, Bangladesh â?? Everyone knew it was out there somewhere, an invisible line that cut through a cow pasture and, at least in theory, divided one nation from another.

But no one saw it as a border. It was just a lumpy field of grass, uneven from the hooves of generations of cattle, and villagers crossed back and forth without even thinking about it.

Today, no one can ignore the line.

In a construction project that will eventually reach across 2,050 miles, hundreds of rivers and long stretches of forests and fields, India has been quietly sealing itself off from Bangladesh, its much poorer neighbor. Sections totaling about 1,550 miles have been built the past seven years.

Vigil on the border continues as laborers raise the barbed-wire fence along the 2050 mile Indo-Bangladesh border with Tripura on Sunday.

In Sujatpur, a poor farming village, the frontier is now defined by two rows of 10-foot-high barbed wire barriers, the posts studded with ugly spikes. A smaller fence, and miles of barbed wire coils, fill the space in between. The expanse of steel, set into concrete, spills off toward the horizon in both directions.

“Before, it was like we were one country,” said Mohammed Iqbal, a Bangladeshi farmer walking near the border on a windy afternoon. “I used to go over there just to pass the time.”

As he spoke, a cow wandered past, brass bells jangling around its neck. “But now that’s over,” he said.

In the United States, the decision to fence 700 miles of the Mexican border triggered months of political debate ranging across issues from immigration reform to the environmental impact. When Israel announced it would build a 425-mile barrier around the West Bank, an international outcry erupted.

But there has been barely a ripple over India’s far larger project, launched in earnest in 2000 amid growing fears in New Delhi about illegal immigration and cross-border terrorism………

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12 Responses to “India Builds A 2000 Mile Fence To Keep Out Poorer Bangladesh”
  1. litew8 says:

    You call that a fence India?
    Check it out, that guy has a gun.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Has anyone heard yet, ICE and DEA just discovered another tunnel on the Mexican border. It lead to a residential home in Mexico. It would have been THE method of invasion for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, drugs, and who knows what else. Nearly 100 yards long. AND BUSH REFUSES TO SECURE THE BORDERS AND ENFORCE THE LAWS!

    “The Nogales passageway is one of the most extensive smuggling tunnels uncovered along the southwestern border since the discovery of a massive tunnel south of San Diego in January 2006. Since 9/11, federal authorities have discovered more than 40 cross-border tunnels along the U.S.-Mexico border in California and Arizona.”


  2. Eddie B. says:

    Those look like the fences Jorge is putting up at the FEMA concentration camps to keep us in. We need a WALL to keep them OUT. And a deep, dark cell for Dick and George to keep them contained forever.

  3. Mary says:

    Huh, I guess people in India are “racist” against Bangladeshi people? (They are the same color!)

  4. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    & they say we cnt do it but India,Spain & Israe did it SOOOOOO???l

  5. Vincent Narodnik says:

    2000 miles of TRIPLE fence.
    by a “developing” country
    not a word of howling protest on either side.
    no official condemnations or threats of diplomatic sanctions
    no million march thru the streets with foreign flags
    no nightly melodrama watching public pietists grab our hearts and twist them from the tv tube telling us what heartless wretches we are
    I guess I could spend the reast of the day writing this thing
    its pointless
    I wish they would have installed a megatron behind the podium on the senate floor and every time one of those weasels would say ” we cant build a fence” then a picture like those above would flash.
    Jeez. We built railroad tunnels under the Hudson River in 1897.
    With experimental and never before tried ‘technology’
    Fence technology is far more tried and true
    It is in fact, ancient.
    Fence technology dates back to the invention of The Nation.

    …in fact, the idea itself is the CAUSE of Nationhood.

    Someone tell me that the fence enemies are NOT communists

  6. Brad says:

    I was on another blog and a writer posted that the US built the 1523 mile Alaskan highway in just a few months. It was started on March 8, 1942 after the 100s of pieces of construction equipment were brought in on rail. The road was completed on September 24, 1942. This was during WWII. Of course then we had leaders who were willing to get the job done and do what ever it took to protect the country.

  7. BEADALONG says:

    Yup, I agree with the above. And oh, those horrible Racists & Xenophobes!

  8. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Brad thay is the alkan high way I have ben on it.Dason creek city is the start of it and 11300 miles down the road is the next town of White horse and not much in between only some restaurants & gas stations I hitch hiked back to Los Angeles got chased by a bear & surrounded by wild dogs and Hard rain for two weeks Ate one Jelly sandwhich a day lost 23 pounds that was back in 1967it was all gravel road after you hit Whitehorse it is 200 miles to anchorage Alaska any ways if we can build that in just a few months we can sure build a 2000 mile wall
    on the southern border.The problem is back in 1940’s we had loyal leaders & now we have a traitor,that is the deference.

  9. 1Madmomma says:

    Thats what Im talking about! Armed guards that wouldn’t hesitate one moment to shoot some invader. Serious situation here. Let’s make em get er’done.

  10. jo says:

    Eddie B.

    you are a funny dude. made me laugh, but so damm true.


    we got no choice but to keep this thing moving come hell or high water.

  11. SkyPainter says:

    OKkkkkkkkk… NOW I AM PI**ED!!!

    India gets to build a 2,000 mile triple fence between them and Bangladesh? However Bush “a.k.a The Village Idiot” and Chertof “a.k.a. The Skull” tells us that it can’t be done? The country with the UBER military and UBER resources can only build 13 miles of fence so far? From now on I am making it my mission in life to make the fence happen, to awake other American Citizens to the farce that our government is and to making sure that candidates who are REAL AMERICANS get elected to office no matter at what level or wherever they may be. I am pi**ed! I am F**ING PI**ED!!! I need to check my blood pressure….

  12. jackcrystal says:

    People from Bangladesh should stop using all products from India. Indian companies have huge monopoly over 150 million consumers in Bangladesh. Matter of fact, Bangladesh does not need India but India needs Bangladesh. Bangladesh should consider leasing some land to Pakistan for a military base - that will make India to realize how important Bangladesh is.

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