Mexican “Refugees” Swarming Canada

The Star

Manuel Lanveros could have come to Canada through normal immigration channels as a skilled immigrant.

Instead, the Mexican citizen simply hopped on a plane and asked for refugee asylum here because, he says, he couldn’t afford to risk his life on the two-year wait.

An architect with 15 years of experience, Lanveros represents a new wave of Mexican refugees who contradict the desperate day-labourer stereotype: educated, upper-middle-class professionals who claim corrupt authorities are failing to protect them from drug cartels, abusive spouses or gay bashers.

According to the Immigration and Refugee Board, Mexican asylum claims have skyrocketed in a decade, from fewer than 1,000 a year to 5,000. For the past two years, Mexico has been Canada’s top source country for refugee claims.

With the defeat this spring of a U.S. immigration bill that would have provided a path to citizenship for undocumented migrants ? and the increasing hostility of many Americans ? observers worry that Mexicans hoping for a safe haven will instead file claims in Canada.

Francisco Rico-Martinez, of the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) Refugee Centre, says 85 per cent of the advocacy group’s clients are now Mexicans. As many as 15 new cases arrive at his door each week.

“My concern is we’re going to be swarmed by Mexicans in the U.S. who don’t have status there and can come to the border because they don’t need a visa to come to Canada,” says Rico-Martinez, himself a refugee from El Salvador. “We’re starting to get calls from Mexicans in the States, five to six a week, hoping to file refugee (claims) in Canada. But we may not even know half of the Mexicans here who are without status, because they don’t need visas to come.”

8 Responses to “Mexican "Refugees" Swarming Canada”

  1. 1 allamerican

    I wonder if Putin could please invade Mexico?? I think he would straighten that place out in a hurry!

    Well, I hope now the Canadians will show up in force to protest the August 20-21 SPP meeting in Quebec!! I wonder if the US 5th Army who will also be in attendance would really shoot them??

  2. 2 Angel

    Look out Canada. You’re next. They’ll hide better there because of the vast open wilderness.

  3. 3 1Madmomma

    Due to the fact that they really do breed like rabbits, it really wouldn’t take them that darn long before Canada would be over run with them, as we are. It seems to me that if what the Mexicans really wanted was just the southwestern part of the United States, they’d stay concentrated in just these states. As fast as they multiply, if they stayed in just the SW, they’d soon run out of resources, food, water, and most of all, knowhow.

  4. 4 Sherri

    Poor Canada! Now they’re getting it too. I think it’s time for Canadian and American citizens to band together and tell Mexico that their foolishness has gone on long enough and cut it off completely.
    Mexico has absolutely no incentive to improve—why should it? As long as their hordes continue to send billions home to keep the country afloat, everything is fine—for their elite class. Cut them off financially, and Mexico would collapse.
    And what excuse will the Canadian people be given about these illegal hordes invading their country? They can’t use “These people are poor. They just want to make a better life,” excuse. Not with educated, higher-skilled people.
    “It’s too violent and brutal in his country. He needs to come here because of the environment he’s in. We’re being compassionate.” That’s probably what they’ll say—or some other b.s. version of it. It wouldn’t surprise me that much if they had sad music playing in the background.
    I’m tired of Mexico’s problems being the U.S. and Canada’s problems. They want American and Canadian taxmoney to build up their infastructure and make other improvements. Instead, how about if they pay for it with the billions they’ve stolen from us? It’s not our job to pay for Mexico’s problems. They’ve made their beds, let them lay in them.

  5. 5 Minutewoman

    Canada needs to wake up, fast, to both the NAU/SPP threat, and to the Mexican invasion. Every sovereign country has the absolute right to control the entry of aliens across its borders, and any country that won’t do that is just plain stupid. Most Mexicans are not consciously working to create Aztlan; they’re just cowbirds looking for the best, easiest deal and the most gullible hosts. So they will simply go anywhere that the grass looks greener to them instead of staying put and fighting for reform in their own land. They are not creators; they are users. That was how the Maya and Aztecs lived and died, by raiding neighboring indigeneous tribes, enslaving them for labor, or eating them, or by turning their villages into “tribute” villages (what we would call colonies). Eventually, they killed each other off completely. I guess you could say what they are doing now is somewhat of an improvement.

  6. 6 Mary

    They will take over Canada in a New York minute — Canada only has 33 mllion people — less than the number of people we had in Mexifornia when the invasion started in earnest.

    Canada, get ready to trade in your beautiful maple leaf for an ugly buzzard sitting on a cactus eating a snake. Also, you thought the FRENCH were chauvinistic about their language? — you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet!

  7. 7 Sandman

    At what point will Mexicans depopulate their shitty country so much that a labor shortage will occur? Shameless Mexicans need to stay home and revolt against their own corrupt machine just like we did over 225 years ago (and may need to again!) Mexicans are like a plague…A cure is badly needed!

  8. 8 SkyPainter

    Oh Canada!

    What awits you is not pretty. Wake up Canada!

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