If we are going to defeat big government corruption and tyranny, and rid ourselves of huge deficits that are spiraling out of control, there will have to be a coming together of the people. Unfortunately, the global elite have many of us trapped in the whole fake left/right paradigm which does nothing, but divide and conquer, and is designed to keep us down. Many are blind to Republican corruption, but have no problem exposing the Democrats and vice versa. What we have is both parties double teaming us with fake squabbles and theater politics, when essentially their goals are the same. Only their methods, propaganda, and rhetoric differ a little. The good news is that many are waking up, and the illusion is being shattered, which is evident by the increasing mistrust of both parties by the people coupled with low congressional and presidential approval ratings. Ron Paul running as a Republican and not as an independent has resulted in more exposure, and has placed him on more of an even playing field, with a better chance of becoming president. He is the dream candidate we have all been waiting for. We must rally around him, do what is right, and vote according to our conscience, not party affiliation or tradition. This is a historic opportunity, and everything in our power must be done to ensure a Ron Paul victory.

7 Responses to “The Ron Paul Saga-The Best is Yet to Come”

  1. 1 allamerican

    I agree with Mr. Paul completely, but the problem is that the country is being run by hidden, unknown, not elected, and not responsible bureaucrats, who will most likely remain after our upcoming election. They are the ones who have overthrown this country through ‘deep integration’ of NAU behind our backs. Who are these traitors that need to be tried & hung?

    I have zero confidence that this election will not be rigged with these new electronic voting machines, nor that the polls will not be swamped with illegals with fake IDs.


  2. 2 1Madmomma

    allamerican: I’m with ya. If by chance a true patriot were to get elected, one who is hell bent on getting this country back on track, a person of moral character, he would get assassinated in real short order. The only thought I can muster, to make me feel better is that, this is Gods plan! AS IT IS WRITTEN!

  3. 3 Sherri

    I agree with both of you!

    It’s disgusting to hear politicians and their spokesholes say that people shouldn’t be so cynical about things. Who the hell isn’t going to be cynical? Just look at our government and institutions. No one is trustworthy anymore, no one believes in doing what’s right.
    I like a lot of what I’ve heard from Ron Paul, and he may be just what this country needs, with Tancredo as Vice President. Leaders who would put the good of the NATION first, above all. Leaders that actually use COMMON SENSE. That’s been sorely lacking for a VERY long time, and America NEEDS that, and She needs it NOW.

  4. 4 DfD

    Apparently the only ones supporting Ron Paul are………………………………………………………..The People!

  5. 5 Sandman

    Take some time and check out GOP polls around the web. When the polls revolve around the debates or public opinion, Ron Paul always seems to kick ass. I just saw an ABC news poll and Ron Paul had more votes than all the other candidates COMBINED! But somehow, the media continues to ignore him and always buries the polls. I have a hard time finding the poll data in most cases. I was looking at a website that slimeball extrodinare Dick Armey has to promote his agenda ( can’t recall the website) Anyway, Ron Paul’s numbers blew everyone in the race away. Ron Paul should run as an independant or as a Libertarian in 08…He CAN WIN!

  6. 6 Davey in Seattle

    Paul is good but, Tancredo has been fighting alot longer and deserves that credit.

    Tancredo has asked the Bush wacker to give up the details of the NAU, pardon the agents, English only, stopped every amnesty bill, campaigning in several states, and wrote a book about what is happening long before Paul did anything!

    Tancredo has been working on Immigration since he got into office in 98.

    In fact, when has Paul got off his tractor?

  7. 7 Sandman

    As far as immigration talk goes, Tancredo beats them all and he does not fear Liberal or neoCon backlash and I like that. I agree 100% with him on that subject but I never hear him talk about the Federal Reserve, overspending and increasing size of Government, the destruction of the Constitution, the evil Patriot Act (he voted for it) and in reality has supported Bush on almost every other policy. The current immigration crisis is the result of a much larger issue and that is the movement towards Globalization. Ron Paul can skillfully explain what this means to America’s future and why we should remain always a sovereign nation. Globalism = enslavement. I wish more politicians would be that honest.
    As far as electability goes, I am afraid that Tancredo would scare off too many independent voters. Over 70% of the country are against the war and Tancredo still talks about nuking Mecca…As time goes on, the war will become more unpopular unless of course another “event” happens (real or staged) here in America and a pro-war vibe will sweep the country again.
    Once again, don’t read this like I am anti-Tancredo, he is in my top 5 Congressmen along with D. Hunter but neither of them have a chance to win, in fact if Paul runs as a republican, he will not get the nomination regardless of his popularity. He will have to run as a libertarian or an independant. Las Vegas odds say that he is the only candidate that could beat Billery!

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