It’s About The Law, Not Racism

Suburban Chicago News

Several hours before the Minuteman organizational meeting in Elgin Thursday, Dale Asis, director of the Coalition of African, Asian, European and Latino Immigration of Illinois, called me. He had written a letter, he said, and he wanted us to publish it.

The suggested headline on the letter began “Minutemen are racists” and the letter said the group spreads “hate, fear and racism” and attracts members of hate groups like neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. Hard to tell which group was supposed to be using fear, hatred and racism to further their cause. Nothing in the points raised by Minuteman Project leaders suggested it was they who were promoting divisiveness or hatred.

Attendance far exceeded their expectations, and if the largest police presence assembled since the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago is counted, it rivaled a Billy Graham revival in numbers. Thankfully, attendees were well-behaved though passionate, curious but not combative, and unintimidated by protesters who taunted them in Spanish, the delicious irony of that apparently escaping them.

Whether a person accepts or rejects what the Minuteman Project stands for, that group is correct in one regard: the group exists and is growing because of the failure of the United States government to address this issue in a forceful and meaningful way.

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