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Another shock to the pro-globalization elite is the overwhelming passage (362-63 on July 24, 2007) of the Duncan Hunter Amendment (H.R. 3074) to the Transportation Appropriations Act, â??prohibiting the use of federal funds for participation in working groups under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), including the creation of the NAFTA Super Highway.â?

â??The proposed NAFTA Super Highway presents significant challenges to our nationâ??s security, the safety of vehicle motorists, and will likely drive down wages for American workers,â? said Congressman Hunter. â??Much like NAFTA, the super highway is designed to serve the interests of our trading partners and will lead to neither security nor prosperity.â?

Congressman Duncan Hunter, also a presidential candidate, told his fellow congressional colleagues,

â??This 12 lane highway, which is already under construction in Texas, will fast-track thousands of cargo containers across the U.S. without adequate security. These containers will move from Mexico, a country with a record of corruption and involvement in the drug trade, across a border that is already porous and insufficiently protected.

â??Unfortunately, very little is known about the NAFTA Super Highway. This amendment will provide Congress the opportunity to exercise oversight of the highway, which remains a subject of question and uncertainty, and ensure that our safety and security will not be comprised in order to promote the business interests of our neighbors.â?

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14 Responses to “Duncan Hunter Cuts Funding For SPP and ‘NAFTA Superhighway’”
  1. litew8 says:



    With ANY of these combinations,
    I feel our country would slowly/swiftly get back on track.

  2. Sandman says:

    I am impressed with D. Hunter for breaking ranks with mainline GOP B.S. and for that reason the GOP will not be on his side. Litew8, are you sure about Savage? have you read any of his beatnick books from his acid days in the 60’s? His wingman was Allen Ginsberg and wrote love poetry to him. (His former name was Michael Weiner) He must have had a paradigm shift at one point because he talks a different talk now!

  3. dolph says:

    I think this guy has merit. Lets see how things shake out.

    P.S. Sandman, have you read the Hillary letters? Have you reread your own letters? Hey, you haven’t been reading my old letters have you?

  4. allamerican says:

    Gotta love him!! I am so happy, it is a great start!

    But, did you see this one:

    It is called the LAZERO CARDENAS - KANSAS CITY CORRDOR, and it is already in operation. Direct root for Communist Chinese containerized goods into our heartland right now with no inspections. It is a horrible security hazard, and it is being used right now.

    Is this government just flat out trying to get us all killed or what?

  5. Sandman says:

    ..Dolf, Hillary letters? Old letters? Please clarify…

  6. Angel says:

    I really like him.

  7. Sandman says:

    D. Hunter is not getting the media attention he deserves 4 sure!

  8. litew8 says:

    Sandman, got any other ligit information on Savage?
    Never heard of what you mentioned, googled it and found some info. Not sure what’s truth of slander.

  9. litew8 says:

    * or slander

  10. litew8 says:

    I watched a few Hunter vids on the net. Seemed pretty sound.
    I watched a few Tancredo vids to. I have to admit, Hunter does come
    across as more knowledgeable, but he doesn’t address the illegal alien issue as direct as Tomcredo is willing to do. Hunter will talk about securing the borders, but doesn’t talk about what to do with the millions illegally here, much like R. Paul. Tancredo does.

    Savage on the other had, I just know what I hear on the radio. He does come across as egotisticall (a bit too much at times) But that’s allot more than any candidate running. I have no idea what they’re like. With Savage, there’s some familiarity with his opinions. Even having heard him on the radio, I am able to hold reservations about certain things he’s commented on. Again, with any of the other candidates, I have no clue.

    What else have you heard Sandman.
    I don’t know to what degree the stuff on the web is true.
    Curious of your take.

  11. Sandman says:

    Litew8, I sometimes listen to Savage and on the subject of immigration, he is dead-on correct, just like Boortz and Limbaugh are on the subject. But over the years I have been looking into the words of public people and looking into their past actions to see if they mesh. It just seems like the loudest voices on various subjects are the most guilty. Remember when Rush said that druggies all need to go to jail? Ted Haggard preaching that being gay is evil, or Congressman Mark Foley who wrote laws to protect children from pedophiles…I see this all the time so I was not really surprised. His wiki bio said that he changed completely in the 80’s and “grew up”. Please do not take this info as any kind of attack on Savage, I just think that it is important to look below the surface. A quick google search found a short poem to Ginsberg in 1970…

  12. Sandman says:

    …A less poisonous read on Savage….

  13. litew8 says:

    Sandman, I’m not taking it as an attack. I wouldn’t care if that were your intent either. That stuff about that Ginsberg dude is wierd. I had never heard of it before.

  14. Sherri says:

    I second litew8’s posting!

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