An attempted assault with a rock and a homemade spear was made against Border Patrol agents in the Yuma Sector who were trying to apprehend 15 illegal immigrants.

Around 5 a.m. today, agents in the Boat Patrol Unit were assisting agents along the Colorado River in capturing the group, and as they closed in, the group scattered and fled into surrounding brush. One man, suspected to be the group’s smuggler, entered the shallow water along the river bank and allegedly threw a rock at agents in the boat, but missed them, according to a Border Patrol press release.

When the boat moved closer to the apparent smuggler, he allegedly threw a homemade spear at one of the agents, which also missed, the release said.

An agent used a substance similar to pepper spray to stop the spear-thrower, who crawled out of the water and into nearby brush before agents could catch him. He and two others fled to Mexico and five others fled shortly after them. Agents were able to apprehend eight people during their search for the remaining members of the group, the release said.

The eight illegal immigrants were transported to the Yuma Border Patrol station for processing.

12 Responses to “Spear Thrown at Border Patrol Agents ”

  1. 1 allamerican

    g. damn it, lock & load!! Stop goofing around on that border and get some rubber bullets. We are in crisis here and need serious method of deterence!

  2. 2 NoYouCant

    What’s next, poison dart’s?

    I wonder what story they would have come up with if one of our agents was actually struck and killed by the spear? Still wondering what really happened to agent Cabral who died of “dehydration”. You know, the one who had water in his canteen and a head injury?

  3. 3 Eddie B.

    A couple of good head shots and that won’t happen again for a while.

    We are going down the tubes really fast now.

  4. 4 Faye


    What water in his canteen and a head injury. The story was heart attack from dehydration. Wonder how long he was separated from everyone… MI from dehydration would have taken quite a while.

  5. 5 NoYouCant


    I googled the story the day I read it. I posted in the following thread.


  6. 6 NoYouCant

    In case that doesn’t work, Save Our State Forums, California and Illegal Immigration, title, San Diego Border Patrol Agent Dies In Line Of Duty.

  7. 7 Concerned Citizen

    I wonder how many years of prison border agents get for using pepper spray to defend themselves against POS alien smuggler rock and spear assaults? Shhhh. Don’t let Johnny Sutton get wind of this.

  8. 8 Mountain Man

    The Border Patrol Agents should arm themselvs with some wristrocket sling shots and when these POS throw something at them, they can return fire with a small steel ball that will knock the s**t out of them. Then the Agents just hide the slingshot. Quite with no mess no fuss.

  9. 9 Matthew

    Sutton has given every single smuggler and illegal alien a free pass to civil court to sue our government and the Border Patrol. We are at war with mexico and it appears that the mexican strategy is to get our agents to react and then “whamy” they get rich and a green card, even the mexican wittnesses get em.

  10. 10 Minutewoman

    Hey guys, here’s something encouraging. Today on “Cops” they showed a brand-new segment I’ve never seen before. It was all on Border Agents, and it showed them getting bamboozled by illegals sliming their way across the border on foot. It showed the agents giving up on the chase because they were outnumbered, and because the local jails were full and because they knew ICE would not respond. It showed local police picking up illegal Mexican transvestite prostitutes in U.S. border towns–man were those she-guys ugly. It showed the cops giving them tickets and letting them go, and then re-arresting the same she-dudes a few hours later for the same thing!! The police just shrugged their shoulders in helpless exasperation. I’m going to go on the “Cops” website and congratulate them, and ask them to film lots more of these Border Agent segments. The American public needs to see this stuff!!

  11. 11 DfD

    Probably the same spears they use over at that Sesamilla school in E.L.A..

  12. 12 Sherri

    A spear? How primitive! Next, he can use a sling and toss rocks! Works for the Middle East!
    How about a catapault? They can just catapult entire families of illegals and huge quantities of drugs across the border. Efficient and cheap!

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