About 600 Ask Greeley To Reject ICE Resolution

This is the most unbelieveable shit I have ever read. Foreigners cannot be allowed to take over our country and tell us what laws we can and cannot enforce.

Greeley Tribune.

The [illegal] Latino community made its request clear to the Greeley City Council on Tuesday night: reject and discard the proposed resolution to bring an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office to Greeley.

An estimated 600 people went to the city council chambers, 717 9th St., for the council’s meeting to demonstrate opposition to the proposal. The group filled council chambers to capacity and spilled out into the hallway and into extra rooms in the public safety building where they watched on television. Hundreds more stood outside.

Members of the group — Latinos Unidos or United Latinos — detailed their opposition during a public input session. The council didn’t have the item on its agenda but made time for the group. The council has assigned the Greeley Human Relations Commission to study the issue and give the council a recommendation within a month… (more)

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  1. Border Raven Says:

    People hold signs and chant during a rally outside the city council chambers to voice opposition to a proposal to bring an ICE office to Greeley .
    Darin McGregor / mcgregor@greeleytrib.com
    [signs: Viva Mexico, We too are Weld County, La Raza Unida, Listen, Crime has no Color”]

    If ever a city needed an ICE office, then Greeley does. If the fed gov wants to build in that town they will do so. I’m in favor of anything to make the illegals feel uncomfortable.

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