I saw this movie and thought about 90% of it was complete bullshit. It’s the other 10% that scares me.

Watch LOOSE CHANGE here.

The Daily Star

ONEONTA _ An Oneonta man who helped produce a 9/11 conspiracy documentary that became an Internet hit was arrested Monday for allegedly deserting the Army.

Korey Rowe, 24, a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, was picked up by deputies at about 10:45 p.m. Monday, Otsego County Sheriff Richard Devlin Jr. said.

Rowe, along with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas, are members of Louder Than Words, a production company that is working on a third edition of the movie “Loose Change,” which contends the U.S. government was involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That edition is intended to be a theatrical release.

Rowe and the other members of Louder Than Words have appeared on radio shows including The Alex Jones Show and have been mentioned in Time magazine. Vanity Fair magazine published a feature story on the group last August.

Since 2002, Rowe was interviewed by The Daily Star several times about “Loose Change” and his experiences in the military.

“We developed information that he was at a county Route 47 residence in Oneonta last night,” Devlin said Tuesday.

Rowe was arrested on a “military warrant” that Devlin said was brought to the attention of deputies by the Oneonta Police Department, who received information from a source outside of that department.

Rowe was living at the Route 47 home, Devlin said.

City police officials who were able to comment on the case were unavailable Tuesday night.

After deputies received the information from Oneonta police, they reached out to the Army, and officials from Fort Knox faxed a copy of the warrant, deputies said.

Rowe previously told The Daily Star he enlisted in August 2001. He left the Army in June 2005, according to the Louder Than Words website.

He is being held without bail in the Otsego County jail and is waiting to be picked up by U.S. Army officials, Devlin said.

The Associated Press reported last month that deserters are rarely court-martialed by the Army.

Although 3,301 soldiers deserted in the 2006 fiscal year, there were just 174 troops court-martialed.

Jorge Boosh - terrorist


So I wonder if Bush will use his new executive order to sieze all of Korey Rowe’s assets?

Paul Craig Roberts, a Reagan era Republican said this recently here.

“When Bush exercises this authority [under the new Executive Order] … there’s no check to it. It doesn’t have to be ratified by Congress. The people who bear the brunt of these dictatorial police state actions have no recourse to the judiciary. So it really is a form of total, absolute, one-man rule. … The American people don’t really understand the danger that they face.”

“Americans think their danger is terrorists,” said Roberts. “They don’t understand the terrorists cannot take away habeas corpus, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution. … The terrorists are not anything like the threat that we face to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution from our own government in the name of fighting terrorism. Americans just aren’t able to perceive that.”

Read the rest of the Paul Craig Roberts article Old-line Republican warns ’something’s in the works’ to trigger a police state.

11 Responses to ““Loose Change” Director Arrested”
  1. Sandman says:

    Just wait until the next “event”. Many of us will get a first-class ticket to one of the 800 KBR built FEMA camps around the country. Things are getting really strange now, I smell a Police State in the wind.

  2. Sandman says:

    Brook, what part of Loose Change do you disagree with?

  3. Brent from Vista says:

    I’m right there with [Sandman]! The smell of “The Police State” is getting stronger.

    As far as Loose Change…I found it very interesting and compelling. Lots of info the MSM never told us. Ummm-can anyone say WTC7?

    Remember - Your no less of a Patriot for questioning your Governments actions. Hell, we’ve all been questioning Bush’s action on the border for a long damn time! And I think the words “really strange” are going to see new levels before Bush leaves office.

  4. Sandman says:

    Not for the timid…


  5. Sandman says:

    …1 hour long film worth looking at:


  6. Minutewoman says:

    I believe the police state is in process, and that is why the current administration seems to have no respect for the Constitution or the will of the people. I am frightened by the disdain and outright contempt that GW shows to people who interview him or who ask him any question he does not wish to answer. He and his minions do not feel responsible to anyone.

  7. Matthew says:

    And the government allows elvira to do as she pleases while they go and arrest an American citizen just to hush him up?

  8. Educated American says:

    Just before I got on here I saw a fragmentary message saying Korey Rowe was basically OK - and possibly already released from custody. (I guess I don’t have the right software to watch the video message, so I only read the text portion.)

    Yes, the POLICE STATE is here. Sandman, I like your FEMA camp reference.

    I’m one of those freaks that thinks that 9/11 was basically an inside job. It was permitted to happen at the least. I have “skeptic” friends who try and “debunk my unfounded claims” but I’m afraid they are too scared to face reality. (The mainstream media tries to spin that in the opposite direction: I.E. it is I who hide inside conspiracy fantasies about mass-murdering, lying, secretive governemnts and generations-old family-run criminal enterprises - because I draw COMFORT from such crazy beliefs, you see.)

    Mike Ruppert has fled to Canada. (OK, he’s a bit sketchy to begin with, but he has still given truth seekers a lot to work from . . .)

    Christopher Bolyn has been “found guilty” of BEING BEAT UP BY COPS - or Homeland Security - in front of his own home. With his family watching . . .

    Korey Rowe may in fact be in violation of a “stop-loss” order. But if you knew that the entire War on Terror was basically a fraud, and you had already served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, who could blame you?

    Who’s next? Alex Jones? Mike Rivero? Chris Floyd? Kurt Nimmo?

    Keith Olbermann?


  9. Minutewoman says:

    Bush&Co’s private army, ready to rumble

    Bush “plays” dumb (one can never tell if he’s playing or not) on the subject.

  10. Sandman says:

    Something to consider…


  11. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Good catch MinuteWoman
    esp that video
    Mein Gott!
    was that a stand up routine?
    did you see his manner?
    for a man who obviously revels in his self image
    as not just “leader”
    but “leader of the Free World”
    he certainly seems to be doing his best to emulate Shecky Green.
    …I think that that is just another tactic though
    he is aware that we see his fangs
    so he dopes it up and tries to cover it up.

    As for Blackwater-I was totally unaware of their existence until about 3 months ago. I searched around about them and it just got worse and worse.
    Anyone interested and with the time, check into it, esp. their billionaire wunderkind CEO.
    Very creepy indeed

    “Privatization” is a neat concept in itself,
    but in practical application,
    it has proven just to be another diversionary tactic
    to short circuit checks and balances
    and in effect
    to nullify Democracy.

    Strange, then that we are spending $2,000,000,000.oo per week trying to “promote Democracy”

    “Promote Hypocrisy” more like it.

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