In Framingham, a few educators are wrapping up some homework of their own - a new handbook to teach their colleagues more about the town’s Brazilian students and families.

“It’s a service to the Brazilian community as much as to educators,” said Esta Montano, director of Equity and Achievement at Framingham Public Schools. “The better educators understand their students, the better their academic (achievements) will be.”

The publication - “Framingham’s Brazilian Students and their Families- School, Culture, and Values: A Handbook for School Personnel” - was researched and written by five local educators to spread general knowledge about the town’s large Brazilian population.

The book covers immigration history between Framingham and Brazil, along with that country’s education system, culture and the Portuguese language. Three of the authors are from Brazil and brought experience of their own country, she said.

“It would give educators an idea of the cultural strengths of Brazilian families… and how to respond to those strengths,” she said. Bwa ha ha ha!

Framingham is one of the largest districts in the state with nearly 8,100 students during the last school year, and more than one-third - about 2,700 students - do not speak English as a first language.

About 1,200 Framingham students are categorized as limited English proficient by the state Department of Education, meaning they have trouble using English in ordinary class activities.

Across the state, about 15 percent of students - nearly 144,000 - speak a primary language other than English and about 54,000 are rated as limited English proficient by state education officials.

In Framingham, those students include a large number of Brazilian immigrants - whose families educators want “to reach out and engage,” said Montano.

She got the idea for the handbook from a publication written by a Colorado school district which focused on that state’s Mexican students, she said. The Framingham version was funded by a grant from the Sudbury Foundation.

About 1,000 copies will be printed out for school staff and teachers, along with other town departments. The book is also available online.

10 Responses to “Teachers Get Lessons On Invaders”

  1. 1 1Madmomma

    It’s a service to these people, it’s a service to those people, it’s a service to everyone but Americans. I am so sick of all this crap. As we do a service to everyone else’s children, we dumb down our own. How friggen stupid! I guess in the puppeteers grand scheme of things, it’s working out just perfectly. Some of the thoughts that go through my head, you just can’t put in writing, and I hate it that I even have such thoughts.

  2. 2 Vincent Narodnik

    You are not alone 1MM.
    I think we all face the same unpleasant reality in facing our impending national suicide. I also do not like the things I think should happen to the puppetmasters and the puppets alike-as well as their entire pony cart stage and benches…the whole lot!
    All the same, I cant help thinking that some people deserve some real hell.

  3. 3 Sherri

    If these people want to retain and learn about their Brazilian or Mexican heritage and culture, then LEARN ABOUT IT AT HOME! It has no place in the educational system, except for a social studies class. That’s it.
    The reason these anchor babies aren’t speaking English or learning anything is because they aren’t learning about America’s heritage, language, or culture. Then they claim to be Americans. Nope. Sorry.
    If these people identify as Mexican, Brazilian, Guatamalen, etc.—ANYTHING but American, then they need to go live in one of those countries and have it there. Why should our country, heritage, and culture be destroyed just so these vultures can feel better about themselves? Disgusting!

  4. 4 melody

    What is wrong with these invaders? Not smart enough to learn English? I have known immigrants that had only been in America for 2 years and spoke a type of English and could communicate their basic needs without an interpreter. Are we getting stupid invaders now and is this bilingual stuff is a way to hide how stupid they are?

    Sorry, I know that is mean and cruel of me to say, but I’m tired of this crap!

  5. 5 hadenuff

    My daughters best friend is a little girl who came from Korea only 3 Years ago, she did’nt know english when she arrived here. After only 3 years, she speaks english so well you would think that she was born here. There is no excuse for not learning english, it’s just pure laziness, or absoulute refusal to learn.

  6. 6 concerned citizen 2

    Unfortunately you know where this will led to. To make room for the special international mind expansion, US history will be removed, there are only so many hours in a day.

  7. 7 Mary

    The Portugese were the worst slavers in European history. They were slaving from Africa two centuries before the English or the French. In fact they were the ones who introduced the English and the French to the practice. Their colonization of Brazil was much worse than anything that our Anglo forefathers did.

    Yet we are told that we must be ashamed of our history while Portugal’s (and Brazil’s) history is lionized?

    I’m so sick of these politically correct double standards.


    Maybe the teachers should all be replaced by the Brazilians or other foreigners. Those teachers who would gladly sell us out don’t appear to be least bit worthy of their jobs. In CA, I’m sure glad I voted against teachers keeping their tenure. Unfortunately, most Californias thought the teachers were doing a great job, so they didn’t lose their tenure.

  9. 9 Mayday

    In the invaded high school in my town the kids have a choice between latino history or American History. In my opinion the latino history class should be in Ed’s bucket or flushed down the toilet along with the Koran.

  10. 10 Sherri

    Great one Mayday! LOL!

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